Thursday, July 30, 2009


UPS came to our door this afternoon with a package. A wedding gift to be specific.

The gift is a lovely metal tray designed to be used with the BBQ or in the oven. The tray is heated on the grill or in the oven and then keeps your dinner warm while you talk over wine or whatnot.

Well - on this HOT HOT day... the tray was almost too hot to remove from the packaging. I bet that poor tray has been sitting on the UPS truck since 7 this morning - baking and roasting.

I love the tray, but may have to wait until winter to put it away.

Hot weather management

Can I chat about the weather? Yes, I can - but as according to KING 5 television it is the only news story of the last few days I think I'll skip it. I will report it was over 90 degrees in our living room last night when we skipped out and went to Cascade Garden for Kung Pao Chicken. So much for the lovely steak purchased at Fischers.

We have had a casualty due to the heat. It's 100% my fault too. I didn't get a good seal on the freezer door while getting a Healthy Choice Fudge Bar out on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we awoke to find the remnants of an orange Otter Pop on the floor. I wasn't sure if I should just mop it up, or draw a chalk line around the remains. The truly unfortunate thing is that it's been so hot that the freezer couldn't keep up and we are now stuck with some questionable items. We think the first layer of food things are probably compost material but that we'll wait until there isn't a 459 degree temperature difference between the kitchen and the freezer.

Mom was here for a scheduled visitation. We spent the day at Bellevue Square yesterday in search of a replacement Mother of the Bride outfit. The little suit purchased in November is still cute... but also still "little" and I think it's important that Mom feels comfortable. We found a nice dress and hooked her up with some Spanx. Heck, we even found shoes.

Funny thing about the mall, at 1pm on a Wednesday it is crawling with moms and kids. At 1 pm on a Wednesday on a 102 degree day it is teeming with hot moms, hot kids, hot older people and (I'm not making this up) hot older Asian men sleeping on the comfy chairs and couches. We counted 9 in one quadrent of the mall. I was good and didn't photograph the cute sleeping grampa's but I really wanted to.

So, here it is Thursday morning. I have a lunch date today with the lovely Misty and a date with a paint brush tonight after work. I KNOW... you aren't supposed to paint when the surface temperature is over 70 degrees (PNB Dave will provide a comment that clarifies the exact temperature where painting should stop) but our people are moving in, there is a small window of time to get it done and they need help. I won't be walking in to their hot hot nightmare and spewing my paint knowledge about the architectual coatings industry from my 8 year "career" like 15 years ago. That would be a wonderful way to either get socked in the eye or never invited back.

Ok... off I go to take a cool shower. Stay cool people!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bouquet Toss

I am procrastinating on a task I don't want to do, so here's the wedding topic of the day.

Jason and I have been mulling some of the traditional wedding reception activities such as the garter and bouquet toss. I was 110% NO on the garter toss, but when my most sensible gal pal gave me the blue garter I had to give in.

But the bouquet toss - I'm torn. Here's the list of single people who will be at the wedding (names changed) who would be "eligible" for the bouquet toss

Missy - single, 30 , straight
H - 40, in a relationship, lesbian
Aunt G - 60 - widowed, doesn't date
Mrs. B - 80, widowed (this month)
Mrs. H - late 70's long time widowed (doesn't date)
Matty - 35, cute, single - gay man
Addison - age 3 months (doesn't date)
Jr. Bridesmaid - 12 years old (mum on the dating issue... maybe too mum)
Joanie - 60 florist/friend/widowed - dating desires unknown
Rach - 16, single
Jody - 34 (?) single, dating, harley rider!
Aunt S - 75, divorced -- er annulled. not dating
Aunt J - 75+, single (widowed. i think) not dating -spunky tho
Julia Goulia - 22, dating, but not a "joiner"

So, with this list it is likely that only Jody, Missy and Matty would actually come to the front for a bouquet toss and I have to be honest. Matty would crush Missy - which the older guests might find alarming. Oh, Missy would cut him in the parking lot later on, but he'd still end up with the bouquet. Jody might be a contender, she's Jason's work wife and isn't to be messed with.

ooh, this party is going to be so much fun!

Seriously - this bouquet toss just isn't practical. What do other "older" brides do????

Monday, July 27, 2009


It's damned hot outside. whine

With that out of the way here's the low down on what's up today.

1) Hot
2) new RSVP's (yeah!)
3) Spent the weekend in Denver with the man's family. It was fun, but he broke a tooth (poor guy)
4) headed to the dentist after work today
5) The Denver people threw us a wedding shower. It was very nice, the parents friends are a tad bit older than us so I felt like a kid at the grown up table. We played all day and then showed up to the party (because they wouldn't let us help with any of the prep.) I have to say that it's hard to see your people hustling and you have to just sit back. I'm a "lend a hand" kind of girl so it goes against my nature to let people break a sweat while I just "look pretty."
6) We got home last night and it was glorious to sleep in our own bed. Jason's parents have a nice cool basement space with a bed that is older than the sun. It has a significant dip in the middle which makes actual sleeping a challenge. I'm sure in the not wedding year there will be a replacement, but won't happen before our next visit. To be honest, I'd be happy with bunk beds vs. Bedzilla.
7) The last official "Martha Stewart Wedding" magazine has been purchased. I'm a fall bride so even though all the decisions are made for the wedding I brought home the fall edition. Jason wanted to know if I meant that I got to buy EVERY fall edition from now on, but I only mean the 2009 Fall Edition.
8) I paid the photographer but he called to say he didn't find the check. I was pissed that he lost my payment but wrote him another one today. THEN I found the original... in my checkbook. Apparently, writing the check and mailing it are two separate activities. Dummy
9) Mom is coming tomorrow for her first sleep over in the land of Jason & Terri. We're going shopping Wednesday for wedding outfits. FUN. I'd feel badly about the heat, but she lives near Yakima and while it is 90 here today it is a balmy 95 at her place. She'll enjoy the cool. (The thermometer on my deck says it is 100 out there. So much for reading outside...)
10) I completed ALL the thank you notes from the shower Saturday. I'm on FIRE. I really don't want to get behind.
11) CRAP - a real estate agent wants to show the condo today. IT's damned hot in here and we haven't completely unpacked from our weekend trip. GOTTA RUN

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Employee of The Month!

I found out yesterday that I was selected as employee of the month by the company that I am sub-contracting to at eBay.

I am my own company but MSP does all my billing and expense management. eBay pays them a percentage of what they pay me. It prevents them (eBay) from having to set up hundreds of little vendors who are only around for a year or three. It works out well, I negotiated my rate and have no visibility into what MSP gets. I'm happy, they are happy, eBay is happy and the world is right.

All my dealings thus far with MSP have been over the phone or via eMail. I have only talked with two people and have no idea who the other MSP sub-contractors are at eBay. I'm guessing there's no Christmas Party. Yesterday, I did meet my contact and we had a nice laugh over how she doesn't meet most of her sub's. (that's me, I'm a "sub")

She said that the managing partner for MSP would be in San Jose today and was "excited to meet me." I was confused and a bit worried because I left last night to return to Seattle and she explained that when she took him my check last month to sign he was confused as to who I was.

My contact: "Terri's the sub-contractor at eBay in the security team."
Managing Partner: "That's right, I love her, she never causes me any trouble. She'll be employee of the month this month. What's her name again?"

So, as you can see, it is a huge honor and I think most of you should be rightly in awe of me.

I am wonderful.

Near as I can tell, the only benefit of being "employee of the month" is having something besides the wedding to blog about.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you’re sick of wedding talk then move on to another blog. We’re at the under 2 month mark – 59 days to be exact. ( I promise, I won’t be doing the countdown like I did for the end of the MegaBank job.)

Most things are done; we are counting the replies that come in the mail and monitoring the folks who have made reservations at the hotel (to make sure we have enough rooms.) The TO DO list has shrunk from 48 items to 28 items in the last 2 weeks.

What is stressing me out is that we have eight weeks left and I’m traveling to San Jose at least four of those weeks and five if I’m a dedicated employee …er consultant. I’ve made my ‘pre-wedding’ appointments so they do fit into the limited time I have at home.

The week before the wedding I’m doing a dry run on hair and makeup – that could be a scary thing for Jason to come home to. A “bride” from the shoulders up.I flipped out on my mom yesterday when she asked me for the 19th time when the bridal shower was. (ok.. 5th time) and I explained myself. I have 300 balls in the air and I need her to manage her own calendar. She will be exactly where she needs to be and when she needs to be there – of that I have no doubt. It is a toss up between who is more excited about this event– me or her. But I did lose it a little bit on the phone yesterday. (sorry Mom!)

The last week in August (my only week not in San Jose) I’ve got the final dress fitting, meeting with the day of wedding coordinator (or as she may be known as “the Law”), a facial, and a meeting with the florist. How wonderfully “wedding” that week will be. I don’t have any specific plans for Labor Day weekend – Jason and the boys (his dad, cousins, & groomsmen) will be in Las Vegas. I’ll be airport transportation Sunday night @ midnight so a long weekend away isn’t in the cards for me, but I’ll come up with something. Heck, maybe I’ll check into a local hotel with a pool and spa and order room service while I have my toes painted. (I don’t have the funds for such a thing, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?)

We are purposely keeping the weekend before the wedding open so we can be ourselves and maybe watch some tv or something normal. We aren’t doing anything like assigning tables for the wedding so we don’t have to spend time arguing about who has to sit with cranky cousin Betty. Please note I have made up the name Betty. If it turns out Jason has a cousin Betty I am unaware of it, and furthermore am not aware of Betty’s level of crankiness.

I shouldn’t be stressed – lots of folks are offering to help and I am thrilled that the ladies (my lovely bridesmaids) will be helping to assemble the favors. And I’ll be cruising the rest of the TO DO list to see if I can solicit more help. I have the “I’ll do it myself” disease and it gets me into trouble.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Location location location

Warning: whining

The evil and mean alarm clock went off at 4:15 this morning and I was forced by an unfortunate sence of responsibility to get up and get on the airplane that whisked me away to San Jose.

I hated to go. Boo hoo. I'm missing book group and whatshisface.

He did remind me that this trip is only two sleep aways vs the normal three.

I suppose I'll survive it.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


I know, it's been summer for a while but today feels like the perfect summer day.

We took the ferry to Kingston and are at Becky's (sisters) cabin on Gamble Bay. It is sunny, warm and a slight breeze is keeping things manageable.

We have many colorful towels spread out and the iPod is providing background music.

The boys are currently in Port Gamble at the shell museum (aka the ice cream store) while Becky I hold down the shore.

Happy happy happy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Overheard: Michael Jackson

While standing in line at the self check-out @ fred meyer two kids about 11 or 12 years of age were looking at the magazines:

Kid 1: Oh look! Michael Jackson
Kid 2: Really!? I thought he was black?
Kid 1: He use to be, but now he's white.
Kid 2: Oh, ok.

Fun Fun Fun

I can't tell you how much fun we're having running to the mailbox to get the daily batch of RSVPs! We're averaging about 4 a day and it is a hoot opening them.

Many folks have added small notes which makes them seem even more like mail. Some of them will be keepers for the scrap book.

My only complaint about this process is that I wasn't able to invite everyone. That whole compromise thing where Jason got to invite HIS friends and family too made us have to do some hard list editing. Mostly, it's the former Mu-ites that we weren't able to invite. I know they understand, but it sucks.

One person on the couldn't invite list emailed to ask where we're registered. He knows an invitation isn't winging it's way to his lovely home, but still wanted to say congratulations. (Or maybe just mock the items on our list? No, he's a classy guy.) I'm humbled.

However, I just had an evil thought. If you were a mean person you could go to someones (NOT MINE) registry and buy the most extravagant item out there and then NOT give it as a gift. ooh... for those brides that check the registry every day that would be cruel. **snicker**

I mailed out an update to my attendants (matrons of honor!?, attendants, 'beOtches') to give them the latest schedule of events and Becky gets a public shout out for this reply:

Oh my gosh!!! So embarrassed...I didn't realize your wedding was THIS September!!! Wow...hmmmm...I guess I could move some things around...

Har har (no gift for her!)

I'm so thankful for this outlet to post my silly joy over this wedding. I'm trying to keep the real life "wedding banter" to a dull roar, but as the days tick by and the wedding "to do's" get more frequent it's hard. I do NOT want it to take over our lives and we did have a chat last night about what we're going to do next year in the way of vacations and non-wedding activities.

But - for now, we're in full swing. Errands, crafts, planning, writing checks (boo hoo) and managing the guest list (fun) are taking up the evening hours. I completed the payment to the photographer and next on the list is to finish paying the caterer. I suppose it would be good to have the whole meal paid for. details details.

Some day I will go back to blogging about the important things. (I.E. shitty customer service and popular culture.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Signs of Change

It use to be that at Emmy awards season I would get excited, select my picks for winners and maybe even get dressed up. I certainly would do it for the Academy Awards show, and the Grammy's - oh how they were so exciting.

Something has happened along the road of my life and I kind of don't care any more. The nominations for the 2009 Emmy's came out and there's only one show that I actually watch, and I watch it on DVD so I'm a season behind.

It's not that I haven't heard of Mad Men or 30 Rock but I just don't care. Oh, I'm still getting my required amount of television input, but it comes in different forms now. There are some reality shows in my lineup that I would never admit to in the past... ICE ROAD TRUCKERS!? Oh golly, it is a great show. I am also (now) a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance? - which is also pretty entertaining. We watch Survivor as a group and pick our favorites so it too is fun.

Big Brother...well - it's on at the Love Shack but I take the opportunity to exit the room and read. Frankly -- ICK. I'm sure when it gets down to just a few people I'll be knowledgeable enough to be a companion watcher for my Big Brother addict. One of my issues with this show is that it's on like three days a week. The UK version was on 24/7 - which was so cool - admittedly I had a raging case of jet lag and watching those kooky Brits sleep was mesmerizing. The hokey US version just doesn't do it for me. This cast is all kids with huge boobs, overly developed muscles, and underdeveloped personalities.

So, I guess my point is, good for you Emmy nominated people - whomever you might be. I hope you don't miss me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pay attention

At the risk of sounding like a suck up I must confess that I'm falling in love with my future in-laws. They are genuine people who are rightly adored by their friends. (Although, if one more person tells me how lucky I am to marry into this family I may scream. I KNOW!!!)

This weekend was tough. Their neighbor and friend Mr. B was celebrated at a touching funeral.

People were invited to stand up and talk about Mr. B. This can be awkward if no one is moved to speak or the departed was a jerk, but that was not the case here. People told funny stories, tales of father son camping trips, and a fierce devotion to family. A dedication to others through years of service with the Salvation Army and the Special Olympics. The one thing that really stood out was the 40 plus year love affair Mr. B had with Mrs. B. Even at 78 and 82 they wouldn't consider taking a cruise where they would be in a cabin with twin beds. (awwweee)

It was a second marriage for both of them and with two sets of teenagers to blend together they had their fair share of challenges but didn't let it shake their union. I think I was most moved by Mrs. B's daughter who spoke about what Mr. B meant to her over her life. I wish everyone could see that family is who you love.

After the service and a brief graveside internment ceremony for the urn we went to the house which was blissfully close to our luggage. Jason, his Dad and I had a wardrobe change after a brief appearance. My suit was not holding up well in the 90 degree heat and I was melting like the Wicked Witch.

The gathering at the house was nice and not too much about Jason and I. (There was a LOT of wedding talk with the neighbors, but I guess it is to be expected because they are ALL coming). Any way, Mrs. B cried when she saw Jason and it completely validated our decision to come.

She said to me the next day that she was sorry we had to come, but was thankful we did. She also looked me in the eye and told me to pay attention to every day and never ever miss an opportunity to tell Jason that I love him.

I won't. I promise!

The rest of the weekend was equally busy with a dinner party that included one of the groomsmen. It was nice to spend time with him and get to know him better. Today there was a brunch that involved the entire morning of setting up a tent, tables, chairs, cooking and
sangria prep. It hit about 88 degrees while we were working in the yard but cooled as the guests arrived. We ate under a blissful breeze and were thankful for some cloud cover. However as the last piece of cake was consumed a crack of thunder shook the sky and a 'hold on to the furniture Dorothy the house is flying' wind kicked up. We scrambled and had the entire party disassembled in 10 minutes including taking down the tent.

It was a frenzy of activity and kind of funny except Jason and I had to leave for the airport. We put everything away, loaded the car and then waved a quick goodbye as we zipped away.

I'm happy we went and had a good time in spite of the purpose of the trip. Each visit with Jason's family makes them just that much more mine. (he feels the same way about my people...)

So, if you take anything from this rambling post take this:

Never miss an opportunity to tell your family you love them!!

(I love you Mom & Dad and you too Boo)

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Profile Pix

Yes, I should be working... but you're seeing how that is going.

I have taken the time to update my profile pix. It's my avatar from my Skype account.
If you can see "me" I've got my tiara, my latte, and my iPod. I'm set to take on the world!
In other more important news:
We're in Denver today for the funeral. I'm at the dining room table trying to finish up some stuff so that I can in good conscience end my work week. We leave for the cemetery at 1pm (our time) and I've been told to expect about 400 people. Can I just say... 400!!! I would be so overwhelmed (as the family) but what an amazing testament to how well liked and respected Mr. B was. After the service we will head home and the across the street to the post funeral hang out at the house. Thank heavens for sunscreen, it's bright and 80 here today.
I just wish my darned allergies would calm down. The medicine I'm taking makes me feel a bit spacey. (more so than normal.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Real life & the wedding

Let me get the fun stuff out of the way...

Wedding Invitations - mailed! I'm getting word that some local folks have already seen their 'tation. We are feeling badly about a couple - got word that an out of town friend is splitting with their spouse but they are still living together and are technically still married. The invite still goes to "Mr. & Mrs." but ouch. On the same day the invites were mailed we got word that one of the in-laws dearest friends had suddenly passed away. (more on that in the 'real life portion of this post.) In thinking about it - if it were me I would rather receive an invitation for Mr. & Mrs. TPgal vs. Mrs. TPgal if the timing of the departure of Mr. TPgal was so very unfortunate as to coincide with the arrival of any invitation. I am aware that our wedding invitation is a trivial concern to this family, but I don't think being concerned with the etiquette is out of line.

The Wedding Dress - my first fitting was this morning. (THANK YOU YAZ for coming!) I was having anxiety that the dress as purchased in November wouldn't fit or wouldn't still be loved. Alas... wrong on all counts. In fact, the darn thing doesn't need to be hemmed or anything. The dress maker is taking it in a little in the back so that it "lays perfectly" across my shoulders but that's it. I was going to have a key element changed, but upon consulting my fashonista advisor we..I opted to leave it as is. Classic, pretty and super "bridey". I will go back at the end of August and provided the minor adjustments are perfect I will get to bring it home.

Honeymoon - in as much as I'm looking forward to our wedding day, I am equally anticipating our honeymoon. We're going to explore the Washington Wine country in Walla Walla and then make our way to the Canadian Rockies. We have reservations all over and just booked a fabulous spa experience at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel. I'm eagerly awaiting the 9 days we will spend without phones, work, alarms or 'work clothes'. Packing scares me a bit because we'll need casual clothes for our outings during the day, glacier hiking, exploring the countryside and then some nice things for our evenings in. We have a reservation at a swanky place at the Chateau Lake Louise so I picked up a HOT blue dress for that evening. I must look good for my new husband.

Pre-Wedding Pastoral Sessions - We finished our pre-wedding meetings with Pastor Kirby this week. I'm so glad we made the time to do this. Not only will Pastor K be able to speak about who we really are and how thankful we are to have found each other, but we explored some serious stuff about how to make a marriage work. The key is 'work'. Talking, communicating, owning your own crap (those are Kirby's words) and being a good friend. I can't suggest that our relationship is perfect, but it was a nice validation that we didn't discover any red flags or any new areas in which we don't have common ground during this deep dive into potential marital land mines.

So you thing you can't dance?- I really wanted to take dance lessons before the big party, but when it comes down to trying to schedule time to learn a cute dance for Jason and I to debut on our wedding day it just isn't practical. We will sway to the music and look each other in the eye. If you're expecting a huge Taiwanese Prison Camp production number, please be prepared for disappointment. We will take a few practice spins around the living room to take the edge off, but don't expect any lifts.

Onto real life. We were (are) so sad to hear that Mr. B passed away Monday. Mr. & Mrs. B have been Jason's neighbors since before he was born (I think). They are kind people who have been true friends to my future in-laws. I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a dear friend so suddenly. Both of Jason's parents are extremely bummed out so Jason and I have decided to go to Denver for the service. Mr. B was 82, active and had a lovely spirit. I'm expecting the funeral to be a celebration of his impact on those he loved. It will be likely less attended than the Michael Jackson funeral, but that's a good thing in my opinion.

I hope our going provides some comfort to Jason's mom & dad and that our inept words of condolence to Mrs. B are able to convey the honor of having known him.

Our first 4th

Plans were up in the air for the 4th for quite a while. With Jason on call a long weekend away wasn't really an option. In the end we drove to Long Beach for a quick visit with June & the family Saturday. Sunday we came home, checked in with the work stuff, then went to the Duran Duran concert with Yaz and MC.

We did a lot of driving, but enjoyed our time. I felt badly about keeping Jason away from his wonderful family whom he normally spends time with on the 4th - but he seemed to enjoy the activities at the beach. In the city you don't really get to blow things up - but at the beach all bets are off.

Sunday, the driveway at June's parents house looked like a war zone with shrapnel and tiny plastic parachute men everywhere. I personally don't need to blow things up and am somewhat happy to sit back and watch others play with fire. The kids holding the torches and 'roman candle' type things was outside my comfort zone, but with both sets of parents in attendance I held my tongue. I"m often dismissed as the "safety girl" so I say my peace and then I'm done unless death is imminent.

Here's a small sample of what our at home fireworks show was all about. (this video was taken on my fancy new iPhone - fun!)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

er... can I get some wranglers with that baby?

I was (avoiding work) and zipping through the critical updates to Facebook and found pictures of someones new baby. (Cute, pink, tiny - flat out adorable.)

However, her name left me wondering if it was a joke? Ava Montgomery Ward.

Maybe the Montgomery Ward company has been out of business so long that only us old (40!?) folks remember it. The one I remember in Olympia had an actual soda counter. We would go and get ice cream before buying our cheap crap.

Actually, in reviewing this strangers page I see a lot of M. middle names in the people lists so I'm assuming it is a family name and she just happened to marry a "Ward".

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's more "everywhere" than Santa

From Passive Aggressive Photos on Flickr

The note reads L

if you take anything from here... I know about it. (because I am everywhere)
- the holy spirit

Yes, that would stop me from taking your ding dong out of your lunch bag in the work fridge.

Here's another one...