Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our first 4th

Plans were up in the air for the 4th for quite a while. With Jason on call a long weekend away wasn't really an option. In the end we drove to Long Beach for a quick visit with June & the family Saturday. Sunday we came home, checked in with the work stuff, then went to the Duran Duran concert with Yaz and MC.

We did a lot of driving, but enjoyed our time. I felt badly about keeping Jason away from his wonderful family whom he normally spends time with on the 4th - but he seemed to enjoy the activities at the beach. In the city you don't really get to blow things up - but at the beach all bets are off.

Sunday, the driveway at June's parents house looked like a war zone with shrapnel and tiny plastic parachute men everywhere. I personally don't need to blow things up and am somewhat happy to sit back and watch others play with fire. The kids holding the torches and 'roman candle' type things was outside my comfort zone, but with both sets of parents in attendance I held my tongue. I"m often dismissed as the "safety girl" so I say my peace and then I'm done unless death is imminent.

Here's a small sample of what our at home fireworks show was all about. (this video was taken on my fancy new iPhone - fun!)

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impressive quality for a phone camera!