Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Big Move

The awesome back yard that was.

After years of talking about it, my parents finally sold their house and moved into a condo/townhouse in 'town'.

My grandparents bought the little house in Granger in the 1950's which was built in the 1940's and after the addition of a bathroom totaled 788 square feet.  What made this place a great place to live was the acreage and the barn in the back.  In the late 70's the State of Washington and the Department of Transportation  informed my grandparents that they were purchasing the majority of their land to run Interstate 82 through the Yakima Valley.  This was a dark moment as my grandparents owned that land free and clear and the purchase price in no way was fair market value.  While having the freeway in your backyard is handy for a quick getaway it also brings a LOT of road noise to what had been a rural oasis.

My grandfather died (at his own hand) in the back bedroom in 1980 and in the mid 80's my parents quietly purchased the house and land from my grandmother who continued to live there until her death in the early 1990's.   Because my grandmother never mentioned that she sold the house, there was some angst between the siblings when my grandmother died and the house/land wasn't included in the 'estate' distribution.

I graduated from high school in 1986 and that same year my parents started talking about selling their home in Ilwaco, Wa when dad retired and traveling in a massive truck and trailer monstrosity.   In early 1992 they made that dream a reality.   The reality was that gas is expensive and they only lasted about 2 years on the road and much of that was parked in various campgrounds as on-site work campers.

They moved back to the Yakima valley and purchased a home in Moxie.  After my grandmother died the little house in Granger was rented to a family who wasn't doing a stellar job of maintenance.   Eventually, my parents moved back to the Granger house and we spent a summer tearing out walls and opening up the space.   They traded goods to a 'kid' for assistance with the rebuild.   Thankfully, they discovered that he was a terrible electrician before the house burned down.

50 Schneider Ln, Granger, WA 98932
This little house holds many memories for my family including lots of laughter, picnics, work parties, arguments, hot summer days, cold winters, funerals and everything in between.  With all those experiences I'm surprised that the sale of the house is actually a relief.  My parents are at the point where managing 2 the two acres and the upkeep on a house is too much.

The new place is nice enough, it's 1100 square feet which is practically a mansion.  They have a dining room and a spare loo!  The kitchen is separate from the living room and the main bathroom is massive.  The garage will hold both cars and has storage.  Additionally, the community has a pool and a nicely cared for green space where the Lucy can work out some energy.
50 Schneider Ln, Granger, WA 98932
remodeled (seriously) interior

Moving was, as you can imagine, a task and a half. My mom gets a rather large gold star for packing everything up, coordinating everything, obtaining a muscular person and getting it all done.   She's forgiven for the state of the barn on the two days that we could come over to help.   I'm sure that in time, she'll weed through even more of the "necessary" things and lighten their load again.

As of Sunday afternoon, everything was removed from the Granger house, except for some important rocks.  Yes, ROCKS.  To quote my mom "you would understand if you were a rock person."  I'm not, so I don't.   We did as much as we could during the weekend to help restore order in the new house.  We are going over again on Sunday to complete the IT connectivity portion of the move.   We are hopeful to pawn Lucy off on someone for the day so as to not inflict a drive over, play quietly on the floor, and then drive back kind of day on her.    I know the grandparents will be sad not to see her, but it's not fair to Lucy.

I have good feelings about the new place and think it can be kind of cute.  They'll have enough space to stay out of each others hair (sorry dad, bad pun) and being in Yakima makes our visiting that much easier.  We'll still end up in a hotel, which I don't mind, but having it be 10 minutes away vs 45 is great.  Of course, they moved solely to make my life easier.  After all, I am the center of the universe. Arent' I?   *crickets

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Variations may occur

Which is the sample purse and which is the one Lucy colored herself? It's super hard to tell.

Monday, March 03, 2014

3rd Birthday Photo Album

First Gift of the day

Sully in Sunglasses

jump rope

ready for a party

princess birthday hat

this cupcake is on fire!

Lu & Jo in dresses later in the evening

after a bath, but still in the party mood

a selfie with mommy

a quiet moment with some friends

the birthday cupcakes

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday

Hello my sweet!

Today is your third birthday.  You are wearing a pretty pink dress with sparkles (oh the sparkles are EVERYWHERE in our house.)  

Grandma and Papa are here and we are heading out to the place where we're having a small party for you in about 20 minutes.  You  are very excited for your birthday and are having a good day - but the waiting around is hard.

You changed so much this year and it is wonderful to see you learn new things.  You're using the potty on your own, which by the time you read this may not seem like such a big deal, but trust me - it is!  You are talking up a storm and it's really fun when you tell me stories. 

Usually, your stories involve mommy and daddy or something we just did, but it's great to hear how your mind works.

This year you asked "where's my brother".  Well, I'm sorry to let you know you won't be getting a brother.  We decided one peanut was enough for our house.  You don't seem mad about it and there are many wonderful things about being an only child.  All these toys and books are YOURS.  You can have friends over, and are very good at sharing, but in the end you don't' have to share mom & dad with anyone.  

We are a happy family and you are a very important part of that.  I love painting, playing water colors with you, and teaching you how to tell the time.  Reading books is also fun, but kiddo - you need to be better about listening at bed time.  Those last few moments of the day can be a bit frustrating while you work out every possible scenario for staying up just a little bit later.  No matter how tired you are, you don't want us to shut that door.  I know that won't last forever, and it is kind of cute - but dude... SLEEP.

This summer we will take swimming lessons again, go to Denver for the 4th of July and spend lots of time outside.  Today, snowed for a tiny moment, but nothing exciting.  

You are downstairs putting together a puzzle and waiting to leave for your party.  You know there are balloons in the car and can't wait to see them.  I hope you have fun today and know that we only want the best for you for now and always.

Keep growing, stay healthy and know in your heart that I love you more each and every day.

Happy Birthday,