Friday, April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin

Nobody really cares what I think, but as its *MY* blog, Im going to tell you anyway.

That horrible phone message rant to Baldwins daughter was played for me without warning; it was on my nice am morning radio show that Ive listened to for the past 20 plus years.  Having heard it and been shocked and disturbed by it, I feel a sense of outrage.  Well maybe not screaming at inappropriate people outrage, but controlled disgust.

Im disgusted at Mr. Baldwin for losing his cool like that with his kid.  If thats who you really are Mr. Baldwin, you need help.  I certainly dont mean, oops I cut all my hair off and Im going to re-hab help either.  I mean sessions with a certified professional.

Im disgusted at the people who are supposed to be advocates for this little girl but yet distributed the message to the media.

Im disgusted that with all the talk about this message there hasnt been a louder dialog about abuse and anger management.  Im not suggesting that Mr. Baldwin is an abuser, but this would be an opportune time to talk about the signs of abuse, or how to get away from someone before it escalates to violence.

Im disgusted at media outlets that are supposed to be reputable (CNN!?) who posted this as a summary to todays follow up story: Story HighlightsDr. Phil says Baldwin called him for advice

Im disgusted at Dr. Phil who is posing as a mental health professional and yet doesnt understand thing ONE about patient confidentiality.  Unless he was asked to leak that to the media and then I say poo on Mr. Baldwins pr machine for thinking that going to the yelling therapist for advice was a good idea.


In fact, poo on everyone involved! You people stink!  Maybe I am a little outraged.

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MWR said...

What's really sad is that there are innumerable kids that age who take verbal abuse worse than that all the time from their non-famous parents, who might also hit them, which I suspect Alec Baldwin does not do.

We can't entirely overlook the fact that kids that age do have actual personalities and are capable of being selfish, rude, thoughtless and obnoxious. I would expect that anyone raised by those two parents would be quite a piece of work by the age of eleven or twelve. They named her "Ireland", for God's sake . . . what chance did she have?