Friday, April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin

Nobody really cares what I think, but as its *MY* blog, Im going to tell you anyway.

That horrible phone message rant to Baldwins daughter was played for me without warning; it was on my nice am morning radio show that Ive listened to for the past 20 plus years.  Having heard it and been shocked and disturbed by it, I feel a sense of outrage.  Well maybe not screaming at inappropriate people outrage, but controlled disgust.

Im disgusted at Mr. Baldwin for losing his cool like that with his kid.  If thats who you really are Mr. Baldwin, you need help.  I certainly dont mean, oops I cut all my hair off and Im going to re-hab help either.  I mean sessions with a certified professional.

Im disgusted at the people who are supposed to be advocates for this little girl but yet distributed the message to the media.

Im disgusted that with all the talk about this message there hasnt been a louder dialog about abuse and anger management.  Im not suggesting that Mr. Baldwin is an abuser, but this would be an opportune time to talk about the signs of abuse, or how to get away from someone before it escalates to violence.

Im disgusted at media outlets that are supposed to be reputable (CNN!?) who posted this as a summary to todays follow up story: Story HighlightsDr. Phil says Baldwin called him for advice

Im disgusted at Dr. Phil who is posing as a mental health professional and yet doesnt understand thing ONE about patient confidentiality.  Unless he was asked to leak that to the media and then I say poo on Mr. Baldwins pr machine for thinking that going to the yelling therapist for advice was a good idea.


In fact, poo on everyone involved! You people stink!  Maybe I am a little outraged.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Samsung has last rung...

It's been five days since I found my new cell phone in the washing machine. I'd like to blame the cat but he doesn't do a damn thing around the house so I'm pretty sure it was me. Each day the display looks more and more normal.

I want to plug the thing into the charger and see what happens but I am afraid of it shorting out and causing a regional blackout. I may wait until about 5 minutes before I leave on vacation and that way I can't be blamed for any damage.

As much as I feel naked without a lifeline, I think I will wait until after I get back from Mexico to purchase a replacement. I'm pretty sure it would be in bad taste to ask the kind people who pitched in to buy this one for me as a gift to pitch in again. Perhaps Emily Post might ask me to rethink that.

Purchasing the insurance would have been a good idea and it would have basically guaranteed that I would never need to use it. My track record with car insurance, extra maintenance guarantees, postal insurance generally and very unscientifically proves my theory.

SadRico, however did prove that the $14 insurance policy on the rental truck for moving day was worth it. It saved me between $300-400 when Rico hit my neighbors car with the big truck. Whew!

Well - I guess that's all I've got for now. Headed to bed early, as it's been a long week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Spin Master

In an eastern region of Ethiopia yesterday a small outbreak of violence occurred between Ethiopian Military who were guarding a Chinese oil drilling operation and a regional separatist group called the OGADEN NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (ONLF).

The BBC reports that it was a massacre where 9 Chinese nationals and "scores" of Ethiopian military guards were killed in an unprovoked attack.

Conversely, the ONLF spokesperson disputes the use of the word "massacre" and says it was a fight and that they won. He does claim that 350 Ethopian troops were killed and his side lost two men.

I don't pretend to understand the politics behind this event - I believe the ONLF doesn't appreciate the Ethiopian gov't allowing and spending resources to enable foreign oil drilling, while the people of the region are living in poverty. (See also the economics of oil drilling in the gulf off of Louisiana.)

I do wonder if the ONLF spokesperson had to compete for his job. "Alright
Abdirahman, here's the scenario. We've just sunk a boat with 20 kittens and Mother Theresa. What would you say to the media?"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things that aren't good to find in the laundry

Maybe once it dries out it will work again...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This company mission statement was at the bottom of an e-mail I received today, I was hoping it is a joke, but its not.

"Putting clients first by putting employees first, immediately after prioritizing fiscal responsibility and leveraging profitability toward exceeding by empowering our employees to put clients (and themselves) first, in a diverse and respectful environment of only those that come first, first"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Book Review: The Stranger Beside Me

I grew up aware of Ted Bundy, maybe it was because he was a "local" or the shocking nature of his crimes. I saw the Mark Harmon tv movie (which scared the CRAP) out of me and to my horror today attended a Ted's Dead celebration party in College.

I had not however, read Ann Rule's book. It is in fact, very good even today. She does take some license in describing his thoughts and emotions over some actions that I doubt she could really know, but does a wonderful job of showing the duality in his life. sent me (because I asked them to) the Updated 20th Anniversary Edition that has a note from the author penned in 2000. This follows the "Last Chapter" drafted in 1989 following Mr. Bundy's execution and the "Update" from 1986, which followed the Epilogue from 1980.

A little like the last 20 minutes of the final Lord of the Rings everything starts wrapping up very fast and you have to pay attention. Mr. Bundy did some last minute confessing which brought some information to the families. I wouldn't dare to call it closure.

Ms. Rule has a unique voice that suits the non-fiction crime genre. She's not overly solicitous about the gory details and doesn't try to beef up the story. It was a good read but more than a little creepy. I did feel sheepish about reading on the bus.

As an aside, my dear father met Mr. Bundy in 1973 or so when he was working on Governor Dan Evans' staff. Dad's recollection was that he was charming, but in that political way where someone smiles at you while you are talking but aren't really listening and the moment they turn away they stop smiling. Dad was convinced that his "murderous activities" hadn't yet begun at that point, but was surprised to learn that in fact they had.

So, all these years later - lesson number one... don't hitchhike, lesson number two if someone seems creepy they ARE creepy.

Red Lobster!

I foolishly tried to "take the edge" off my white white body by signing up for some tanning sessions.

Starting slowly, I purchased 10 sessions and unrobed for the first. Four minutes on a medium bed was all I wanted to endure. It's an odd place, the tanning salon. Orange colored teenagers check you in and give you your salon number.

Your room is a closet with a massive coffin looking thing in it. There's no instructions other than hit the blue button when you're ready.

I donned my space alien eye wear and hit the blue button, which is across the room from the 'bed'. I hoped on, and pulled the casket thing around myself. This was all a little difficult because I had my eyes closed.

The heat from the bulbs is actually pretty nice and you do feel a burst of energy from the UV rays. The downside is smelling your burnt skin for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I went back for session 2 of 10 (another 4 minutes) and opted not to fully disrobe. NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE MY WHITE WHITE ASS! I failed to remember this when it came to my chestal region, and today I am PINK.

Sadly due to the prone position the undersides of my breasts got the brunt of the burn. If it doesn't cool off by tomorrow I may need to skip Tuesday's session altogether. The idea is to take the edge off, not leather up. I may be pretending to be a feminist tomorrow - that's never a good look (braless) although I made it through today with only mild whining.

I would snap a photo of the red red boobies, but frankly I'm pretty confident you're not interested.

At any rate - the next session (whenever it may be) will be torso covered event. I promise.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Soundtrack of your life

From Don't Trust Snakes here's my answers to the "soundtrack" game:

The instructions:

Set your iTunes etc. to "Party Shuffle," "Random" or whatever the appropriate setting is, refresh it then fill in the form below.

No cheating, just do it, yes that includes you . . .

You may be surprised how scarily accurate this can be."

Here is mine.

(Copy and paste then delete my answers and fill in yours).

Title: "Pefect Situation" - Weezer
Opening Credits: "In My Head" - No Doubt
Waking up: "We're not going to make it" - The Presidents of The United States of America
First Day of school: "Heart of Gold" - The Kinks
Falling in Love: "Love is A Stranger" - Eurythmics
Fight Song: "Learn to Love" - Harry Connick, Jr.
Breaking Up: "She Bop" - Cindy Lauper
Prom/First date: "Blue Savannah" - Erasure
Life: "Who Killed Tangerine?" - Tears for Fears
Mental Breakdown: "Disturbance at The Heron House" - R.E.M.
Driving: "Mobile" - Avril Lavigne
Flashback: "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday" - Boyz II Men
Getting Back Together: "Shaking the Tree" - Peter Gabriel
Wedding: "Cuyahoga" - R.E.M
Birth of Child: "Bad Connection" - Yaz
Final Battle: "Better Together" - Jack Johnson
Death Scene: "Let's Just Kiss" - Harry Connick, Jr.
Funeral Song: "Good Riddance" - Green Day
End Credits: "Last Days On Earth" - Tears For Fears

Well, hmmm some of these are pretty funny. The "breakup song" is about masturbation (tee hee) and I think I did dance to Blue Savannah at my prom.

My "funeral song" is one that you can play at my funeral. In spite of the name it's about remembering to make the best of every day.

It appears that my one Harry Connick Jr. album is getting too much play on my soundtrack.

My "final battle" song is a little too upbeat - it's not quite as "I'm gonna go down fighting" as I would like, but neither is my fight song. I guess my philosophy is to love them to death.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Sad news to report, my cool optical mouse with the handy roller ball died overnight.  The handy on-line service request system is not set up to request a new mouse.  I can get a whole new laptop bundle in 24 hours, but not a replacement mouse.  Maybe Ill Have to go to Fryes after work tonight.  R.I.P. old mouse, there were some good times together.  Remember that article about the secret service agent who jumped in front of President Bush to save him from having to answer a direct question.  That was funny.  Good-bye friend.

So as I was digging through the Drawer of Crap to find a temporary mouse (I just cant function with the little mid-keyboard nipple my finger gets cramps)  I started to express my mild dissatisfaction with Gidget who sits near my office.  As we were chatting I realized that the cord on the mouse was just long enough to act as a jump rope, so I took a couple hops.  Acknowledging that I looked ridiculous I stopped (we laughed) and I turned to head to my office.  It was then that I saw the conference room that has full view of our common area is in use and that some suit was looking at me.  *BLUSH

Oh well, I never said I was mature. 

(Ooks isnt a typo its homage to my friend Richs college lab partner who used ooks instead of oops to indicate a mistake.  No amount of friendly coaching could get him off of ooks and thus it has firmly entered itself into our vocabulary.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

gob smacking

According to the BBC News (which I like because of the accent) women civil service employees are outraged about some new questions on their annual required physical check up.

The new questions ask them to detail their last menstrual period and if they've ever been "confined" which is an interesting way of describing maternity leave.

I've had boyfriends ask "are you on your period?" in the middle of a disagreement and barely live to tell about it, but I don't think withholding sex would work with my employer. I'm doing that today and it's not getting me anywhere.

It's not really clear to me how a period affects anyone's ability to 'ride a desk' but perhaps the Indian Government knows more than I do about this, as my grandma described, "wonderful gift." Yes, you guessed it, Christmas gifts from grandma sucked.

Just so you don't get the impression that the US media is the only one who will print the most wacky things because it's funny... to describe the anger felt by the women this is the quote they chose to run:

"It's gob smacking."

Uh ok, I guess that means that they're pissed?

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Humps?

I have to say that while the tune is catchy... I have HATED this song since the beginning, but you have to watch it, and then the Alanis Morissette version. Totally funny!

now watch this:

Do you think they are talking about her ass?


AP Newswire:  Sonics, Storm owners reach agreement to buy Renton site

The Sonics hope the arena will be ready for the 2010-11 NBA season.

Note to self:

Move before fall 2010

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A New Friend

I noticed this little guy outside my office window and had to step out and try to get a photo. This shot actually works for me, I like the soft greens and purples in the background. Not too bad... I'll not put my work against the serious photographers out there, but sometimes I get one right.

Motivative, the response

Anonymous writes after reading Motivative:

I must correct you here TP. The folks from the Yakima Nation Tribal College are indigenous people. THEY AREN'T THE FOREIGNERS!!! WE ARE!!! DUH!!!

TPgal said:
The kids that won in our room were the crew from the Heritage University from the Yakima Nation Tribal College. I knew it, foreigners get all the breaks.

TP Gal Responds: I am fully aware that the students who attend the Heritage College are traditionally native people - I though for sure that it was somewhat obvious that I was trying to be funny.

I apologize if my attempt at satire was lost on you. (Satire is where you say something so obviously wrong that it's funny. See Stephen Colbert as an example.)

In reality, the day spent with these kids is very inspiring; it is amazing what they are able to do. The team from HU deserved to win, and I was delighted to be able to hear their presentation. They are mostly first generation high school grads and college students and they've done remarkable research regarding the economic condition of the Yakima Valley and have tailored their program to serve the community.

They recognize that the Hispanic population of the Yakima Valley area is exploding and have developed classes to teach business owners not only Spanish language but cultural facts that will help them better relate to this market segment.

They found that because the population of the YV has almost twice the unemployment rate of the rest of the state and the median income is remarkably less than in other areas of the state that there was a need to distribute information about high interest credit cards and short term pay-day loans to help educate about the true high costs of these items.

They also partnered with a club in Mexico and helped a village of families who had been subsistence farming to form a co-op and grow organic vegetables and raise chickens. By teaching them basic business and economic skills this co-op now sells their goods to restaurants in a neighboring city. The HU outreach has significantly impacted the lives of these families.

Good luck to the team from Yakima! Do the state proud!

(As an aside, it turns out that almost 40% of the students at the college are of Hispanic ethnicity and most are first generation Americans. I didn't highlight this fact in my original post because I wanted to make a joke. However, I think if anyone is going help turn around the economic crap-hole that the Yakima Valley finds itself in these days it's these kids. I am humbled by their efforts. See now you've learned something, but it probably wasn't as fun as the first post.)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter

Yaz turned me on to blogging the bible and it got me thinking... what else is out there... so I googled the Lego Jesus and came up with the Brick Testament, a cute and well crafted slide show of the life and times of Jesus.

It's Good Friday, so I snipped this as a sample for you: (the angel rolls away the stone and the guards tremble and fall as if dead)

Thursday, April 05, 2007



I do only one good thing a year as I'm quite selfish and too important to help others. Today was my day to give back to the little people.

I participated as a judge for a regional collegiate competition. Schools from the "region" (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, Nevada and Hawaii) known as "the whole fricken West side of the USA" presented an annual report of their activities for the last year. They have a charter to promote business ethics, economic growth and other useless skills.

The presentations are good but what's really fun isn't hearing about how they taught high school and college kids credit card skills, or created a micro-loan program to enable immigrants be self-sustaining. No, the fun part is judging others.

There were many remarkable kids there but here were the top two that stood out:

The boy who brushed off his knee length tuxedo jacket to double as a business attire. It was cute, and in my head I gave him kudos for bravery. I did cut his points in half because he has to learn the harsh truth that fashion matters.

The other notable student was a gal who will win the "TP gal 2007 Fictionary Award" for excellentary word creatoryness. In less than 8 minutes she dropped the following words:



Advisement ** this apparently IS a word, but I promise you not in the context with which she used it.


It was so bad that the CEO of CoinStar (seriously) mocked the team about their new vocabulary. Probably not his nicest move, but he's the CEO so whose going to tell him to shove it?

I did get into a raging debate with a student from the College of the Nazarene about the rights of students to post what they want on their MySpace pages. I was all "Look here Jesus-girl, if you put pictures of yourself doing heroin with your pet goat on a public web page expect people to judge you. Duh!!"

She was all "goat?"

Score the point for tp gal.

The kids that won in our room were the crew from the Heritage University from the Yakima Nation Tribal College. I knew it, foreigners get all the breaks.

City University-Bellevue also won... All they did was create a multi-cultural program to help immigrants build businesses, get jobs, and thrive (whatever) in our economy. Their program reminded me of a Jackson Pollack painting...anyone could have done it.

So, now that my one good deed for the year is done I have to say I'm exhausted. It is hard work having to listen to each team brag about their year long activities. I don't mean to whine, I'm sure that my six hours of time will totally change their lives. I just worry what they'll do without my guidance going forward. So can see, right, how it's a concern?

Oooh and the weirdest thing... There was a girl there whose name was Stephanie Petersen!!! How bizarre is that?

Sorry, one more thing I can never judge again because the judge demographics survey has its age boxes all screwed up.




46 and older

What the hell!? I don't accept that I share a box with 45 year olds.

Ta ta... I'm off to do more good deeds!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Book Review: Saturday by Ian McEwan

I told a friend that I was reading this book and she was excited to learn that the actor from Moulon Rouge, Trainspotting, and the second (more embarrassing) Star Wars had written a novel. Sorry, wrong person. Ewan McGregor has written a book, but it's more of a diary of his around the world on a motorcycle experience. It was interesting and a fun read, but I wouldn't call him a writer any more that I do myself.

Saturday is written by the author that wrote Atonement, and The Innocent. He's actually got quite a few under his belt, and Amazon informs me that he just about to release another.

The non-ObiWan has crafted an entire book about one Saturday in the life of a British Neurosurgeon and his family. Had it not been recommended to me by a trusted friend I might not have made it past the morning wakeup and shower ritual - which took more than 50 pages.

While the day is extraordinary in some of the events that occur it is believable all the things he packs into his day off - including a couple consults at the hospital, a visit to his addled mum, and an unfortunate fender bender. All of this is set against the backdrop of a single day on the eve of the American's pushing ahead to invade Iraq. McEwan gives us two distinct opinions on the issue during a debate the main character holds in his kitchen. Published in 2006, but set in 2003 the good doctor speculates that the war will last a few weeks and it will be looked upon as a crowning achievement for the Americans.(oh well... he's an author not a seer)

I was content to read 20 pages on the way into work and 20 on the way home each day until yesterday when I hit the last 80 or so pages and I had to decide between finish reading in my car at the park and ride or zip home and finish it in bed. Safety won out and I finished last night at about 11:00 - (I'm not a slow reader didn't leave get home until almost 9 and spent an hour with my friend the tv. )

I must say that I'm glad I read it, as someone who wished they could write (not this stream of conscienceness stuff but weaving scenic metaphors and building suspense) it was enjoyable to observe McEwan's craft.

All that said... if you're going to only read one Ian McEwan book. it should be Atonement.

If you're going to read only one Ewan McGregor book it has to be Long Way Round.

May the force be with you.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Movie Review: Zodiac

If you like cop dramas but don't need the car chases this could be the movie for you. It was smart, well acted (well... Robert Downey Jr is a tad cartoonish for my taste) and enjoyable.

It wasn't scary but at times quite suspenseful. The fashions were a little frightful, but I think it was intentional.

Clearly not a movie for kids, but worthy of viewing. Most definately drop it in to your NetFlix queue.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Step back, I've been thinking...

I'm talking with another company about a job. It's confusing because I am not unhappy where I am, and it's pretty stable at MegaBank which is nice. I'm finally feeling financially solid after years (since forever) of being in debt and behind the curve on the debt to income ratio and I would hate to get myself in a situation where I could go backwards. It's not that the proposed job wouldn't match or more than likely pay more, but stability in that they fired the last guy. He wasn't a good fit, and I would hate that to happen to me. Obviously, they aren't going to take a "chance" on the replacement but there is always a chance of a job not working out. Leaving a completely stable place and taking a risk is new territory for me.

I'm making lists of pro's and con's and trying to be realistic, and yet embrace my adventureness. One thing that's bothering me, is that we've had a LOT of turn over at MegaBank in my group and while a certain amount of change is good, the idea of telling my manager that I'm thinking about leaving makes me want to puke. I don't have any delusions that I'm holding the team together, and I'm not on the "high talent" list which means that if I say I'm leaving they're supposed to try and retain my services. But the timing would suck for the team.

Since I'm only one interview into a three interview process (and I'm not sure how many other people they are talking too) I don't want to spend too many cycles on this topic, but its swirling around in my head.

The one good thing for MegaBank is that in light of the remote possibility that I'm leaving I am trying to catch up on all the crap I've been ignoring for ages. I'm working harder than ever these days - I don't want to be the one people blame after they are gone. "Oh, yeah... tpGal was supposed to do that... she didn't do anything around here." Some of that can't be avoided, but I know which areas I don't want smack talked about me.