Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Spend it all in one place

I know it’s not polite to talk about money, but this one hurts and I have to get it out.

I received an email from my investment company telling me that my “withdrawal” had been processed and a check sent to me. Having requested no transactions I was worried and immediately logged in to see what was happening. Well, it seems that the last of the financial hits from the failure of Mega bank has been finalized in my world.

Earlier in the year I transferred all the actual money from my dead 401k into a new investment fund and it is nicely producing a tiny growth and will eventually be the nest egg it once was. However, when this transaction occurred they didn’t touch the company stock in my portfolio. As a no longer traded item, I’m not sure anyone knew what to do with it – so it sat there.

They finally figured it out and I have been cut a check for a little over $135.00. This will be a nice addition to the upstairs TV fund or a small addition to my short term savings fund but looking at the yearend statement for the fund in total I want to throw up. This tiny little check means that I am “recouping” $0.00376 cents on the $1 of my original holdings. If you’ve got a calculator, I’m sure you can figure out the starting figure. I’d post it, but it makes me too sad.

I know that in the overall course of things, I got off pretty lucky. I walked away with a nice severance, I obtained work right away and am ending the year on very solid footing. I am NOT WHINING. However, this financial loss is real and extends to every shareholder of Megabank stock who didn’t think to sell when the price dropped from $38 a share to $16, and then poof. It’s ‘nice’ that the FDIC seized the bank and sold it for pennies on the dollar to a bigger more stable bank with a more stable portfolio. People who banked at the bank were “secure” in their insured holdings, but the investors… got screwed.

I was at a party earlier in the month and ran into someone I knew briefly at the bank and we had the usual catch up conversation. How are you? Are you working? Is that your choice? And for many people the answers are, I’m good, I miss the people at the bank, I’m (am /not) working (at and I think I (love / hate) it. Many people are not as employed as they were before and have embraced the change. Some have chosen totally different paths, and some are still looking for the right position. This gal, isn’t working (after not looking at all until the fall) and is frankly ANGRY about it. She wanted to know if I was considering suing. Sue!? Who? The state court already said the shareholders didn’t have a case and that the FDIC had every right to seize the bank. (I find it fishy that it all went down less than 10 days before TARP monies were offered…but that’s a different thing.) So, no, I haven’t thought about suing. I lost a lot of money and a job I liked working with a team of people I respected and it is done. Being angry doesn’t change anything.

I think the only thing I can do is learn from it. Lesson 1: don’t buy the CRAP the CEO and CFO tell you. When the stock starts to freefall, get out. Lesson 2: Don’t invest more $$ in the company you work for than you’re prepared to lose. I was only 20% invested in my 401k in Megabank stock. I now see that that was too much and should I be lucky enough to work for a traditional employer again with a 401k I’ll cap that % at a lower rate, especially if stocks are part of my compensation package. (If they are giving me stock, maybe buying more is a silly idea.) And, don’t hold the compensation stock too long. The stock I was “given” as part of my compensation package that I cashed out I turned into my condo which was a very good investment for me. Had I held it, it would have been worth nothing – or rather 0.00376 cents. ICK. Sure I paid taxes on it, but tax is better than a pot full of nothing.

PS – don’t take investment advice from me. I’m just rambling here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dress in a box

With the wedding photo books delivered to the parents and in-laws and the thank you notes complete the last wedding chore was to deal with the dress.

I loved my dress. I thought it was simple, pretty and not overly "girly". I also did not spend a small fortune on it, which appeals to my (somewhat) thrifty nature. I wanted a real wedding dress, but I also knew I'd only be wearing it once.

Even though there's no plan to give the dress to a child or a favorite young relative, I couldn't part with the dress (eBay? not for me.) Having it professionally cleaned and boxed was the right way to protect my investment - er vestment.

We dropped by the dry cleaner to pick it up today and I have to say it left me with a weird feeling. Maybe it's the simple fact that I'm no longer "the bride" or that the wedding is over, but since neither of these have been even the smallest of issues I doubt that's the case.

I think maybe it's just that seeing the dress in the child coffin sized box with the view window was disturbing. Seriously, it looks like dead thing, with out a head. The body of the dress is stuffed with (acid free) tissue and even the breast portion is nicely filled out. Maybe even better than my own assets.

Jason kindly stored it in our master closet. We, of course, lost track of which side of the box is "up" so I'm sure my dead dress is now upside down for all eternity.

bye bye dress.

(thank you Matt for this beautiful photo!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

ooh, the excitement is building.

both sets of parents are here.

we've had our turkey dinner (and I'm so looking forward to left overs today for lunch).

jason had to work today and we've been getting texts all morning (methinks it's not too busy at the office.)

the tree is bursting with wonderful wrapped packages.

the sun is shining and I'm feeling much much better.

hoe you're having a lovely day and that all travel is conducted safely.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I seem to be feeling better. Yesterday, I ventured out with the family to run some early morning errands and man oh man was it too much for my poor little tummy. I started to lose it in Fred Meyer and got a bit spacey. I opted to wait in the car during the Costco run. If I couldn't handle Fred Meyer grocery dept. there's no way I could deal with Costco. Plus, I think four people is too many for a grocery shopping expedition.

We came home, rested for a bit (I did some work for my client) and later we went to lunch. Halfway through, I was done, and thankful I brought my own car. A quick trip to Rite Aid on the way home for some tummy calming medicine and back to bed I went.

Last night we watched Julie & Julia (wonderful) and I managed to sit through the whole movie without having a core shaking temperature change nor needing to make an emergency run to the loo. By the time we went to bed I was practically giddy with glee over how good I felt.

Today, I'll still be taking it easy. I have work to do (bad tp for blogging) and we have a houseful of workers fixing the tiny little things in our house. The caulker arrived at 8 and is busily working on removing and replacing the builders caulk in our bathroom and in the guest bathroom.

A roofer is due here in moments to finally add that last darned bit of flashing on a section of our roof.

Painters are due here any moment to repaint the "wet rooms" aka the bathrooms. We picked up a good quality eggshell paint for the bathrooms and are excited not to have to repaint those areas ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean by myself. I married someone who, in our limited pre-nup called out painting as a task he doesn't do. I believe him. When we breakdown and repaint the main common areas we will hire in help for the stairwells and foyer walls.

So, while this is all going on, I'm finishing up some stuff and working out my travel for the beginning of January.

I did figure out this morning that I'll hit the frequent flier Gold status on my last flight of the year (on 12/31). I think it's funny to meet that level on the last day of the year. It'll be a nice little perk but I promise to not let it get to my head. It means I'm not home as much as I want to be. Getting to jump the security line will be nice and the upgrade coupons will be handy for our joint trips.

I'll mull over an exciting and important topic for the next posting.

Monday, December 21, 2009


New suggestions from the future Mrs. MWR:

Awficles: the awful office cubicle

Thriftwood: accretion of random stuff from thrift stores.

Clearly, she has a better vocabulary than I.

Accretion is in science, accretion is a process in which the size of something gradually increases by steady addition of smaller parts. (Think of driftwood along the beach, or how sand fills in the beachhead in front of a jetty.)

My new word from today:

Pu: Flu-like symptoms that are localized to unpleasant lower intestinal issues. "I don't have a fever, I think I just have the pu."

(TP is still not feeling well, and NO MOM, I'M NOT PREGNANT. Thanks for asking.)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

That's not very nice!

Here we are at the end of the weekend and I'm under the weather.

Friday, our dinner invitee chose to stay home so we tried a new recipe and cracked open an older bottle of wine and talked about life, work and the upcoming holidays.

Saturday we were up early to meet the window shade installers who arrived at 7:15. We used our extra time to vacuum and spiff up the house. We took and "exciting" trip to Fred Meyer.

We picked up the in-laws at the airport after a quick visit to Becky's

Saturday night we had a reservation at el Goucho. Yummmm. Meat! (sorry cow, but you taste good!). The only bummer is that I started to feel ill during dinner and ended up needing to "give back" my dinner before we left the restaurant. Ironically, as I was making the emergency trip to the chic restroom I was asked by a server "How's your dinner?". Some how "It tastes good, but I need to throw up" probably wouldn't go over well, so he got a thumbs up. Throwing up in a fabulous location is awkward. (Throwing up anywhere but home is awkward and awful. )

I thought it was an isolated incident until we had to stand and sing at church this morning. It was clearly to much for me and I have been on the couch in pj's ever since. Jas and his mom and dad had brunch together and then enjoyed a trip to the mall. I feel bad for not joining but am thankful they went rather than watch me drool on the couch all afternoon.

I'm hopeful that a down day will mean I'm right as rain tomorrow. Christmas is coming, I can't be sick.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 The Planning

With Christmas 2009 upon us in mere moments I am, of course, planning summer events.

Some things you talk about doing, but if you don't get it on the books you just don't manage to do. So, we've scheduled and (because of a 20% discount) prepaid for a return trip to Walla Walla wine country with friends.

The Inn only had two rooms available for the weekend which is wonderful news but also a bit of a bummer, in that it would have been fun to invite another couple or 12 to join us.

We (I) selected a weekend in July to venture to Gambleside (Becky's sister's wonderful bay side cabin) last year with all the wedding stuff it just didn't work out, but this year I've got it blocked on the calendar. (Make a note of it, it will be cloudy and cold the weekend of July 25th).

The other summer event will be a trip to the beach. It was so fun last fall and I'd like to repeat it without the impending wedding over our heads. I hope to be better company when I'm not all "invitations and rsvps". I don't think I was horrid, but maybe I was.

Preparations for Jas' 40th birthday are also starting to form in my head. Because I'm kooky I'm planning a theme party. I ordered my Farrah Fawcett wig online today. I hope it's not too cheesy. It needs to be somewhat cheesy but I hope it resembles the online photo (see above). We will see. Yes, we will be venturing back in time to the 70 's. It should be a swinging good time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And now I'm pissed

Jas & I have a smallish (but not insignificant) joint savings account at the bank formerly known as WaMu. I noticed today when I transferred a wedding gift into the account that they dinged us for $20 this month and last month.


I called to talk to a telephone banker who told me that when our down payment check cleared our account dropped below the minimum for a free account an now we'll be paying $20 a month until we can add another $5000.00 to the account.


What I heard them say was "Your account isn't worth our time and we don't really want your business." One phone call to the credit union I tried to quit last year (but didn't) and I find that not only is their money market rate higher but they don't charge a fee unless you go under $1000.00 we are WELL over that amount.

CHASE, I wish I could quit you... AND I CAN.

Now, Jas and I have to discuss the options for moving the savings and maybe all the other accounts. Oh it's a damn hassle, but don't offer me .50% interest but charge me a 2% monthly fee.

You would think I would have broken up with this bank when they gobbled up (or were given) WaMu and I lost my job. I was seduced by their easy locations and thought our long term relationship mattered.

Remember those dumb Sterlings Savings commercials where the local yokels are on the phone with the big New York bank and shocked by what they hear... well FRICK. THAT'S ME RIGHT NOW.

I'M YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm pooped today.

Yesterday I was up at 4 am (but awake at 3) to get ready to head to the airport. I was on the 6:20 a.m. flight to San Jose for a meeting with the big boss at eBay. The meeting went well but it was clear that the manager who (has since left) hired me and the big boss weren't on the same page. That's an awkward situation, but fortunately I have a contract that stipulates what I was supposed to be working on (and have delivered!)

So, after the somewhat stressful meeting a quick lunch another meeting I was back to the airport for the 3:30 flight home. One day trips are not the norm but I had a commitment last night that I didn't want to miss. The year end book group meeting is the best!

I ran off the airplane and to the car to join hundreds of commuters stuck behind a disabled Semi under the convention center. It didn't help that it was pitch black and WET outside. I'm not totally comfortable in Jason's car just yet and it was a stressful drive.

I arrived at Amy's with 30 minutes to spare, so I was able to quickly finish the last of the books for our discussion and then headed inside.

The gathering was great (and I'll upload the summary on the other blog later today) but around 9:30 my 3:00am wake up hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in North Seattle and still needed to get to Renton. It took 45 minutes to wrap up (because the ladies are not on my schedule - duh) and I was puttering home.

I walked in the door around 11 and was thankful that although Jason was upstairs tucked into bed that all the Christmas lights were still on. It was a welcoming sight.

I think it's strange that even though I was exhausted I didn't sleep like the dead last night. There were terrible dreams about trying to deal with the Toyota Motor Company and trying to sell a house that was overrun with teenagers. I'm not really sure where any of that came from, the car is fine, the house is fine and the teenagers I know are all nicely housed with their own families. So, I woke up tired and am trying to focus. (Clearly not well if I'm blogging vs. following up on my to do list from the meeting yesterday.)

I'm going to get my work done and hopefully take a Terri Time Out before I start dinner for my little family tonight.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Wedding!

A friend of mine who has been long single and off and on dating of perfectly fine, but not quite right for him ladies has sent a very exciting notice, he's getting married.

I am over the moon excited for him, not just because of the whole "wedding thing" but that he has found his right someone. I think it is sweet that taking this huge step for them seems simply natural. I recall one not-right gal who was offended when he referred to her as a starving student. I guess you could consider that an insult, but all he was trying to say was that he understood why he was usually the one to grab the check. She didn't see it that way at all and showed him the (dorm) door. Oh well, it appears that those missteps were all on the path to his current love. I would also like to point out that at the time I assured him that not ALL women were crazy and it turns out I'm right!

I got wind of this impending union after Jason and I returned from our honeymoon and honestly, at that point I didn't think I could be a happier person, but his announcement swelled the size of my heart like the Grinch when he figures out that Christmas isn't about the stuff.

So, a few short weeks after Christmas they will be married in a tiny private ceremony and then the rest of us riff-raff will join them the next day to eat their reception food and gush over how thrilled we are for them. The gushing is required, but it will come very easily for me.

I know, I use to blog about customer service nightmares and now I'm all happy this and happy that. I'm sure it's getting old. (wink)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to report that Christmas is in full swing at Casa La TP. Our official tree will be decorated tomorrow ( a bit late, but other parties beckoned.) We are headed to the Seattle Symphony Christmas Pop's concert tonight and have dinner reservations at the new downtown Seattle location of our favorite restaurant.

After decorating our tree tomorrow we are headed to the Big Fancy Annual Christmas event. I have even dusted off a festive dress to wear.

Sunday will see the return of my people to church, where I'm sure our feet will burn as they cross the threshold. (It's been a while.)

I'm excited and happy about the impending holiday and think it will be a blast. It's very family focused this year and I am a bit sad to miss some of the friend events. Matt & JJ are throwing a swinging party on capital hill Saturday and our committment to the other gala will keep us away.

On the work front, I've gotten word that my contract has been extended another 3 months which is great! I'll likely be starting work with a new team who has a position opening in April. My evil plan is to do the work now so they can't stomach the idea of starting over with a greenhorn. Woo Woo. It's a job that is perfect for me and I'm excited.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Good Parking?

Since the day we moved, all these 6 weeks ago Jason has been complaining about foot pain. He's had prior foot issues and uses inserts in his shoes to enable him to walk more than 30 feet without needing a morphine shot. With this minor sharing violation you can see where foot pain is an area of concern.

He broke down and went to the podiatrist about three weeks ago and was told that it was just a sprain. Seems reasonable, he didn't fall or drop anything on his foot. That's not entirely true, a year ago I dropped a Costco sized shampoo bottle on his bare foot. I really doubt it has been waiting in dormancy for the right moment to actually cause pain. (I, by the way, should not be trusted to help with putting away even minorly heavy things around barefooted people.)

Back to our story. Jas was told to take AdvilTM every 6 hours and it would clear up. Well - maybe JUST MAYBE the doctor should have taken an x-ray.

Friday, after the pain in his foot was getting worse he opted to call a different doctor who did take an x-ray and discovered a stress fracture in the 4th metatarsal (the long bone in the foot that would be, on your hand, the "ring finger".) He came home Friday in a boot. Thankfully a plaster cast is not required.

I want to beat up the first doctor a little bit, but think suing for malpractice might be a tiny bit excessive. Just maybe.

(This picture is NOT jason's x-ray. I borrowed it from a helpful website about stress fractures. )

He didn't think to get the parking pass, and I'm ok with that. I would hate to displace some actually disabled person because we wanted kick butt mall parking at Christmas time. I'm evil but still have a heart.

However, we're having people over tonight and in true northwest style I think we'll ask everyone to remove shoes... or at least their left shoe. MWR... calm down, we don't require the removal of shoes in our house. I would ask for the removal of stiletto heels as they can damage the hardwood floors, but regular shoes are welcome. We own a vacuum.

Jason is a good sport and just 24 hours with the boot has made his foot feel better. He is ducking out of dishes and vacuuming, but that's fine. I'll make up for it the next time I have bookgroup at my house. Shhhh.... don't tell him, but I have him convinced that ALL the book group husbands do the cooking and cleaning during the book group meeting. It is an AWESOME thing.

Anyway, Hop-along is calling my name. Gotta run!

Happy Saturday.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Knox Found Guilty of Murder

American college student Amanda Knox was found guilty today of murdering her roommate in Italy.

She will appeal. Her parents will continue to live in limbo and I hope that she actually is guilty. Not that I want her to be a murderer, but if she's going to prison for 26 years I hope it's deserved.

Jason says that the moral of the story is "behave when you're in a foreign country."

My thought is that there is a bright side, she will be fluent in Italian upon her return home. She'll only be 45 and can come home and teach.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful.

This little article from the AP yesterday made me laugh:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Court officials say a Birmingham woman who changed her name to Jesus Christ didn't live up to it when she reported for jury duty this week. The woman, previously named Dorothy Lola Killingworth, was sent to Judge Clyde Jones's courtroom for a criminal case Monday.

Court officials told The Birmingham News Tuesday that the 59-year-old was excused because she was disruptive and kept asking questions instead of answering them.

Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful.

Court administrator Sandra Turner said people there were shocked when the woman insisted her name was Jesus Christ and some potential jurors laughed out loud when her name was called.

But Turner said unlike some Jefferson County residents, Christ didn't try to get out of jury duty and was "perfectly happy to serve."

Et tu Tiger?

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.

While I agree that what happens in your family is none of our business, it becomes our business when you endanger innocent fire hydrants.

Honestly, I wish you had heeded the advice of my high school boyfriend's dad, who called out to us while we were getting in the car all dressed up for prom.

Keep it in your pants Dan!

This is good advice Tiger. If you get to keep your family and your fortune I suggest you heed that advice from a grocery store butcher to his 17 year old son and his 80's preppy girlfriend. It served us well.

Look how cute we were on an October night in 1985. He broke up with me about eight weeks later because I talked too much about Duran Duran and he felt like he couldn't compete. Actually, I think he thought I wanted to get married after high school - which scared the sh*t out of him. I had never had that thought because I was 17 and headed to college!

But in the end it all worked out. I had a broken heart and he dated some skanky girl. Then, twenty three years later I met and then married the love of my life.

But we were still cute.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Check your mailbox

Christmas has arrived in the mail.

Our Christmas cards arrived and I think are cute. I want to shove my work in a drawer and get the cards out, but will be good about doing the work I'm paid to do vs. the playing I want to.

Also, Jason signed up for Amazon Prime, which means 2 day shipping is practically free and some of the stuff I ordered Monday arrived YESTERDAY and I'm expecting the rest today. There are presents to be wrapped.

In my email we got the church holiday schedule and now we're in discussions to plan Christmas eve, and Christmas day festivities.

I spoke with Rico last night and we are signing up today to adopt a family again for the holidays. It's kind of an expensive thing, but wonderful at the same time. I have SO MUCH in my life that this tiny act of giving is a nice way of saying thanks!

So, clearly, I've set aside the ho-hums and am ready to tackle Christmas.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Where is Christmas?

It would be so easy to get mired down in the news of late. I'm heartbroken for four nee five families who have lost members of their families to stupid, senseless violence.

I'm conflicted over the resolution of the manhunt for the 'suspect'. On one hand, I think a trek through our criminal system is the way to go, but clearly that system failed us. It failed the four slain officers, their parents, their kids, their spouses, their friends, their co-workers and all of us. It failed the people he committed (allegedly) other crimes against, and it failed the officer who now has to live with killing him this morning.

On the other hand, wow could he appear MORE guilty of this crime? He had a wound from being shot (which I'm sure will show the age of the wound to coincide with the incident Sunday) and was carrying a firearm removed from one of the dead Parkland Policemen. I think maybe a big "I DID IT" sign may be the only other proof needed.

I was reading the comments that readers posted to the Seattle Times story about the shooting (of the suspect) today and I am confused as to how people can honestly question the actions of the officer. I doubt he was out at 2:45 a.m hoping that he would get to gun down the perp. I know I live in the land of believing the police are here to help us, but this situation seems extremely clear and while I think the benefit of the doubt is a good thing, in this case I have no need for doubt.

So, this story is still all over the news and I hope that the issue of parole is one that isn't forgotten. But... in light of all this doom and gloom I need to get my Christmas on. Thankfully, I live with the happiest Christmas elf on the face of the earth. Friday the morning music selection turned to the holiday mix and I was treated to a joyful dance to "Have a Holy Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives. (Burl wasn't doing the dancing - only the singing.)

I will shake off my sadness, grab an ornament and get to the things that are enjoyable about the holidays. I'm so happy we'll be spending Christmas morning in our new house with both of our parents. I will hug my parents extra tight when they arrive.

This is the last of the bummer posts for a while. I promise.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I had a witty and funny blog brewing in my head about Thanksgiving, family (that act like children at every age - 50...60!) and my fun Friday shopping experiences.

I even had a self-deprecating story about my deserved speeding ticket that I earned Friday afternoon. The officer was appreciative of the fact that when he walked up to my window and asked "do you know why I pulled you over" I promptly and humbly replied, "yes I do" and didn't try to explain my way out of it when he asked "were you in a hurry?" "No, it is a sunny day, the music was good, the road was clear and I wasn't paying attention." "That's an honest answer," he replied.

We had a dinner party last night that was really fun and lots of humorous things to share there too - but the news this morning of four Lakewood City police officers getting murdered at a coffee shop has ruined it for me.

I'm not in the mood for levity. I'm pissed and wondering what the hell is going on?

Sure, the police can be difficult to deal with, they treat almost everyone they encounter with caution and assume that you might be trying to evade, lie or even be capable of killing them. If you were an officer, wouldn't you be less than super friendly to everyone you deal with until you're confident you are safe?

I can't stop thinking of the four families (and their entire support system of friends and extended families) who are trying to comprehend what happened this morning. Why? It makes no sense.

I was also thinking about the workers in the coffee shop, if the place re-opened and the killer was still out there would you be able to go to work? I don't think I could.

As for this murderer, do you think he feels victorious tonight? Do you think he feels like he accomplished anything? I hope he's a scared little rabbit right about now, and that his world is getting smaller and smaller. I hope he and that Christopher Momfort fellow... oh I don't know what I hope. I feel a black nugget of anger and hurt towards this person...

The news has made me sad tonight. I think it's time to unplug tv & phones and sit under my pretty Christmas lights.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm ready to hit the road but have to wait for Jason to return from work. It won't do to show up at the parents without the new husband.

I've been trying to focus on work, but have really only been successful in some email clean up, and um a purchase of our first ever joint holiday card. (not at all work related.)

Regarding the blog, I had to turn on comment moderation, so your witty posts may not be visible right away. I was getting some comments in Japanese with strange hyperlinks and I need to make it challenging for a while to leave comments to make it go away.

In other mundane and boring news, the FedEx delivery man dropped off our quarterly wine shipment from one of Jason's wine clubs. While he was at my door (for 15 seconds) he had time to comment on the amount of glassware we have. At first I was confused because he said "glasses" and I thought he was talking about my cute specs - but no, he was commenting on something in my house. I didn't like it.

It is true that we have a lot of glasses. We both had "everyday" wine glasses and a set of nice red wine glasses. He had barware for martini's, champagne and highballs. I had a full set of 8 crystal wine, port, water and highball glasses that I inherited from my grandparents. We also registered for the most beautiful wine glasses and four super sturdy enormous crystal goblets. I love when we set a table we can really set a table.

We are talking about hosting a multiple course dinner with wine pairings. We have enough glassware to do a unique and wonderful treat with each course. Now, we just need to find the time.

I'm thinking spring. The wonderful thing about the new house is that it is ideal for hosting events. We're having fun inviting people over, but need to build in time to sleep.

I don't see it calming down until after Jason's birthday.

I should becons.

Pie Baking Day

I need to get my work done early today so I can get baking my "famous" apple pie.

Update: pie made -(and am back to work)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trashy II

I guess the new saga at Casa TP & Jas will be about garbage. We were originally given the wrong pickup schedule by the waste management people (after being given the wrong waste management company by the builder.)

Now that we're on the right schedule we seem to have one issue after another. I know, we've only been here for 5 weeks and how darned hard could the trash be? The removal of the cardboard boxes was crazy. Since they only pick up recycling every other week, all of our boxes and packing material were stacked up in the garage. Fortunately when it is recycle day they will take as much stuff as you have. We have stacked boxes filled with boxes next to our huge green recycle can and they go away! (yeah!)

For the record we returned a large number of boxes to Doug & Chelsey to be used in the family moving materials pile, and through a stroke of good luck we were able to have many many others picked up by a friend and a friend of hers who were both moving at the same time. Our piles of boxes were mostly the strange boxes and packing materials that the wonderful wedding gifts came in, and boxes from IKEA for our fabulous storage solutions.

This week, they took what we hope is the last big push of boxes from the move, but didn't dump the can. WHAT!? It seems that although they can recycle plastic if your recyclables are in plastic bags they won't touch them. (insert bad words here ________ ) So, I rolled the big cart back up to the house and dumped the bottles and cans into the bin and now we are on a two week recycle embargo. Sadly, what I think will happen is that we will likely have more recyclables in the trash than we should next week. The other option is to smash all the glass to make more room, but that seems like a loud, dirty and dangerous activity.

I wonder, will we EVER be free of extra trash?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple Cup 2009

The Apple Cup is coming and I will proudly wear my WSU alumni garb this week.

I've never been one for clinging to the rivalry and now that I'm married to people who are alumni's of UW I'm kind of a UW-in-law. The ribbing is fine as long as its in good nature, but I worry about those folks who graduated 10-15 years ago who are still making the stupid french fry joke.
What does a UW WSU graduate ask after graduation? "Do you want fries with that?"

Har Har...

Anyway, one thing is special about this year's Apple Cup. If I can be frank - both teams kind of suck. WSU has a 1-10 record and UW a slightly better 3-7. Still, not much to be proud of on either side of the 50 yard line.

You never know, sometimes when only pride is on the line the game can be more exciting. I will don my crimson sweatshirt and have the game on in the background Saturday. I'm confident that at least one of the teams will win.

Go Cougs!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How breakfast can be an all day activity

For some reason (maybe the wine with friends the night before) I was moving a little slower this morning than I normally would. We didn't discuss it, but I knew when I awoke it would be a miraculous event for me to be motivated to head to church.

Around 8, I moved from the wondrous nook on my side of the bed and headed downstairs. Jason has been working on our wireless network for days and days and he was already at it when I shuffled by the office door. "Coffee?" "Yes please!"

I made us two coffees and shuffled back upstairs. He was not at his desk, but was coming back, so I set the large RED cup filled with hot coffee on the corner of his WHITE desk. It was not teetering on the edge, or in a dangerous location. I then moved back to our room and HGTV.

About 1 minute later I heard a crash and a panicked husband calling "help! towels. ahhh." The entire cup was on the floor, dripping down the edge of his desk, pooled in the drawer pulls on the dresser thing where we keep paper and pens.

I thought, wow. I'm glad I wasn't the one who spilled (because even though the clothes detergent flung itself off the washing machine when I wasn't even in the room I feel responsible) this time. The clean up involved essentially dismantling the desks to move Jason's PC tower away from the brown liquid. This took quite a while, and things are still not back to normal in the office.

The cleaning operation became a one person task so I again moved downstairs to make breakfast. Eggs, hash browns, rolls and low sodium bacon (honestly, you can't tell the difference.) I am still quite excited about cooking in the new kitchen with the wedding gift pots and pans. The bacon browned up nicely but the hash browns were a terrible mess. The oil almost instantly turned my beautiful skillet an icky brown. I thought that our secret trick of using baking soda as a cleaner would work it out in a jiffy after we ate.


I let it soak for hours, but no dice. I made a paste and tried elbow grease... no change.

Jason reminded me that the Macy's lady and the William Sonoma people were trying to sell us "Bar Keeper's Friend" so off to Target we head (well, I went to Target, and Jas went back to Fry's for one last attempt at wireless network building.) Target is a wonderful place to find treats. I found Santa cheese spreaders, a trash bin for my side of the bathroom, saran wrap, catsup, and a 6 foot lighted artificial Christmas tree. (I knew I would get a tree upstairs and downstairs this year. glee!)

Once we arrived back home - well over an hour after we "zipped" out for the cleaner I gave "BKF" (that is the name on the packaging) a try. I would conservatively estimate that it took about 30 minutes of hard core elbow grease and BKF to get the pan back to its original state.

So, here it is 3:30 and I'm just finishing the breakfast dishes.

I need a nap.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why aren’t independent women keeping their maiden names anymore?

This tweet came across my twitter account earlier this week. (I’m not a huge twitter fan, but it is a nice way to keep up with some folks who are CRAZY busy.)

As a recently married person who has opted to abandon my maiden name this question posed to the Internet haze made me think. I do consider myself an independent woman, even now after my oh so recent union with a certain dude. I’m learning to let go of things I use to HAVE to do for myself, such as scheduling car maintenance and trash removal from the house. I CAN do these tasks, but if he’s willing, why should I?

I do things he’s not a huge fan of and he does things that I don’t particularly enjoy. I think that’s the partnership portion of our teamwork agreement. Along with these remedial chores we have agreed to not ever fall apart on the same day – if he’s laying on the floor I’m the one who has to keep it together and vice a versa. That “it’s your turn” thing doesn’t quite translate to days when we’re cranky – we’ve figured out it is possible for both of us to be cranky at the same time and to survive it. It’s not fun, but it is survivable.

As for the name thing – I don’t believe that my decision to share a last name with my husband means I release one tiny little bit of my strong willed, hard earned independence. It is because of my autonomy that I felt I could change my name and not lose an ounce of my identity. It is because of my stong sense of self that I realized people who knew me before will always know me as the same person.

I respect those who opt(ed) to keep their maiden names. But, it doesn’t change how I see them. If they carry their father’s last name or their husband’s last name – they are still who they always were – in my eyes.

It is an adjustment, but I like it. It doesn’t make us any more or less a family, but I made this commitment for the long haul and I want to share this outward sign that to me feels intimate and public at the same time. It will also make the addressing of holiday cards and formal invitations easier.

There’s a cheesy and too sickly sweet scene at the end of the 2005 Kiera Knightley (who needs to EAT a COOKIE) version of Pride and Prejudice where she and Mr. Darcy are in their “sexy” pj’s watching the sunrise. He asks what he’s supposed to call her when he is something, head over heels in love with her and her response is “Mrs. Darcy”. Gosh, that scene makes my teeth hurt and yet the sentiment is one I can get behind.

I believe there are women who bow to the pressure of “tradition” and acquiesce to adopt their husband’s name. That’s a purposeful use of the word “acquiesce” over “choose”. Agreeing to do something and choosing are very different actions. This practice makes me sad. I am of the opinion that unless it is your decision and your decision alone that perhaps there might be a tiny crack in your partnership. I am fortunate to have received total support for whatever decision I made, and I am happy and comfortable with the direction I chose.

I’m not justifying, but the question sent out to the universe made me think, and this is my world for noting my thoughts.

By the way, the most important thing you can take away from this post is that the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice sucked in comparison to the BBC version, that starred Colin Firth. It is a mini-series and will consume hours of your life, but if you are on the couch for a day or two, this is your happy place. I recently lent my copy to a dear friend, but only because she’s very ill. I made her sign paperwork saying that in the event of her demise, the DVD returns to my possession before anything else occurs – no family notification, no removal of corpses, I get my DVD back first. That is how much I LOVE IT.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They told me to call

We had a security system installed in the house and the installer said we needed to confirm that 911 has our address in the system. Seemed reasonable because it's a new neighborhood and mapquest and google maps can't quite get you to our place.

I called the administrative division of the Renton police department and was told to call 911. Yikes, I didn't really want to do that but since that was what I was told to do so I did it.

For some reason my heart started to race as I dialed. I didn't want to be one those idiots who makes the news for being a dumbass. You know, that guy who called 911 because he wanted sex, don't we all buddy.

911: what's your emergency?
TP: this is a test call to see if our address registers in the system, the Renton police department told me to call you.
911: you should always check every time you move. What's your address?

The whole call took less than a minute. It's funny that the nervousness was palpable.

It's good information to know that you should check the address with 911 when you move. I won't be moving for quite a while but I thought I would share.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Things that are under my skin today:

1) The company I subcontract through hasn't paid me yet for October. TICK TOCK people. I don't work for free.

2) I have a check that needs to go to the bank, but I'm waiting on a "must sign for" package from UPS that has be "out for delivery" since 4:00 am this morning. I am being held hostage in my own home by UPS.

3) We have garbage service every week, but recycling only every other week. I know we just moved and the box and paper ratios are out of control, but I would like it to go away each week.

4) I slipped and bruised my arm while trying to clean my wonderful oversized bathtub in our master bathroom today. (I have an owie)

5) traveling tomorrow; it's a short trip, but I don't wanna go. (whine)

6) rainy and dark today. I think a fire and some wine are in order when Jason gets home.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The great name change of 2009

It turns out that changing my name hasn't been that traumatic. I guess I figured that I would loose part of the silly quirky bit that is the "P" in TP gal.

Legally, I am now TL gal and I'm still very much me (albeit a little under the weather today) and I do think it is nice to be Mr. & Mrs. Jason with a shared last name. It is equally nice that Jason left the name change decision up to me.

Had I still been at MegaBank professionally I might have been TP for a long long time. When I get a full time gig, I will be TL from the get go.

Changing my drivers license wasn't hard, even the social security card wasn't a challenge, and most of the credit cards and banks have been easy. Toyota Financial and Marriott Frequent Traveler rewards have been the most trouble . Toyota wants to keep a copy of our certified marriage certificate, but will be satisfied with a copy of the social security card when it comes. I will do the latter. Marriott needs 6 weeks to process the name change and in the meantime, I may have some trouble with getting the credit for my stays because the credit card and the reservation name won't match up. I'll fight to the death for my points. Oh yes I will.

For the record, my new driver license card photo is super cute and I'm sad that I only get to keep it for a year. They make you re-test at the age of 42 which means a new picture.

Anyway. boring topics for a grey Sunday. I want to snuggle on the couch and watch tv, but a) I can't work the tv yet and b) my in-laws are here and it's wrong to veg out when they are all hussling and bustling around my lovely new house. (so I'm in the computer room? still wrong.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

tp gal comments on the news of the day

# Ivar's undersea billboards a hoax devised as marketing ploy

How very funny, IVAR's claimed it found an old undersea billboard (which it had planted) and then forged "authentication" documents and the local media was duped into printing it as news. This "hoax" harmed no one, but I'm glad that they came clean on their own. Their goal wasn't to make local news outlets look stupid, it was kind of a side effect.

# Aggravated murder charge filed against man accused of killing officer

Yeah! I also read that the DA is considering the death penalty for this misguided a-hole. While we're at it, what about the (explicative removed) guy who shot his ex-girlfriend to death on the beach approach in September. I vote for a two for one.

# Salute those Muslim-Americans who stand up for their country

Amen to that. (no joke intended) We need to be careful that we don't assume that every Muslim is a terrorist or a potential murderer. Yes, there are wacky crazy sects of the Muslim doctrine, but can't we say the same thing for the Christians too? Let's not forget the (explicative removed) Rev. Fred Phelps who leads the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., and their loving picketing of military funerals, and are kind enough to remind us that he believes that "God hates Fags". That guy is a problem in my book, more so than the average Muslim-American.

# ESPN's Bill Simmons gets us: He hates Clay Bennett, too

Uh, who is Clay Bennett, or Bill Simmons for that matter?

# GOP clueless as families struggle with health care

This was a headline on the Seattle Times website. I'm about as "Democrat" as they come, but I do hope this article is an opinion piece. I think it would be hard to define "clueless"

# City Light rate increase of 13.8 percent proposed

ouch. The lights in my kitchen are hurting my pocketbook.

# US expects to seek death penalty for 9/11 suspects

Well, duh! The big scuttlebutt is the controversy over bringing the "suspects" (who bragged about being the "masterminds") to the US (New York, specifically) and trying them in civil court. I'm wondering will this be a jury trial and if so who are the poor souls who have to sit there and try to be unbiased. I don't think I could do it - the being unbiased part. I could render a verdict...

# Light rail to airport to begin Dec. 19

Woo Woo! I wished I still worked in downtown Seattle so this would be an option for me. It doesn't really work from the east side, but I hope people use it.

# Colorado balloon boy parents plead guilty

These people burn me up. I think they are terrible parents and quite delusional. I hope they don't benefit from their notoriety any more than they already have, and if they monetarily profit from this stunt that they are forced to compensate the local police, fire and rescue teams, the farmer who's field their stupid balloon destroyed, the hours idiots like me spent watching the news and every concerned person who sent out a shout out to God for that boys well being.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I don't recall doing that.

One of the super smart and funny book group ladies coined a new phrase:

PercoSex: The interpersonal interaction with your spouse or significant other that you don't really remember because of the pain medication your doctor has you on.

(For the record, this wasn't me. I'm not on pain meds... calm down Mom, all is right with the world.)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Fictionary addition

SedenTerri: when Terri sits around for long periods of time, usually reading or playing with the laptop.

Let's all take a moment shall we.

For pete sake, can we stop shooting each other?

It really solves nothing and it breaks my heart each time.

Over the past year we've seen Pastors shot in church, police shot in their police cars, military people shot while getting ready to ship overseas. people shot while sitting at their desks at work, and lets not forget the numerous people killed on a one off basis (domestic violence, or general crime.)

Frankly people, you're pissing me off with all your "shooting is the way to get attention" crap. Indeed times are tough, there's not enough jobs to go around, and our new wonderful President doesn't seem to be able to fix everything all at once. (He's not the king people...we have to help ourselves.)

In the next week or so, the DC area sniper will be put to death for his summer of terror, that turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate plot to kill his ex-wife so he could have custody of their children. Sorry buddy, I think you failed. Not only did you fail to get custody of your kids, but you failed them as a parent. It is sad that they will be deprived of you throughout their lives, but you made that choice. The oldest is in college and I want to say, bully for you kid! I hope you are surrounded by people who see you for who you are and not the "son of the sniper"

My heart hurts for the family of the Seattle police officer killed on Halloween and it aches for the family of Lisa Bonney who was killed in September by her ex-boyfriend. Lisa leaves behind two teenage girls, a kind ex-husband, a grieving family and an entire community rocked by such a stupid and senseless act. (The town I grew up in never seems smaller and more wonderful than when it comes together to embrace a family like the Bonney's and Klinglers at their most nightmarish hour.)

My point... stop shooting at each other. Got it? Good.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

til death?

My new favorite room in our house is the "formal" living room. Instead of filling it with furniture we are too sloppy to use, and spending our days raking the carpet into perfect rows we filled it with bookshelves that are big enough to house both of our collections and the pile of pretty things we have gathered over the years and many of our beautiful wedding gifts.

My loveseat is the perfect size to create and inviting place to sit, but it's not so big that the room is jammed with furniture. Maybe someday we'll replace the love seat with a couple overstuffed chairs but for now, the loveseat, a rug from my condo and the new coffee table acquired at CostPlus last night round out the room beautifully.

We're up early again this morning because SEARS had to come back to reinstall the dryer. I washed a down comforter and it snowed in the house. That was a clue that something is wrong.

While Jason is upstairs with the (re)installers he's trying not to bug them, while supervising their actvities. I'm downstairs enjoying a cup of tea and (trying to) read a book given to me by a friend. Jas keeps popping his head over the banister over the vaulted foyer from upstairs to talk to me.

The first time was cute, the second time I laughed and the third time, he held out a staple gun from my toolbox and laughed. "What's this, it's so tiny!?"

I explained that for my condo and what I used it for it was perfect. "I bought it to staple new fabric on chair seats, I wasn't holding up walls or anything."

"Would it staple through fabric?" Jason mocked.

"Don't you have a hobby that you could be doing instead of bugging me?" I replied.

"I'm doing it now!" He laughed.


(so now, my book has been cast aside and I'm doing MY hobby, posting to the world the funny and exasperating things whatshisface says to me.)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

my eyes...

It's amazing what you find when you open EVERY box from the storage unit.

This monstrosity was made by my beloved grandmother, in 1970 something...

It is in terrible condition, with portions of the lovely wigwam pattern coming apart and then there are tale tell signs that it lived in a house smokers. It doesn't smell, it just has a few burn marks.

I may keep it around to decorate for Jason's 40th birthday party (an ode to the 70's) but on the other hand, I may box it up and give it back to my mother.


Friday, November 06, 2009

To Do...

I worried for a few moments that after the wedding and after the move that Jason and I would sit around the house with nothing to do. For the rest of our lives.

This is not the case. I'm down to opening boxes that have been in storage for a VERY long time. With each box a project has been brewing in my head. I have found wonderful picture from college and my 20's & 30's. It feels weird to display them in this home of Jason & mine. I have decided to unframe them (except for the most beloved) and put them in a scrapbook.

I know, SCRAPBOOK!? Who am I? Suburban housewife? Apparently so. The activity will serve some very nice needs, the first is to consolidate them into a format that I can enjoy when I want, the second is to reduce the amount of space they take up and the third is to spend a little time with them as I organize my 'memory book.' I don't expect anyone (Jason included) to ever have to go through it, but I think will be a fun activity.

My other "project" is to start cooking more. My repetoir is kind of limited and I have decided to branch out. I love the dining out experience, but we do it too often just because we wait to long to decide what to have for dinner. It's lazy and expensive.

I'm starting with breakfast tomorrow. I've already been to the store to pick up the needed items and I'm confident that Mr. L. will appreciate the effort.

We can't go out anyway, the security system people are coming between 7:30 am and 9:30 to do the install. I doubt they will arrive at 7:30 and I doubt it will be a 30 minute visit. So, while we wait around, I'm making a savory breakfast.

I also have plans for the aging bananas on our counter. I found a great looking recipe for banana pecan bread. I had to buy pastry flour, but I'm sure it will get used eventually.

Cross your fingers that it turns out.

ok, enough rambling. It's time to fold up a box or two.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


It came to me this morning while eating my free hotel breakfast.

Awffle: a cold, flavorless hotel food product made to look like wonderful golden waffles.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Oh to be home.

I am a big, whiney baby who wishes she was home instead of in a loud pizza joint watching the Yankee's.

I got some encouraging news about continued employment and am happy. Won't be celebrating until we have a date or a commitment but I think he plans to sell my ovaries can be put on the back burner. (are those even things you can sell?)

Jason and I made a smart decision about a planned weekend excursion today, but while I 100% agree that a weekend in san Francisco isn't good financially it sucks to cancel it.

Maybe I'll plan something wonderful for around valentines day.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Home away from home

Here I am again in San Jose. woo who

This is a what we call a mixed blessing. I would rather be home than anywhere else - or rather, with my cute new hubby. I suppose if pressed, I'd like to take my cute new hubby and all my wonderful friends for exciting and new experiences. Like, maybe lets all go to Switzerland for a month of skiing, alp viewing, cocoa sipping and spa's in luxurious hotels. Then, maybe let's pack it up and go to somewhere where we can enjoy pleasant outdoor weather and build schools for kids or some other enriching activity where we can feel better about ourselves.


Back to me... up at 4:30 this morning for a now quicker jaunt to the airport. Those extra 15 minutes are nice, but there was no line at security and they were boarding my plane when I arrived which means I didn't leave a lot of room for error.

The flight was easy, and unlike normal I actually didn't sleep on the inbound flight. I foolishly devoured my book and now without reading material. I can pick something up for the ride home, but I have two nights here with nothing to do but watch crappy hotel tv.

I'm not sure who selected the TV offerings, but clearly sports minded people are the audience they were trying to please. I don't know why you would need 5 ESPN type channels and yet not have BRAVO or HGTV to keep the non-sports people happy. It's a mystery. I have complained, but feel like I am one lone (female?) voice in the din.

I picked up a new project today, and have a solid direction for the rest of the year which makes me happy. We'll see what 2010 brings... there has been no talk about extending my contract, but the work seems to be extending beyond December.

We'll see. Jas has been very patient while the year ticks down and we don't have a solid road map. I'm working multiple angles.

I wish I was home, as I want to get the last of the boxes put away. We made wonderful progress over the weekend - moved 98% of the boxes from the storage unit into their rightful homes. I've opened all the kitchen boxes and all of the china & glassware items. We do have a table full of items that are as of yet homeless, and some MAY remain homeless.

Once the loft area is more put together, I'll move some of the "lesser grown up" knickknacks into that area. I love the "Wilson" volleyball, but it won't have a home in the downstairs area. Sorry buddy. I'm pretty confident I'm not alone in this assessment.

The floor cleaned up very well from the toxic blue laundry detergent spill, but the walls need another coat of paint. I was up early yesterday and painted one coat before I started my workday. There was an improvement, but I think Jas and I will always know where the spots are. The wall most affected has two skylights casting wonderful daylight. This is nice but highlights the shadows of the detergent splatters. Sigh.

Someone kindly commented that this incident is similar to getting the first door ding on your brand new car. true so true. Still, I want to send Samsung a nasty note about their "non-shaking" machines. I'm SURE that would make me feel better...


More later!

Monday, November 02, 2009


For a year without a "marquee" election I am very nervous about the election tomorrow.

I don't live in Seattle anymore and think either mayoral candidate would be fine. The big issue that separated them is nothing more than lip service. Seattle will have a tunnel to replace the Alaska Way viaduct. It will be expensive and the citizens will hate it. However, the decision is made and time for discussing it is over. Greg Nichols sort of gave his mayoral career for the tunnel and I imagine he sleeps at night.

The King County Executive race is one I'm on the fence about. The news caster lady has some fishy things in her back pocket, but is endorsed by some groups I respect. However, Dow Constantine has the support of some very smart people who I have learned through the years care deeply about our community. Short of doing my own research I made a choice and I will stick with it.

I am deeply and passionately apposed to Tim Eyman's bill 1033. In addition to hurting schools his continual quest for less taxes will hurt social services that are badly needed in our community. If the Rhianna / Chris "I smacked her" Brown incident from earlier this year shows, domestic violence can happen to anyone. Cutting taxes and as a result programs like the Eastside Domestic Violence Program isn't good for us. I hope Timmy never needs to have a safe place to get away from his spouse but if he does I hope he isn't turned away over a few $$.

I am, as you might expect, in favor of keeping the domestic partner rights that was signed by our governor in effect. This bill is not about "gay marriage" it is about non-traditional families. Your or my religous beliefs aside - this bill evens the playing field when it comes to health care decisions, common property issues, and even child support.

In addition to same sex couples who have signed paperwork to be domestic partners there are quite a few elderly American's who are also documented domestic partners. Sometimes this happens because one or both have pensions that they financially rely on, but if they were to re-marry the pension would terminate. Is this a crime? I don't think so.

If my father were to pass away my mom would be entitled to a portion of his pension. This is/was a benefit my dad's employer offered, and at the time of his primary employment they had an expectation that "the wives" didn't work. It wasn't written anywhere, but the pressure was intense and it was clear that certain jobs were ok, but others were not. So, there's my mom, who as the 60's & 70's housewife wasn't earning her own pension and was supporting my dad's job by being flexible regarding the rotating schedule. (4 months at 9 to 5, 4 months at 7pm - to 11 am, 4 months at 5am to 2pm)

So, back to my example. Mom and Dad, now retired live off his pension. If he were to "go on a long bus trip" she would be paid his pension. I could see a scenario where, 10-15 years later my mom meets some nice old man and they decide to shack up. Unless he was willing to foot the bill for her every need, I doubt they would marry no matter how wonderful he might be, thus they might decide to file paperwork to allow them to care for each other related to property, health care decisions and child custody - but not legally marry.

This scenario may seem silly, but I can't tell you how many people I talked to when I worked for the Social Security Administration that couldn't marry because it would hurt them financially, and I don't mean not being able to go to Red Lobster every night, but not being able to pay the mortgage or keep their insurance.

Old people aside (because really, who cares about old people) - it is true that the majority of families that will benefit from this bill are same sex couples. But, is that so bad? This law has been on the books for almost a year now - has it hurt your marriage? Has it lessened your meaningful relationship? I don't think so.

Repealing it is simply wrong.

So, I'll be watching the returns with anxiousness. Will we do the humane thing?

Sunday, November 01, 2009


The new house is now marred and ruined for all eternity.

It is sad.

Today, I opened a box that had a wonderful blanket called "The Minkie" that Peter the cat use to love... and by love, I don't mean adore and respect, but LOVE in that husband and wife way. I'm pretty sure I have shared that information before, but a quick search of the blog finds no relevant entries. (found it. ) What I can say is that it's a good thing the cat was neutered and that the blanket has no rights because I'm sure the Blanket Protective services might have wanted to take the blanket into protective custody.

My point... the blanket after all THAT abuse and a year in storage needed a good wash in the clothes washer.

The Samsung commercials that show some kid balancing delicate stuff on the washer and dryer to demonstrate their "quiet and non-jumpy" the machines - are, well BULLSHIT.

Our new tub of blue liquid clothes detergent launched itself off the washer and exploded when it hit the floor. I would estimate about 2 cups of liquid hit the carpet and another half cup was splattered, Jackson Pollock style across, the ceiling and walls of our brand-damn-new house.

Jason made the saddest sounds as he soaked in (no pun intended) the damage. Frankly, for someone with mild OCD I thought he handled himself pretty well. As I started to mop up the floor and carpets he made his way to QFC to get a carpet cleaner.

We got the carpet back to normal, but the walls and ceiling in the laundry area and stairwell are a nightmare. The "quality" builder grade paint turned to mush while simply dabbing the blue drips. I got one spot so "wet" that when I touched it to test the spot my fingerprints left indents in the reliquefied paint.

I will have to touch up the ceiling (thankfully a low one) and the walls on the stairs. But I'm not thrilled. I know I could take the paint sample to a quality paint store like and have them match it, but I'm afraid that since I'm doing spot touch up that the difference between even mildly decent paint and this shitty builder grade paint would be noticeable. I certainly don't want to have to paint the whole staircase (considering it's at least 18 tall.)

So, the house is ruined and we have to move. I'm so bummed because we just unpacked most of the boxes yesterday. What are you all doing next weekend? Wanna come over?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The house

Ok.. ok.. communication blackout over. We are not all the way moved in. The garage as you can see still has lots of boxes to be moved to their appropriate rooms.

I did get a picture of the box collection to show you how much we have unpacked, but there are more and more boxes.

The family room / kitchen area is 70% done. The entertainment system is giving my technology professional canker sores and we are calling in help in the form of family with tools to help us (Jas) get sound on both sides of the room without having ugly and prohibited (by me) wires visible.

The family room layout was a challenge, but we worked it out after only 4 different attempts. We had our regular Thursday night Survivor party (can it be a party with only one other couple?) and they kept asking if we had new furniture. Nope... it's my furniture from storage. It mixes very nicely with Jas' stuff.

The loft area upstairs is a mess and we hope to spend the last remaining monies that we have to our name on some book shelves and media shelves. Eventually, furniture will come, but it may take a while.

The formal living room is not that right now, it is the holding place for all pictures and art. Eventually, we think it will be "the library" with our books and a cozy chair or two. Our family room will be company worthy so we don't feel the need to have a stuffy room that no one visits except to vacuum.
Upstairs the three bedrooms are in pretty good shape. The room with the brown bed is the sorting area for all things table linen. We received many wonderful napkins and table cloths and when I find my collection that is in a box or three in the garage I'll sort them by size and put them away.

The room with the blue bed will be occupied in a couple weeks for a weekend by Jas' parents. Too bad there are no window treatments - but there's also no neighbors. I think we'll have to put up the lovely paper shades like the ones in the master and the bathroom to give them a tiny bit of privacy. The construction workers who are building the houses behind ours start their day pretty early.

We will have window coverings by Christmas - but until then it is quite bright in our house.

Our plan for the weekend is to get all the boxes out of the garage and make room for our cars. It's a good goal.

I'm nervous about navigating the garage with both cars, but I know in no time I'll get use to it. I'm sure I won't scratch Jas' care more than once.

Monday, October 26, 2009


It's raining here, there and everywhere. I am cozy in my new home office - which was Jason's activity yesterday. It looks good in here. Needs a picture or two, but that will come later.

Jason had to leave for work earlier than he would have from the Issaquah condo which is a fine trade off for this wonderful home of ours.

He called me about 2 minutes after I heard him leave. "I don't know if it matters, but all the neighbors have their trash cans out on the curb."


So I quickly threw on clothes and shoes and donned my raincoat to make a trash run. The can isn't full (lots of recycling which is next week) but since we have a tiny can, waiting another week would be bad.

I'm realizing I should do a sweep of all the rooms for trash removal.

Gotta run (into the rain again.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


We are in the new house.

Sure, 98% of everything we own is in a box, but we are happy. Tired,
but happy.


Moving Day

The houses have closed and we are in the process of moving!

We made a huge dent last night and the movers arrive in an hour.

I thought we would be done after today, but I forgot that the boxes won't magically unpack themselves.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Oh how I love things you find on facebook.


My iPhone Facebook application isn't working and I feel so disconnected from the world.

How darned sad is that?

Pretty sad.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Headline from home

Homecoming queen bags her buck

Yes, this is the actual headline and photo of the 2009 Homecoming Queen from the little town that is near my hometown.

Here's the article:

Nicole Lxx was honored as Naselle Homecoming Queen at the football game Saturday afternoon and moments after the contest she bagged this "pickle horn" spike-forked horn near her home. "I didn't want to go too far and ruin my hair," she said of her hunting trip.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to comment too much further as to why I think this is funny, but I'd be very careful about doing EVERYTHING the queen wants during her tenure.

(it was nice of the photographer to crop out the bloody entrails of the buck.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

We are on our way!

With the big move scheduled for Friday and Saturday we have been busily packing all weekend. I'm happy to report that we have packed the kitchen, the bathrooms, the closets, the electronics the guest room and most of the garage.

We have the office left to do and the "laundry" area.

The office shouldn't be too terrible. I've cleaned my desk and have sorted through all the little cards and papers that magically get stashed in the drawers. I'm not sure why I have 5 business cards for our Real Estate Agent but I had them. I also had cards for my former dentist - WHY?

I do have these nifty baskets that are "perfect for storage" on my bookshelves and frankly, they scare me. I know I stored stuff there when I booted Jason's stuff from the office to make room for my stuff, but it's kind of a hodgepodge of junk that is "important" but doesn't fit into other places in the house.

Some of the things will have a home in the new house. I'll have room for my sewing kit and likely don't need the fancy box the waterford crystal came in once we move.

I found a file folder today that contained stuff from MegaBank - like my personal copy of my personnel file. How long do I keep that? My severance check has solidly cleared the bank (and is going to be spent on Friday when we give the bank a hefty check for our dream house.) I'm thinking I can let these things go.

We're signing paperwork tomorrow and then the only possible issues would be with money transfers between the two title companies. ooh, we are so close!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back in the northwest after a RAINY trip to California. It was very wet there, as the news clearly pointed out.

The trip was good and I feel like I'm finally in the groove with work down there. Ironically, my contract is up at the end of December and as much as I've been trying I can't get them to openly discuss my status for next year. I think they "hope" they can keep me on, and I like hope as much as the next girl, I need stability.

The contracting money is NICE, but I am working on other less lucrative, but more stable options. It would be disappointing to leave the team because we're finally getting satisfying work done, but not having a gig would be devastating for my new little family.

I am home until after Halloween and in the next two weeks we are moving. We made a very nice dent in the packing last weekend, but this weekend is it. It is go time. As much as I hate to box up the kitchen, it will be done tomorrow, or Sunday. (see me waiver on a task I HATE.)

We were at the new house today with the builder doing a walk thru. It was kind of fun to put blue tape on any spot we need them to touch up. All in all, it wasn't too bad.

The Costco blind consultant came and wrote up our order for blinds. (I KNOW... I use to work at DALY's and there's guilt for not going that route.) I'm sad we weren't able to get the shades ordered earlier because if she posts our order Monday it will be 4 weeks before we have installed blinds. As much as I didn't want to be the neighbor with stuff taped to the windows - that's who we are. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Life goes on I guess...

I stopped at Target after lunch today to take back a pair of too small sleeping trunks for my husband (eek... I have a HUSBAND) and realized that I have clearly forgotten to have kids. The place was teeming with mommies and kids and a few pissed off infants. One poor kid was attempting to ride a smallish plastic non-motorized thing and was having challenges. He threw himself onto the floor and said in the most adult voice... I just can't do it. That's right kid, failure is your life!

My point isn't to mock the 3 year old, but to acknowledge the oddity of being a non-mom in the mom world. I'd like to think they envy my ability to get in and get out without having to argue over Snooty Pebbles or Hannah Montana stuff - but I think they are so frazzled that they don't see me.

If I'm thinking I'm too old to be a new mommy, the eye doctor today kind of put it right in my face. "We don't like to call them bifocals - they are multiple lenses dear."

BIFOCALS are BIFOCALS no matter what you call them.

I am, I guess in every way, Jason's old lady.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here we are at 11:30 on day 2 of our "nothing but packing" weekend and Jas is rebooting the network and backing up his PC.

I was catching up on the blogs I read and then sharing girl grooming behavior with Jas. What is this girl grooming behavior? It involves sitting in a sunny area and combing through my "long beautiful" hair and snipping off any split ends that I can find. It is an oddly satisfying activity. It also means I am over due for a haircut. I'm not quite ready to snip it off, as I can finally pop it into a pony tail to get it off my neck .

I'll be on the look out for my "new married woman's" hair do and then make an appointment with the salon for after our move. I'll have a "new look" (maybe the sexy look above) by the holidays.

I hear Jas in the other room making boxes so I guess I should go contribute... sigh

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pack it in...

wow...a day of putting shit in boxes can wear a girl out. We have tons left to do, but have stopped for the evening because we are going to...


Woo Woo.

We hope we don't have to leave our keys at the door when we arrive, but we're going anyway.

We've got our suits, a huge bottle of left over wedding rum, mixer and are about to head to the store for ice and then it's back to the 70's for some fun.

Wish us luck.

Friday, October 09, 2009

What happens in the photo booth...

The photobooth pictures from the wedding have been delivered and it has been so much fun going through them.

I am happy to see our "people" being so creative with their four fun shots. In addition to the "strips" we also got the individual pictures and in color! I AM SO VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Our home made wedding album is going to be fun.

I don't think the wait staff knew we were getting a disk of all the pictures, but it looks like they took turns in the machine while we were off doing other things.

I'm home for the weekend - it was rough going to San Jose this last week. I missed my fella a lot and am happy to be home. Our weekend plans aren't overly exciting - we're packing boxes for the big move. Woo Woo.

I did get ALL the thank you notes completed and mailed today. If you haven't gotten one, or don't get one in the next few days you probably didn't send a gift. (ooh, that sounds greedy. sorry.) Better way to say it is, if you sent us something, but we didn't send a thank you, call, there may have been a problem. We didn't have any gifts without cards, so don't call to claim the 10 piece All Clad pots and pans came from you. In reality, they came from about 10 different people who gave us pieces and gift certificates. They are now safely in storage awaiting delivery to our new house.

I'm pretty jazzed about moving and can't wait for things like our appointment with the Costco Window Covering sales persons. It will be nice to schedule the installation for the day we take possession so we can have privacy right away without having to hang towels in the windows.

So, I am back to San Jose next week, but it'll be quick. I've got my trips scheduled for the rest of the year which is nice to be able to have that on the books.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Onto the next wonderful thing...

I leave tomorrow at 5:30 am for San Jose and will be returning Thursday night for a weekend of hard labor.

With the closing date on the house the 23rd we have two weekends to pack everything for the big move-a-roo.

We gave ourselves the last weekend of our honeymoon to not focus on the move, but stopped at Sears last night to see what the appliance situation was.

The situation was good. I am now the proud new owner of a brand new refrigerator, washer & dryer, a smallish upright freezer and a (oops) 36 bottle wine locker.

I will say that spending a few thousand dollars on appliances is a tiny bit more fun than spending money on my car, but not quite as fun as spending a mere $300 on shoes.

While I won't be home this week, or next week I will not be sitting idle in San Jose. I have all the thank you notes in tow and plan to be done by the time this trip is over.

Next week while I'm away I'll play on the computer and start to build the much anticipated (by my mom and me) wedding photo books.

OMG! I am the center of the universe!

Let the publishers say what they want, but I know that the fact that I got married last month truly impacted their decision to stop printing Elegant Bride and Modern Bride Magazines.

Sure, print media is hurting, ad revenues are WAY down but perhaps the Bridal Magazine Industry could benefit from some new material. I am an expert due, to to my history of purchasing brides magazines for the last *ahem* 20 years. Boys have porn, I had bridal magazines - get over it. Some of these mags are nothing more than the same "wedding planner" and new pictures (ads) for dresses that no normal girl can afford.

Martha, at least gives you a new "make it yourself in 76 easy hours" project each month. I know the guests at our wedding truly appreciated the hand made paper mache' lawn chairs that I crafted out of recycled coffee filters. I had saved and sun bleached the used filters for over 6 years to have enough on hand. Yes, it was hard, but my special day was worth it.

The real tragedy is the loss of jobs and a more mainstream magazine by the same publisher - Gourmet. I know I have happily used the recipes from Gourmet mag (albeit after they have been uploaded to the Internet.) Oops.. maybe that's the trouble.

Anyway - RIP Modern Bride & Gourmet.