Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TP's Political Corner

Giuliani--- Out. As I predicted!  Go McCain!  (I'm very democrat, but for some reason McCain doesn't scare the daylights out of me like the rest of them.)

Edwards--- Out.  That's too bad, he strikes me as a decent human being.  Too bad you have to be dynamic to be Prez.

This whole primary season reminds me of how they gave out the scholarship monies the year I graduated from high school.  Instead of giving enough to one kid to actually go to college they divided it up into $500 chunks for everybody.    At the end of the day there was no clear winner.  (I'm super bad at analogies by the way.)  This election season feels like that - we're going to let everyone - even that Lash La Rue dude get a small sample of victory.  Then at the convention, we'll elect someone whom nobody likes (see John Kerry.)  It's called our "piss away a sure thing" strategy.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Movie Review: 27 Dresses

Looking around the theater I counted a grand total of zero men in attendance for this little movie about a gal who is a perpetual bride's maid, and then ends up planning her sister's wedding to the man she thinks she loves. Then it occurred to me that the only men in America who would willingly see this movie are either a) gay and in love with James Marsden or b) madly in love with a woman and trying to appear 'sensitive.'

Honestly, even I didn't really have an overwhelming desire to see this one, but my friend did and since I never get to see her I figured, what the heck.

Turns out that 27 Dresses wasn't so bad. Judy Greer is as always funny. Katherine H. holds her own in the romantic comedy genre, and there were some very funny lines with excellent delivery. All in all I give it a solid B. I suggest that you either pay-per-view it, or wait for HBO.

Friday, January 25, 2008

One last thing and then I'll stop

So, remember way back when in December and one of my minions (minion 1.0 to be exact) was laid off?

The company did do a decent thing and has kept M1.0 on the books through January. This would allow a person to collect any bonus for an almost years worth of work well done.

So, today, I'm working away at M1.0s job and I get an e-mail from "H.R. Recognition" telling me that I have an employee with a 5 year service anniversary coming up and that I have to celebrate it. They suggest decorating their office space, having a potluck, or holding a celebratory team meeting where we honor the employee.

Who is the employee? M1.0.

I think it would be in extremely poor taste to decorate the empty cube and hold a pot luck, don't you.

Lunch with an old friend

I had lunch this week with a former colleague who left MegaBank four years ago for a more exciting world.... insurance. (woo woo)

We had fun catching up, talking about the crazy book he's reading and then politics. We were about ten minutes in and it occurred to me... "this guy is a Republican!" How did I never know that? Perhaps I am so clueless and self-absorbed and can only see what I want to see.

He's a smart guy (calm down there trigger, I'm not suggesting Reps. are dumb - just your idiot king) and we had fun debating the merits and horrid ideas of some the current candidates.

We both agree that Guiliani is not a contender. His strategy of wait 'til Florida won't work.

Mister Insurance is actually a fan of Ron Paul - who I hate to admit I've not really heard much about. Ron Paul, wasn't he the drag queen that MAC make up company used in the 80's? (tee hee)

I shouldn't be allowed to vote - I am grossly under informed.

Shake it off...

The June & tp gal photo cracks me up, but I can see where it might be a tiny bit frightening so here's something cute to bring you back:

Silly Girls

The photo booth camera on the iMac is a dangerous toy...

I would argue that both June & I are attractive people, but iMac makes it easy to see that we are also a little bit odd.

I'm still a liar

Confession time:

I have lied about my weight on my drivers license since day one. Over the years I have under reported my weight in increments of 20, 40 and as much as 50 pounds.

While dressing this morning it occurred to me that I might actually be within 10 pounds one way or the other of my reported weight. So, I stomped out to the dining room in my one sock to grab my wallet. 10 pounds? Nope, I am over (under?) 40 pounds lighter than my posted weight.

Tee Hee

Maybe for my birthday (40!!!!) this year I'll get new license and report my weight accurately. Although, going to the dmv doesn't sound like a fun birthday activity.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Heart Tax Prep!

I have been waiting all year long to do my 2007 taxes. (um, hasn't everyone?) I am so ready for this years tax season!

I love the sales tax itemization rule for Washingtonians and have saved every sales receipt with more than $1.00 of sales tax. I have spend countless hours logging them into a spreadsheet. It is a little depressing to think that I actually spent that much money on "stuff" but I did, and my efforts resulted an almost double deduction amount than the estimated deduction.

Paying cash for my surgery wasn't fun, but it does come in handy with the medical deduction portion of the taxes. I'll be honest and only deduct the amount I actually paid, not the bill they sent me which was $27,000 MORE. That would be wrong, and based on this huge refund I fully expect to get audited. So no funny business, I even entered the $3.56 in interest income from my small online savings account

The other coup of the century is Turbo-Taxe's "itemizeIT" feature where you enter in the items you donated to GoodWill (or where ever) and they assign the value. On my own, I over estimated the value of some items and totally valued books and clothes. CLOTHES!? Yes my friends, thanks to "itemizeIt" I am getting to deduct almost $800 in clothing due to my shrinkage.

The super SA-WEET refund will end up being about 10k! Sorry to talk openly about dinero - but damn - that's awesome! Check back with me in a year where I'll be crying over my sad little $1k refund. But for now let's debate what should be done with it?

Down payment on a super hot car
A night of bliss with Marco the Italian Male Prostitute
Custom flame paint job for the jetta

Apply the refund to my surgery finance fund

Reality is so not a sexy car, or a sexy man-for-hire. Reality is responsibility.... snooze.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh gosh, I'm Board

My big mouth got elected to the board of my condominium association. As the secretary I am the lucky person who gets to record the meetings, sign the financial documents and make signs.

I'm also copied on all manner of exciting news and information. Today my mailbox is buzzing with the scary encounter with coyotes by J-154. She has little dogs, so is concerned about their safety.

We got word that I-233 will be going on vacation so their car won't be moving during their two week sojourn. I slept better last night with that information.

We're about to fine a couple of our neighbors for not parking any of their cars in their garages. I say, fine the coyotes for not being on a leash!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sad & disturbing

Reading the paper online tonight and I see that actor Heath Ledger was found dead today.

Sad sad sad.

I know, I just spent an entire post ranting about the dang media who seem to be focused on the wrong story. For the record, I think the murdered marine is news, but my point was that the media is under reporting the other deaths.

Not to suggest that I am at all jaded or bitter, but I think for sure the death of a young, cute, talented Hollywood actor will push the marine off the front page for a while at least. Mr. Ledger certainly didn't have that... well... that Anna Nicole thing that the world finds so interesting, you know, like a train wreck, but he had actual talent.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


OK, we're back to our regularly scheduled topics, me, things irrelevant and nonsense.

I'm in Portland this weekend with June, Hajii and the kids, Ab is 10, Lew is 2 and it's a madhouse here. In a very good way. Lew is cute, he has a few words, mostly, hello (strung together in threes "helloHellloHello") and "uh-oh" he communicates very well with pointing, grunts and looking at the item that he needs.

June and I contributed to the economy yesterday. We found shoes, which every girl NEEDS and fun jewelry. I also picked up a dress for the next 60's retro cocktail party I attend. It is HOT! I can't wait to wear it.

We've been playing Wii as well. It turns out... I'm not so good at Tennis. I can hold my own in bowling, but on the grass courts I look like I'm swatting flies. Ab finds it hilarious.

I've got tomorrow off, and my lunch data cancelled so I've got no pressure for the drive home, so it should be a nice drive. I may hit the outlet mall in Chehalis and pick up some outlet underwear. (do you care?? nope, didn't think so.)

it's my Wii turn, so I gotta go!

Friday, January 18, 2008

1 vs. 100 - I mean 3850

CNN is ablaze with info about the beautiful, pregnant dead Marine who was likely murdered.  It certainly has the trifecta of media worthiness, Attractive, White, Pregnant woman who (BONUS) is a Marine goes missing and is later found dead.    This story is tragic, to be sure and my heart genuinely goes out to her family, friends and colleagues. 

However, I'm disgusted at the media (and the publics) willingness to quietly ignore the other dead Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard and Marine casualties that are taking place on a daily basis.  To date (according to 3850 US deaths have been attributed to the Iraq war, and an astounding 28,773 men and women have been wounded.  Is their pain and suffering any less newsworthy than the senseless murder of this beautiful, pregnant woman? 

I think not.

Yes, there are stories every day about the war, but for the majority of us it doesn't affect our daily lives so it's easy to focus on stuff that seriously doesn't matter.  My crazy weight loss journey, the writer's strike, the cancellation (gasp) of the Golden Globes to name a few things that in the course of our world have little impact.  (My wlj is important to me, and don't think you're getting any kind of reprieve from having to hear about it…)

Frankly, I also worry about our idiot man-child president and his big flabbing mouth getting us into more hot water in the gulf region before we can replace him with ANYONE that will be less of a danger to our nation or the entire globe at large.

Sigh.. I'm off my soap box.  ( A quick shout out to the NSA… hi fellas!  I'll be out of town this weekend so you don't have to set up the wiretaps on my phone until Monday - enjoy your weekend.)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love a new book

I finished my book group book last night and started the one listed on my blog today (Eat, Drink, Pray.

I love a book that grabs you right away! Everyone is reading this one, it's everywhere and I hope it lives up to the hype.

The last book I saw that was EVERYWHERE was the Million Little Pieces book, and well - that didn't end up working out so well.

In other, SUPER EXCITING news -- they had oatmeal in the cafeteria this moring. I loves me some oatmeal! Super yummy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What have I gotten myself into?

The selection in my closet is dwindling. I put on a pair of pants last night and they were so big that I put them right into the discard pile. I have never worn them. I bought them thinking I would lose 10-15 pounds - but now I've lost 66 and I missed my window.

The crazy thing is that I'm down to two pairs of black pants and two pairs of jeans. Jeans during the week are frowned upon - but I didn't have much of a choice today. It's cold and a skirt wasn't cutting it. Thankfully, I don't have any appointments or meetings today so I can hide out in my "office" (shower stall) and enjoy my denim.

I'll be heading to Nordstrom Rack at lunch in search of some more pants.

Intellectually, I know this is a good thing. On one level it is freeing to go through the closets and drawers and get rid of all the size 3X stuff - but when I see it piled up, and think of the investment in those clothes I get a little sick to my stomach.

There aren't too many more items in the closet that I've never worn. But there are some super expensive things that I'm unsure what to do with. The $475 beautiful bridesmaid dress - totally too big. Should I have it altered under the slight chance that there's an event to wear it to? (I did wear it to not one but two separate holiday parties, taking the price per outing to $158.33) Or cut my losses? It's a tough one, it is really beautiful.

It's big enough, I could use it to make curtains… kind of a reverse Gone With The Wind. (it isn't THAT big - but I could do pillows.) That's an idea…. It's crafty, it keeps the pretty fabric around. I'll put the dress with the fabric I bought three years ago on Bainbridge and I'm sure I'll get to it soon.

Oh gosh, I really should focus on work. It's 9:05 and other than a few emails I have done ANYTHING. For someone who bitches about being overwhelmed I'm a terrible self starter.

Gotta run.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Starbucks Skinny Mocha Latte...

Tastes good, but smells funky.

I think I'll stick to water today.

The Christmas Card that won't die

My 2006 Christmas card is still up everywhere at work.
Some folks have dressed it up a little:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Gambler and some things you shouldn't photograph

I attended a charity Texas Hold-Em tournament Friday. I know a lot about Texas Hold-em, and by "a lot" I mean I've watched Celebrity Poker a few times. I have basic understanding of what beats what and that you're not supposed to stay in with 7-2 and when (note, not "if") you get pocket Aces that you shouldn't squeal with glee.

My goal was to not be the first person at our table to be out. (There's a term for it, but I don't know what it is.. oh wait... LOSE.) The cards were with me, and some of the folks at our table were more confident than maybe they should have been because I knocked out about 4 players. I was on fire. It was fun, and completely scary. They moved players around during the tournament and the guy that ultimately won sat down and immediately dominated our table. He had a heck of a lot more chips coming into our circle which gives him the edge to scare people out of playing their hands. He didn't knock me out, but when they moved the tables again, I was thankful to be the one to switch.

I won a couple more hands before losing all my chips on a good hand. Such is life, I bet it all on the best hand I could hope for. All in all played about two and a half hours and lasted more than half the players. I feel it was a success.

The tournament was held at the Columbia Tower Club - the swanky private club atop the Columbia Tower. 75 stories up on a clear winter night is lovely!

That was Friday, and Saturday I watched some disappointing football, go hawks! and had Rico and New Mrs. Rico over. we gave up on the game and played Cribbage on my POS plastic cribbage board. Someday when my boyfriend finally shows up, I'm gonna get a good board. It's hard to justify it when I live alone and most folks who come over don't play.

I met up with Becky and her husband and we headed downtown to Capital Hill to celebrate our friend Phil's 40th birthday. He arranged a scavenger hunt that involved collecting certain items and taking photos of certain items. You should be VERY thankful that the pictures were not on my camera. Some of the items were fun to get, but not really for family and friends. I learned a lot of NEW things last night. Prince Albert is NOT chewing tobacco. (Don't google that at work or in front of your kids.) But, we got two photos of them.

Brett, Becky's man and I ended up on one team while she stayed with Phil as a judge. And by judge I mean, a drinking buddy for two hours while we ran our asses all over Capital Hill taking photo's of asses, having engaging conversations with boys dressed in goth attire and kissing the heads of bald men. At the end of the hunt we met up with Phil & Becky at a bar called the Cuff where we met a very nice deaf tranny with a beard and a pierced um (have you looked up Prince Albert yet?) yeah, one of those.

We were confident we had enough points to win - but alas, we did not. Becky and Phil were so trashed that they couldn't oversee the counting of points and selection of a winner. Note this attractive picture of Becky "resting" with one of the mascots. (each team had a mascot which had to be in every picture.)

Because I can't really drink - I drove B&B home. Brett wasn't trashed, but is a safety guy. I like that about him. He doesn't fart around with the machismo "I'm OK to drive" BS when there's a perfectly sober person on hand.

I finally got home at 2 and was happy to fall into bed. This morning, my body is in pain. We literally ran all over capital hill for two hours, which for me is beyond my normal exercise routine. I did kick up my time in the gym yesterday, but the ache in my legs is clearly due to hustling up and down hills in search of a c*ck ring.

Phil's mom was on our team, which made me nervous, but she was into it. I think she asked more than 9 guys if they had pierced nipples and if we could photograph them. What a riot.

So, happy birthday to Phil! Happy hang over to Becky and happy whatever to Brandon the deaf tranny.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

tapas leftovers

A friend wrote me and asked:
Your surgery has led me to wonder: Is it difficult to watch other people eat larger volumes of food, or see them take longer to get to a stopping point? Do you finish faster, or does it take a while to get that ¾ of a meatball down? How do you find that new sense of 'normalcy' in social situations where food is involved (and it seems that food is ALWAYS involved, doesn't it?) (and is it okay if I ask you these questions?)

  I answer:

 Of course it is ok to ask,  I blog about this to the world.
It is not difficult to see people eat larger volumes.  Sometimes it is a little disgusting when they are chowing down like starved animals - but that's always been an issue. I certainly don't feel deprived or jealous.  I'm not hungry and I get full when I am which is very satisfying.   Frankly, I ate everything I wanted for 39 years and I wasn't happy.  I'm sure someday I may mourn over good salty French fries, but for now I'm ok.
My trick to finish at the same time as my people is to eat slowly, put the fork down and enjoy the conversation.  Last night I mostly ate the entire time Carol was eating; instead of popping the shrimp (which was big) into my mouth in one motion I cut it into four bites - which helps spread things out.  I also chew and chew and chew where most folks chew, then swallow. 
It is obvious that I'm eating less, but I really think I don't care.  I'm not starving myself, I don't have an eating disorder so folks who are worried can kiss off (the salad bar lady comes to mind.)  The support people say to NEVER give up the social aspect of dining out or parties. Eventually, I'll work out how to do this the right way.  Not ordering too much food will be a skill to learn.  Parties are easier because I just walk around with my glass of wine for an hour. 
I feel more normal at a healthier weight than being able to eat and eat and eat.  I'm feeling less and less like the fattest, grossest, person in the room and more like the attractive person I am.  Being able to ditch the self loathing is an amazing feeling.
I'm taking a business trip in February where we dine out every night.  That might be a little challenging, but I'm not going to not go because I'm dining on 6 small meals a day instead of two huge ones.  I'm going to play it by ear, and I'm sure I'll blog about the experience.
You should also note that I failed to bring the left overs to work to day.... IDIOT.

Current Photo

Well, you just have to ignore the fact that my eyes are wonky. Open eyes and a flash. I took 10 shots... this is the best. The ones where my eyes are open, they are OPEN and I look like a crazy person.

( I know the world is talking about the primaries and the presidential candidates and I'm all about me, it's shameful.)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dining Out

I got to go to dinner to night with one of my favorite colleagues who resides in Florida, but is in town to mingle with her new manager.

We went to the RED HOUSE for tapas (a tapas bar, not topless - totally different)

I'm horrified by how much food I ordered, and how little I ate. I know it's dull as shit, but I have to break it down for you:

We ordered:
Spicy Shrimp - 4 to a plate - I ate 1
Antipasto Plate - 6 slices of bread, salami, olives, sliced cheese, soft cheese, Bree , veggies, proscuitto, and peppers. - I ate 1 olive, 2 slices of salami, a 1 square inch of bread crust with cheese smeared on it.
Meatballs - 4 - 1 inch diamater balls with 6 more slices of bread and about 1 cup of tomato sauce. I ate 3/4s of one ball.

Catch that again over the course of the hour I ate:

1 shrimp
2 slices thin salami
1 olive
1 inch bread crust with chevre cheese
3/4 of one meatball

I was so full I thought I was going to have to throw up.... odd. I think it was the denseness of the food -because since I've been home I've drank 16 ounces of water without any issues. Clearly it's not volume, it's density.

Passing on the bread was the hardest part... I love good crusty bread.

I will be eating left overs forever!!!!


I have to say that I'm having a hard time at work today. 

In addition to the fact that my team is short one, I'm still doing work for a function that has "transitioned away" but I've been interrupted no less than 6 times so far this morning with questions about stuff for the work I'm no longer doing.  I feel like a jerk when I tell them to go talk to Bob.  My instinct is to answer the question or take care of their problem but that would mean that I'm tacking on a 30 minute activity to an already unneeded interruption.  I don't care where you get your office supplies, it's not from me, so shoo.

So, I'm cranky, and I've got A LOT on my plate (so much for the "I'm going to have a good attitude" attitude) I got a notice today that my status report is late.  I think *maybe* I've prioritized it lower than the 19 other #1 items on my to do list.  I should delegate the damn thing - which is what I will do - but the notice irritated me.

THEN… I'm downstairs at the salad bar and I went to check out the pre-made salads and the cashier gal says for the whole room to hear "Get away from the cookies, you're on a diet!"  The words "FUCK YOU" flashed through my mind faster than I could have ever imagined.  Maybe she was trying to be funny, but I did want to shove her face into the french dressing (who eats french dressing - yuck!)

Clearly, I need to calm down and find my soothing place.  But for right now, I don't recommend that you volunteer me to do any of your work and for pete sake, don't comment on my lunch or I may have to hurt you.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Silly Cat Stuff on the Internet

Icanhascheezburger is a series of cat and kitten photos with cute sayings on them. Some are repetative, but if you need a kitten fix this is the site for you. It only takes a few moments to catch on to the cat language. Here's one of my faves:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Gosh, here it is Sunday and I haven't had anything to say for days and days. I *know* you check in every day ready to hang on my every word, so I seriously apologize.

Ok, back to reality. I really don't have anything important, funny or relevant to pontificate on, so here's random stuff:

The transcript from a message I just got from a dear friend who is dieting the super hard way (self control and exercise)

"Ok, they are tight, and I had to lay down on the bed to get them zipped, but I am now wearing a size 20! Yeeeeheee hahahaha anyway, the other pants were getting too baggy and I don't own a belt. Maybe I do that... Ok, I love you and I'll talk to you later! I know you're kicking ass too, yeah yeah us! You're right we do rock and I think secretly everyone does know it and they are jealous! Bye"

She's so cute! A size 20 is impressive - even if she can't breathe, You go girl.

Oh... there's gossip. Remember way back when the story of Monica and how I was labeled a bad friend? Big drama, friendships ended and she moved away. Well, apparently she's back and has been living in the spare room at former friend Bill's house. RENT FREE since September. Rumor on the street is that both Bill and his wife (who still hates me) are O-V-E-R her and ready to kick her out - job or no job.

I don't wish her bad luck, but I do take secret (er, public) pleasure in the fact that she's mooching off the people that chose her over me as a friend.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Junk In Your Trunk

At the start of the new year I challenge you to rid yourself of the crap you're carrying around for no reason.

Here's the list of stuff from my car trunk ( not including tire and jack):

1 blanket - purchased in Mexico - in 1990
1 pair of gloves
1 set tire chains
1 gallon water
6 pack of Acqua Panna water
25 pound tub of cat litter
First aid kit
Ugly bright red baseball hat
Old gas cap
Spare light bulbs (for the car - not the house)
CD cases (8-10)
1  umbrella
1 Better Homes & Gardens Magazine
1 Pillow
1 beach towel

Holy lord, I may need to do some cleaning myself. An old gas cap… why save something like that?

The cat litter just hasn't made it into the house yet, same with the water.  Excuses excuses.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 In Review

Today is the first day of 2008... the year in which I turn 40, go to Greece, lose a lot of weight and spend more time with friends. I have a lot to look forward to, but before we move on lets look back a little:

In May I spent ten relaxing days with SadRico (the returned batchelor) in Mexico. We played 200 games of boggle and cribbage buy the pool. It was a wonderful getaway.

In July, I spent a week at Gambleside. The week was specifically selected because it is traditionally the nicest week of the year, and of course... RAIN. That was ok, because the final Harry Potter book arrived the day I left so I snuggled up in my tent and read. I KNEW Snape wasn't a dastardly villain. I'm still not over some of the carnage though. Darn it JK... you didn't have to kill (XXXX), where's the joy now?

I refinanced my condo - getting out of an adjustable rate mortgage and into a 30 yr. with a good fixed rate. Just in time... the market tanked shortly thereafter. Whew! (To give myself credit, that was always the plan, hold the crappy loan while I paid my consumer debt down and then switch over.)

My softball team didn't do so well this year, but we enjoyed ourselves. Our power player moved away, and our catcher had a melt down so who knows what the future holds for St. Matt's Bats.

Spent some time with my parents this summer. We replaced the fence around the pasture. Hard work, but fun.

Killed my fancy cellphone by washing it with my jeans, and then three long months later splurged on the iPhone. I totally love it! I check my pockets when doing laundry now.

Told my inner circle in May that I was thinking about having weight loss surgery in early 2008. While doing research a month or so later two words popped into my head... WHY WAIT? My outlook on life changed at that moment. Started the WLS process, and had surgery on the 19th of November. Lost 64 pounds! (so far)

Traveled to Philadelphia, and back to Phoenix for work. Fun!

Was asked to speak at a conference in Milan, Italy. Didn't end up getting to go, but it was an honor to be asked.

Attended the wedding of SadRico who is now officially, just Rico. He's a happy happy camper!

Rang in the new year with Rico and Cindy in a quiet evening.

Goodbye 2007 - hello future!