Thursday, February 11, 2016


We are in!

Two weeks of box moving, carrying, unpacking and sorting and we are mostly finished.  There are still a few zones that need attention but we are living in the house very well at this point.

The beautiful shutters were installed yesterday and we are thrilled.  We are feeling zero guilt about the mix-up and will claim them as our own from this point on.  How they came to be in our lives shall never be spoken of again. 

My office is a happy place to spend my day.  I've got two desks side by side and now my home computer is farther away from the work computer which gives me more work space and less distraction from the duties at hand. Heck, maybe I'll get more work done. 

I have a view from my window where my work desk is of the three homes that are under construction across the street.  It has occurred to me that instead of picking the color of your own house, home buyers should be allowed to select the color of the house(s) that they have to look at the most.  My fingers are crossed that these three beauties will be nice to look at.  We purposely selected a house style that didn't have a heavy stacked rock facade and the house that I can see out the window will be covered in brick or rocks.  I'm hoping for brick.  No matter what, I love my bright place to work.

We broke up with the gym because we never visited, even when we lived at the other house and used part of our furniture budget to purchase the one workout machine that we used when we did go to the gym.  This morning, I took Lucy to day care came home had my morning meetings, then zipped down to the basement and jumped on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  I showered at my lunch break and I think I'm in love with the new routine.


No-man cave

  Jason's land of the big tv and big couch.  Sadly, during the super bowl party all activity took place upstairs in the tiny tv land.  His wounds were soothed by a Bronco win.