Thursday, April 12, 2007


Sad news to report, my cool optical mouse with the handy roller ball died overnight.  The handy on-line service request system is not set up to request a new mouse.  I can get a whole new laptop bundle in 24 hours, but not a replacement mouse.  Maybe Ill Have to go to Fryes after work tonight.  R.I.P. old mouse, there were some good times together.  Remember that article about the secret service agent who jumped in front of President Bush to save him from having to answer a direct question.  That was funny.  Good-bye friend.

So as I was digging through the Drawer of Crap to find a temporary mouse (I just cant function with the little mid-keyboard nipple my finger gets cramps)  I started to express my mild dissatisfaction with Gidget who sits near my office.  As we were chatting I realized that the cord on the mouse was just long enough to act as a jump rope, so I took a couple hops.  Acknowledging that I looked ridiculous I stopped (we laughed) and I turned to head to my office.  It was then that I saw the conference room that has full view of our common area is in use and that some suit was looking at me.  *BLUSH

Oh well, I never said I was mature. 

(Ooks isnt a typo its homage to my friend Richs college lab partner who used ooks instead of oops to indicate a mistake.  No amount of friendly coaching could get him off of ooks and thus it has firmly entered itself into our vocabulary.)

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