Thursday, August 28, 2008


CNN is reporting that the Dalai Lama is in the hospital and I popped over to read the article. This is the photo attached to the story. The woman in the back is the French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.
Do you think that maybe when you're deciding what to wear to an outing with the Dalai Lama that you would wear a BRA????

Donde' esta tp gal?

I know I have been missing in action for ages. It's not like I don't have anything to say, I do. I've got a "fun" story about the wonderful efficiencies at the Social Security Administration, but I want to talk to my attorney so I can post the whole story.

I've also got an exciting story about laundry, and one about belly button lint (kidding on both fronts!)

There's lots going on in tp-land and I think you can all safely blame my lack of posting on J! He's terrible - he calls every night, he's attentive, interesting and totally fun to be around. You can see where that's a HUGE problem. It's almost as if I'd rather be spending time with him than alone in front of my computer.... almost.

Tonight we're getting together with the fun cousins for an evening of cards and Big Brother. I'm assured the show will be exciting because it's DOUBLE ELIMINATION night! I am so excited. I can hardly breathe. (Of course, my enthusiasm could be a bit on the false side considering I don't actually watch Big Brother so I don't give a rats ass about the people in the house.) I am however, willing to go with the flow. These are fun people and apparently Thursday night tv is a tradition, and I like that they want me to participate. I'm told that when Survivor returns I'll be just as into it as they are. I do agree that watching a show like Survivor will be more enjoyable if I'm watching from the beginning.

On the work front... ick. I keep trying to figure out how to not have to work and yet still collect my paycheck. So far it isn't coming to me. J seems unwilling to take on another full time job just so I can sleep in and hang out at the pool (I have no pool, so don't even think about coming to visit.) He's actually quite selfish like that. Frankly, I think he's too good for me! (wait... freudian slip, maybe I'm too good... nope, I like it better the first way.)

Ok. I have to go to work now. Boo. Today feels like Friday though, so that's good. Tomorrow will be a half day because I'm going to leave early and have my toes done. Spa Friday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Week Begins

After a busy weekend the final week of summer is about to kick off and its going to be a busy one.

Saturday J and I spent the entire morning cooking, cleaning and prepping for my contribution to the annual Kaper Brunch (two friends of mine and I donate a brunch and sell it at the Renton Rotary Kaper auction for charity.) The brunch was yesterday and I had one third of the food to prep and bring.

We had enough time during the day to go for a walk, check out the Issaquah farmers market, visit Costco and see Tropic Thunder as a matinee. Holy crap, it was wrong on many levels. I haven't laughed that hard in a movie in ages. Poor J, who is still suffering symptoms of the remnants of walking pneumonia was having difficulty breathing because he was laughing so hard.

We recovered and made our way to Mikey's house for a bbq to say good-bye to Misty who is headed to Denver to be with the tall one. The night was fun, J got to meet some of my favorite work people and he seemed to have a good time. It was a long day and at 10:30 I was done. Sadly, when we stood up to leave so did everyone else.

I had to get an early start Sunday for the brunch - not that I've been able to sleep in lately. The 6 am Sunday wake up is getting on my nerves and I need to figure it out. The brunch went smoothly and I was home by 2.

Tonight I'm attending a party with Becky. It's one of those bring your checkbook parties. I don't mind them, I love all my pampered chef stuff. The stamping crap is a bit useless, but tonight should be fun. (Oh, yes, I'm being vague intentionally.)

Tomorrow, I meeting one of my new online friends for a drink after work.

Wednesday and Thursday I HAVE to go to the gym.

Friday, J and I are headed to a family event (his.) A cousin and her family are moving to some far away place like Oklahoma or Alabama and the entire clan is getting together to wish them well. Sounds like the ideal place to meet a lot of the folks, but the attention won't be on me!

Saturday, J and I are plan-less. Somewhere in the day, I will make it to the gym again. I can't get squishy just because I have a man now.

Sunday, we are driving to meet my parents. Yeah! Mom is excited, and truth be told so am I.

Monday is Labor Day and we have the day off - other than sleeping in there are no plans. I like it!

Have a great day. I'm sure I'll find something to rant about before the day is done...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been published!

I sent in a travel photo to the Seattle Times on a lark and they published it!

Look Here!

I stole a newspaper this morning at Starbucks and found my photo on the inside of the travel section... what a funny way to start my day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clothing the shrinking me

My weight these days is slowly moving down the scale, (just 6 pounds in the last month) but my size is continually changing. I can tell by how my clothes are fitting and things like my watch is loose again that I am getting smaller. I had links in my watch taken out about 4 months ago, and I need to do it again. I purchased a Swatch in Barcelona that didn't really fit, in that I could barely get it to clasp in the last hole on the band - I'm wearing it today and it's clasped at 5 holes in - which is a decrease of 1.25 inches in the diameter of my wrist. If you had told me that my wrists would shrink I would have laughed at you.

I did some more closet purging the other day and ditched the 2x clothes and most of the 1x items, I ditched some pants and a couple skirts that slipped off my hips with a quick shimmy. I suppose clothes that fall to the floor when I walk might be a tad racy for the real world. I haven't been able to part with my last bridesmaid dress and think I'm going to hang on to it a while. It is really beautiful and I'm hoping that eventually I can turn it into a fabulous skirt.

The rain this morning snapped me to attention that fall and winter are just around the corner. I'm going to be a hurting unit when it comes to warm clothes. My sweater situation is sad, I only have one sweater left over that really should only be worn on rainy Sundays where we spend the day on the couch. It's too big, but is cozy and comforting.

Missing the month of October will fast forward my wardrobe needs from late summer straight into "winter". I may need to actually do the "school shopping" outing like we use to do as kids. You know, where you hit the mall and spend big bucks on an entire wardrobe for the season. I think I'll budget for it and plan to do it when I get back from Greece. I arrive home on a Wednesday, but am not going back to work until the following Monday. I'm trying to suggest to J that he get the flu for those days, but since I really don't want him to lose his job I'm not pushing too hard on that front. Plus, its two solid months from now, who knows he might be sick of me by then….. (har)

Fall and winter coats are starting to pop up on racks and in as much as I like to shop - especially for coats, I'm not excited about paying full retail for a coat for one season. I'll bite the bullet and get a coat and make it work for the entire fall and winter season. I suppose that for one year I can deal with one coat - my need to color coordinate my outerwear may have to be set aside for one year. (These are some seriously dumb things to ramble about - I mean, Angiolina Jolie has probably adopted 6 more kids as I typed this up.)

On the bright side, getting me a Christmas gift this year will be EASY! Jewelry…. Oh I mean clothes, or gift certificates for clothes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boring Meeting

I kind of hate how my work life has turned into one big meeting after another. Today it was four 1.5 hour long meetings and then some a-hole dropped a 30 minute meeting into my lunch "hour".

Right now I'm at the start of the final 90 minute extravaganza of the day. I'm not really "into" it but when they start doing anything remotely relevant I'll hang up and pay attention.

Last night I purchased two swimsuits for Greece. Both are black and are of modest cut. I'm liking my new smaller body, but it isn't fantastic. Mostly my problem is in the belly area (which is nicely mitigated by the suits) and the upper leg area. I think I just have to deal with the sag (HOT!).

I also picked up a backpack that I think will work. I'm going to try and do the three weeks in one carry-on bag. Try. We'll see.

Ok- meeting content just got relevant. Bye

So True

I'm not normally a "quote" person. I will drag out the book of quotes in certain situations such as a condolence card where I know my own words can't come close to conveying what I want to say.

For my birthday I received a number of cards. They were the normal range of thoughtful, funny, or sweet. Congrats go to MWR for the funniest card I've ever received. The front had a rainbow, a teddy bear and a balloon and it read "Happy Birthday. See you in hell." when you open the card the inside read "You heard me!" What a hoot.

One card had a quote that pretty much summed up the change in me that occurred last year, and I thought I would share it:

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.

- Anais Nin

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Justin , Tammy... Tammy... Justin

This was a weekend of meeting friends.

Friday, J and I met his co-worker Jody for dinner in Bellevue. She was witty, easy to be around and it was a lot of fun in spite of the heat. Jody and J will likely be guest blogging while I'm floating on a boat in Greece. Before that happens I'll come up with a question of the day, they are both really funny so I don't think you'll be bored.

Saturday J and I ran errands, he set up my wireless router (thank you sir!) and after a trip to Esquin we made our way to Becky's for dinner in the back yard. The evening could not have gone better. Brett and J hit it off and even found they had people in common. We enjoyed some great wine (I actually had too much and woke with a dull headache this morning... oops) and a lot of laughing.

It is a fact that I am the worst girlfriend in the world because J is sporting a case of walking pneumonia and is feeling pretty good (except for that whole breathing thing) so I drug his behind everywhere this weekend. I'm feeling pretty bad about it now considering how tired I am (at 7pm night) and I'm not sick.

Today, in an effort to lay low (and stay cool) after breakfast with Yaz and MC J an I headed back to his place to watch movies. I can't say they were the best movies I've ever seen -- actually one was good and I do recommend it.

Movie Reviews:

ONCE: a small independent Irish film about a talented street musician who meets a girl and they decide to record his music. A song from the movie won the Academy Award for best song this past year. The movie was touching, funny and sweet.

THE MIST: You just never know what you're going to get when you pick up a movie that is based on a Stephen King Novella. You might get Shawshank Redemption, the Green Mile or this piece of shit. At one point I fell asleep and was disappointed to see that I was only out about 10 minutes. J lost 30 minutes to unintended sleeping and didn't really care to get caught up on what he missed. Basically a fog rolls into town, a hodge podge of people are trapped at the grocery store, big ass bugs try to kill everyone, Marcia Gay Hardin embarrasses herself and should have her Academy Award revoked for her role, and then the hero makes Hayden Christensen look like a good actor when he falls to his knees in the dumbest "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" aerial shot EVER.

Step Up 2: the streets: This one only survived 12 minutes and 40 seconds before it was ejected from the dvd player. All I can say is... STEP UP 2!? Are you kidding me?

Thankfully, by the time we ended the movie festival the Olympics were on and we enjoyed ourselves some sports.

In the personal injury department it is a dead even heat of 1 to 1. J stepped on my foot and my toe throbbed all day Saturday. Not to be outdone I dropped a rather large bottle of liquid soap and J's is now sporting the purplest and ugliest of bruises on his right foot. Since his injury is actually visible, he may be awarded extra points by the judges.

I am going to bed early tonight in hopes that this slight sore throat I'm sporting will work itself out. If it actually turns into something I'm going to feel bad about talking J into hanging out this weekend in spite of his ailment.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Off Topic: Cool

Here's something cool and serene to hold you over until the next "gross" love blog is posted.

Nickname Search

J and I have been playing around with nick names or pet names for each other. Since neither one of us has really dated anyone of significance we are enjoying the stupid things that you folks who have been paired up for ever and a day may just not even think of as special or cute. We know we are totally sickly sweet and gross right now. It is not lost on either of us – don’t feel bad if you want to throw up a little – I understand. I also know it won’t last forever, so I’m just going to soak it up.

Anyway, back to the nickname thing. Here are some of the candidates for pet names:

Poopie – this is a standard that I use, it is not overly cute and is not in reference to flatulence
Baby - better in writing than verbalized. I feel awkward with this one mostly because I have friends who really use it, so when I think “baby” I think of someone in a corner, or my friends Misty and Drew.

Sunshine – this one is inbound and outbound. I like it.
Honey Bun – this might be a joke, I’m not sure. “Honey Bunny” was from Pulp Fiction and I’m pretty sure J doesn’t intend for us to hold up a crappy diner any time soon.

Gorgeous – awww he’s so nice to me.
Hot Stuff – my outbound to J.
Sweetie – this is me outbound and I’ve been using it a lot, it’s likely a keeper
Sarcasmo – as we get more comfortable with each other and the funny sarcastic comments fly more freely, J is quickly earning this name.

McMuffin – I popped off with this one this morning, it made me laugh but I don’t think it’s a contender for permanent rotation.

Spanky - J didn’t like it
Beavis – J didn’t like it
Boo Boo - this one pops out every now and then, but it is technically "owned" by another set of friends (in the singular "Boo")

Jay - this is a direct result of blog "J" it bugs me when it pops out of my mouth. I know his name (mostly.)

Other funny nicknames that have popped up are Tammy (J called me this to his mom) it is ironic because when people get my name wrong it is generally is Tammy or Tracey, so he was right on target. I couldn’t get mad because TWICE I have introduced him as Justin (which is so NOT his name.)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have spent some personal time bitching that my employers health insurance policy didn't cover any part of my weight loss surgery and that I couldn't get access to my banked sick leave hours even though I was in the hospital. I didn't expect the surgery to be covered but the sick leave thing pissed me off.

I had a long conversation today with a valued colleague who has been dealing with breast cancer since 2001 and she mentioned how the changes in our health care plan (that "hurt" me) probably saved her life due to being able to change plans and get into a better cancer care program.

I have to say that if the change that cost me money saved her life, then I will never bitch about it again. What is money compared to her life? No one sat down and did that particular if/then decision but I just did.

She had no way of knowing my past complaints and was just sharing her heroic story but she put it into perspective for me.

Hump Day

As we inch towards the weekend I am again reminded of just how charmed my life is right now. I woke up this morning with a sense of peace and happiness. It helps of course that J came home from Denver yesterday and we were able to have dinner and hang out last night. He is amazing at communication so with the calls, emails and text messages we talked just as much this weekend as we would have if he had been home (maybe not quite as much, but plenty.) However, face to face talking is just better.

I know that I'm in an unrealistic vortex of "new love" bliss and that the reality of life will eventually seep back in. But for now, I'm going to see the world through this lens. I was cranky for a long long time, and now I choose to be happy.

Speaking of sweet, J's mom sent home a birthday card for me. How nice was that? I'm looking forward to meeting both of his parents in November.

I hope my sticky sweet outlook on life is contagious (vs. feeling like you want to throw up a little because it's too sweet.)

For the record I do want to tell you about something that J and I talked about last night in relation to this happiness festival. I didn't say it very eloquently and might not now, but I think one of the reasons J and I were able to connect was that we both walked into this already happy and content. Finding him makes the good stuff in my life better but he is not the sole source of why I'm so happy these days. Oh, it helps that he's so great and that I'm having really strong feelings about him, but he's the icing on the cake, not the cake.

That's the end of personal announcements this morning, have a great day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a total faker

Most of the time in my professional life I feel like I'm bringing the right set of tools to the work bench. For the most part, I feel confident and that I'm not in over my head.

Lately, with the addition of certain activities that my former boss was doing I find myself faking it a little bit. I know that with a lot of things in the working world, making a decision and then owning that decision makes you the authority, but sometimes I know I'm not.

Today I had an impromptu meeting with someone in an EXTREMELY high position at an EXTREMELY prominent company related to a contract between "them" and "us." (No, I can't be more specific.) The meeting went well and I'm pretty sure he had no clue that I'm just some kid from Ilwaco, Washington. The only reason this is "blogworthy" is that I'm sure this person has forgotten more about Information Security than I will ever know, and yet I'm the "approver" of any changes to the contract.

Sometimes the things I'm trusted with blow my mind a little. Holy hell, I might actually be a grown up.


My weekend of fun is over. Boo.

I'm up early and waiting for a bus that didn't come. Today is packed, so arriving late wasn't in my grand plan.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Party Recap

Well, to say that I'm honored by my friends is an understatement. I am blessed with kind, creative and lovely people.

The weather tried to dampen our event, but Rico and Cindy's home is ideal for entertaining, so we set up indoors and it was stunning. Flowers and candlelight made for an elegant evening.

Special thanks to J for sending flowers in his absence. I think it's possible that he might be a great guy.

The room was filled with my friends from every corner of my life. Book club ladies, friends from grade school, my beloved college friends, loved co-workers, and friends of friends who have become dear friends. It was strange to see them all in the same place, but wonderful to see them mingling and enjoying each other the way I enjoy them.

Folks embraced the Slam portion of the evening, enduring a little emotional speech from the TP gal and then blew me away with their humor, creativity and kindness.

MWR owned the room with his take on the Carpenter's Song "Close to You":

Why do banks
Suddenly go awry
Everytime you're nearby?
Just like me
They long to be
Blogged about.

Why do guys
Show up by the crate
Everytime you date?
Just like me
They long to be
Blogged about.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together and decided
To create a blogging queen
So they sprinkled mild disgust in your hair
Of gold and too much info in your eyes of blue

That is why all the crazy bus riders in town
follow you all around
Just like me
They long to be
Blogged about...

At the end of the song, the entire room was singing "Woo Woo... Blogged About"

Misty and her man from Denver couldn't make it and send in a poem that tore the room apart.

I can't (won't) share the whole thing but here's a horrific stanza:

Horny as a teen girl,
Searching for a man toy.
Online for love,
Found a booty-call boy.

OH MY GOD... I had a little 'esplanin to do.

Then there was Mikey who wrote this sweet Ode:

Worried to death about my inability to create rhyming
We trekked to Issaquah with excellent timing

So on this day we celebrate the day
When, via many routes the TPGAL came our way

Her sense of humor, an attribute we all treasure
Sometimes goes south but is generally a pleasure

In her invitation, she asked us to bring a single man 38-48
Since when's it our job to get her a date?

Now she has a man whose name is (rhymes with the next line)
Maybe that brings an end , her days of man chasin?

All joking aside, you've been a great "super cute" friend,
I hope the joys of your youth never end.

Becky stood up and regaled the room with fun stories of how she and I spend college. I think they really loved the reprisal of the underwear banjo band.

JJ did a lovely poem about masturbation, while MJS steamed up the room with a haiku about banana cream pie.

All in all, I was touched by every person and had possibly the best birthday imaginable. Even the folks who couldn't come were there in spirit. I do feel like my life is completely charmed at the moment, it is wonderful to be aware of being so happy.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, wonderful gifts, donation to the Renton Food Bank and your presence in my life. I'm so not worthy!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 40th TP gal

So far, 40 is fine. I slept in today for the first time in ages (what is with the 6 am wake up on a Saturday!?) My fabulous boyfriend (who is in Denver - boo) woke me up with sweet mushy messages. I made a lovely breakfast for myself and am about to head to the gym.

It is raining, which means the back yard party will have to migrate inside - but that's fine. I'm determined to have a great time, rain or not.

After the gym I wandered over to Target where my "soap" ended up costing me $103.00. Damn the meandering.

My new haircut is so cute! The new shops at SouthCenter are deadly. I think I got out of there for song, 1 black sweater thing from the Black|White store and a sun dress for tonight. Oh, I know I already purchased a dress for tonight, but I'm not feeling it. This one is great and it has pockets so I can carry my boyfriend (iPhone) with me for the evening. I'll upload a photo before I leave.

The party tonight is a slam, which means my people have been asked to write a poem or a song or something to perform. I'm a cruel evil hostess! My poems in the past have lamented my lack of a love life and now that I'm experiencing it for the first time, I couldn't find my inspiration.

I'm a list maker so, I popped off with a list of 40 things for which I'm grateful.


  1. Good friends who are like family
  2. Healthy parents
  3. New babies
  4. Gainful employment
  5. Tasty wine
  6. An awareness of being really happy
  7. The ability to tell people you love them
  8. The ability to feel their love in return
  9. Laughing so hard that you snort
  10. Flowers for no reason
  11. Christmas Trees
  12. My friends kids who think I am cool
  13. My new smaller ass
  14. A great book
  15. Sunsets at the beach
  16. Bellybutton lint
  17. My fabulous new boyfriend
  18. Creativity
  19. Sleeping in
  20. The awareness that my life is charmed
  21. The ability to help others
  22. Joyful singing in the car; I look dumb and don’t care!
  23. Holding hands at the movies
  24. Good quality cheese
  25. The ability to laugh at myself
  26. Bar-B-Q MEAT (sorry little cow, but you taste GOOD!)
  27. Hot red shoes
  28. Hot soup on a cold day
  29. Road trips
  30. Well placed rest areas
  31. Good oral health – floss people!
  32. Three weeks in Greece
  33. Someone who is already planning on missing me while I’m in Greece
  34. Happy memories of things in the past
  35. Planning ahead for things we’re going to do
  36. Watching your kids get older
  37. Falling in love for the first time
  38. Happy tears
  39. Each and every one of you
  40. Turning 40 and feeling fantastic
My Seattle Times Horoscope is a little dark.... looks like it's good that I don't pay much attention to this hooey:

IF AUGUST 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may feel as though you are having an endless bad hair day between now and October. Because you aren't feeling at your best in one-on-one situations or because a relationship leaves you feeling unattractive, you might do something impulsive to change the trend. The wisest thing to do is to simply wait out this temporary downturn and avoid making irrevocable changes that you may regret later. During November your judgment improves and you can make changes that will be beneficial. Between December and February you must meet responsibilities head on even if they seem tiresome. By April and May your fortunes are on the rise again and you can easily mend any fences that need attention.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I took the day off today to get "party stuff" done, and here it is noon and so far... it's all been personal grooming and boyfriend stalking.

Toes - newly painted
Fingernails - newly manicured
Eye Brows - newly shorn
Hair - appt. made

Car - not packed
flowers - not purchased
food - not purchased
table - couldn't collapse it, and am trying to work something else out.

Boyfriend - eStalked (texts and email) This poor guy. He's only out of town until Tuesday morning and I'm worried that I'm turning into Glenn Close. Actually, now that the activities of the day are picking up I'm pretty sure the estalking activities will go down. Don't worry that it's all me either - the communication is pretty evenly distributed inbound and outbound.

I'm really starting to feel bad (not really the right word) about the 22 day Greece trip. I'm going to have a blast and am so happy that I'm doing this for myself. For the record there has been no suggestion of trip cancellation or shortening, but it will suck for both of us to be out of contact for that long. Maybe I'll outsource my part of the relationship to someone for those three weeks so he won't be bored. I just need to find someone to call him and be funny (but not too funny...) and cute (but not too cute...) while I'm away. Nope, that's a VERY bad idea. It would be sad to come home all tan and happy to see my man and have him necking on the couch with the "outsourced version of TP gal". *oh, heartbreak* I'll just have to find some way to leave him with something to think fondly of while I'm away. Like a book or something.

Anyway, back to reality... headed over to Rico's. See you tomorrow I hope!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Party Prep

The big 40th event is Saturday.

Planning and preparations are in full swing. J hooked us up with music, Rico and I have planned a menu of treats, Yaz is cooking up a plethora of brownies, June is brewing enough Sangria to feed an army, and Mother Nature is threatening to rain us out.

I'm not overly worried about the weather. If the party has to move indoors it has to move indoors. There's no sense in fretting about it.

I'm excited by the number of people who said they can make it. It's going to be a great mix of people from all over my life. Since "my" people are pretty fantastic it will be wonderful to see them all in one place.

There will be some notable absences due to vacations but I completely understand. I do have some awareness that the entire world doesn't revolve around me. Some.

I bought a dress to wear, but I don't think I can pull it off. It's a halter and is draws attention to the ladies. I'm not overly comfortable in it, so I'm 95% sure it's going back.
From this angle it kind of looks maternity-ish, but it didn't feel that way in the store.

I have to say that taking photos of yourself in your clothing is an amazing way to actually SEE what you look like. The mirror is pretty kind, but a camera shows you what it is.

I've stopped wearing certain things after taking photos for the weight loss updates.

BTW - the cool thing about this little dress (and this is for the ladies) is that it's a 12! I mean holy crap, it's a 12! I was in a 28 in November. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm jumping into size 12 jeans anytime soon - but it still counts.

Anyway - I'll be taking Friday off of work to finish up the gathering of supplies and to assist Rico with the food prep. He's such a good guy to help out. I bought a very pretty vase from the store Twist as a thank you to Rico and Cindy for the use of their house. It's painted with platinum and then fired. It is arty and I hope they like it.

I told them I didn't want any gifts because they were doing so much, but I think the ship has sailed on that front.

On the not party front J came over for dinner last night. We watched Rendition and tried to stay cool. You know it is hot when you have to stop holding hands because it is too warm. We talked for a few hours, I whined about his trip to Denver (not seriously) and then it was time for him to go. I really hate that part. (Warning - sickly sweet statement coming up.) I love that we can spend hours together and yet I still want to talk to him right before I go to sleep. I think it is safe to announce that I'm smitten.

Later! It's going to be hot today... drink lots of water.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


An email popped into my work mailbox today:

Wanted to bring a spelling error to your attention. In document Sxxxx Standard on page 9, please note the mistake in bold:

Employee Private Information – Information about an employee that is not available for view on the public version of directory, sometimes known as non-pubic employee information.

OH HOLY GOD…. That document has been published for over a year.

At least I'm not alone... the search on our intranet for "pubic" yielded 19 responses.

Because you can never be too careful....

Monday, August 04, 2008


First of all, for someone who is hella busy I seem to have lots of time to post today...

I received an email from one of my employees saying that she might not make it in tomorrow (is on vacation today) because she got bit by a spider and in addition to the antibiotics has to keep the leg elevated. No worries, she's a 75% remote worker anyway so the amount of work that gets done isn't an issue.

The issue... she sent me a photo of the bite:

I've noticed this as a trend. Not with her specifically, but with all the employees. If you call in because you can't drive due to the snow on your road... send a photo.
Fall off an ATV and end up in the hospital - photo of the severed finger.

Pregnant - maternity leave, photo of the baby crowning.

Managers in the 80's didn't have to pop open pictures of things like spider bites or botched Brazilian Waxing incidents.

I actually think the photo thing is good, but it is some what of a dilemma... do I pop that photo in the employee file? Will the next manager appreciate it? Probably not (on both accounts.)

For the attorneys in the crowd - I did check with the bug bite person before posting her leg on the Internet.

Don't look at me, I'm new

Oh hell, a work related post. (skip it if you're looking for dating or WL stories)

Friday I started getting furious phone calls and blackberry messages from my Sr. Manager who was asking questions about one of the projects I inherited from the recent ex-boss. I'm all of one week in and I'm trying to give status updates on something I'm barely into.

Apparently my Sr. Mgr is in meetings with our Chief Information Officer and asking for our assistance in figuring out why something on the project is not perfect. Without getting too detailed (because you so totally don't care) it breaks down to two things - one the issues are enterprise wide and secondly the business has to identify their own needs before we can step in and problem solve.

It's kind of like when you see someone who is dressed in messy clothes and you think you're helping them by teaching them how to iron, when what they really need is a washing machine. Until you know the whole story, your "help" may not be welcome.

The reason this is "blogworthy" is that my sr. mgr is all over my phone and email trying to get status when "WE" can't do anything yet. I don't know why he's inserting himself into this mess. I've told him we don't want to own it and really shouldn't be standing next to it beyond the investement in time we are giving right now. At first, I thought it was just some kind of a test to see how "responsive" I would be as a direct report to him, but no, this is about something else....


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sun Scream & Meeting (more) of the family

You would think that after 39 years and 359 days of life that I would figure out that I need to wear sunblock on a bright day.

Nope. We were out today watching the Blue Angels - which were great, and I got totally fried.

Dumb TP! The clerk at Safeway felt the need to tell me I was burned. I rolled my eyes at her, but when I got home I realized she was completely correct. Hopefully it will tone down in the next day or so. It's so embarrassing to be the "sunburned" person at work after a sunny day. Usually at my office it's "The Todd" that is a lobster, but alas, I may win the dumb ass award this week.

Meeting more of J's people today was fine. The one they have been warning me about seemed harmless. We'll be having dinner together Thursday when I do my first ever boyfriend airport drop off. I hope to not get the 3rd degree, but will be on my best behavior because they, J & "the one they warned me about" are headed to Denver to visit J's parents (and a class reunion.) I don't need to give "totwma" ammunition for a long weekend of talks w/ J's mom about how kookey I am. Fortunately, Dan (J's cousin-in-law and best friend) won't be there. He's damned funny, but is incorrigible and I'm not sure "totwma" would appreciate the fast humor. (Hey Dan, you made the blog!) There are folks you can joke with right away (J & Dan) and folks you want to hold off on that for a bit ("totwma".) You have to be careful when those worlds intersect because the fun world can negatively impact the other world. I need to be a grown-up Thursday. But, don't worry, I'll be back to my normal silly self Saturday.

After the Blue Angels and a hot lunch on the deck at some pub in Issaquah, I got a call from Janie who sounded a lot like Miami Robert. Yeah! So, we headed up to Alderwood for a quick visit. It was the perfect, fast meet and greet. It's so wonderful to see Robert whenever he's in town, and I love Janie... J got the "you pass" whisper from Janie as we left the restaurant - which is funny because that was his email to me after I answered his funky questions. "You Pass!" Um, didn't know it was a test.

It was a great weekend, in spite of the hopes to "just hang out" we ended up doing quite a bit, Costco, brunch, family lunches, meeting more of my people, a couple movies (DVD) and planning for the birthday party. I'm happy to report that while I am tired (sunburn hangover?) that J and I aren't running out of things to talk and laugh about. It might have been easy to overdose this weekend, but I think we're ok.

Have a great week. It's going to be a busy one... and then (whoa) my silly 40th birthday. (No singing!)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Moms are so cute...

In a phone conversation with Mom and Dad today this is what sort of went down.

Me: I'd like you to meet J. (x time, x date, x rules!)
Mom: So, are you going steady?
Dad: Oh G, no one talks like that anymore.
Me: Yes, J and I built a time machine and traveled back to 1963 where he gave me his fraternity pin.
Mom: Well, I don't know... it's not like you're boyfriend and girlfriend yet.
Me: Well, we're both freely using the terms without hesitation.
Mom: Oh, well that's.... um, wow. Well, I .. um.. wow
Dad: G, calm down
Me: yeah, I gotta go, you're freaking me out. Please keep in mind that when we meet, you have to be as NORMAL AS POSSIBLE. You have 30 days to get it together.

Something to hold you over

It might be a low posting weekend. I don't intend to be home much. There aren't grand plans for this first weekend in August, but all the "hanging out" will occur at not-casa la TP. If you need me, the cell is the thing.

Rico and Mrs. Rico are hosting a casual brunch Saturday for J and I where we will finalize plans for THE event next Saturday. I'm really thankful that R & Mrs. R are letting me use their home. I need to come up with a great thank you gift. Maybe J and I will work that out Saturday afternoon. Something from Fireworks would be cool - I love that store. Of course, with the closure of I-90 this weekend we'll have to time any trip to Bellevue accordingly.

Traffic around my side of the lake is going to suck here very rapidly. They are closing 405 to remove the Wilburton tunnel which is basically going to kill any north of I-90 driving for me. That really only means the good mall is off limits for a month. But since I just picked up new pants yesterday I'm set.

The new pants are actually kind of wonderful. I bought two pairs of size 16 in the petite section. Not 16 women's, not 16 extended sizes… but a regular size 16. It makes me kind of nervous to wander around in the regular persons sections at the stores. I worry that the sales people are going to direct me to the "women's" section because I don't belong in their part of the store. I feel a little shy when I ask if I can try things on, but the salespeople are kind as can be.

I wonder how long it will take to not automatically gravitate to the big lady clothes? I tried on at least 10 pairs of pants in the women's world and didn't find anything that fit. All too big, too baggy. Oh to have these problems… Well, I did buy a pair of black jeans - but they were a size 14W (see how that works.. size 14 in the big sizes and 16 in the regular sizes.) There is a reason that men should never try to buy their women clothes. Sizing is all over the board. Store selection will change your size too…I'm in a 12/14 at lane bryant - but I'm really hating their clothes and don't ever need to go there again. (14W is really as small as the women's sizes go, so I'm likely done with those forever.)

The whole thing about seeing myself in a new way takes some getting use to. I know I'm not a big person anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't feel like it. For the most part that super negative inner dialog is gone, but I think people still see me as the big person I use to be (even people I am encountering for the first time.) That makes no sense, but it is what it is.

Counter to that is how dang fabulous I feel at times. J and I are headed out to dinner tonight and I have a super cute dress to wear and will be donning "THE" red shoes. How fun to hit the town looking spectacular with my nice new guy on my arm.

Ok - enough of the rambling. I'm off to the bookstore and to check out the new IGA grocery store downtown. (I need cheese!)