Thursday, July 23, 2009

Employee of The Month!

I found out yesterday that I was selected as employee of the month by the company that I am sub-contracting to at eBay.

I am my own company but MSP does all my billing and expense management. eBay pays them a percentage of what they pay me. It prevents them (eBay) from having to set up hundreds of little vendors who are only around for a year or three. It works out well, I negotiated my rate and have no visibility into what MSP gets. I'm happy, they are happy, eBay is happy and the world is right.

All my dealings thus far with MSP have been over the phone or via eMail. I have only talked with two people and have no idea who the other MSP sub-contractors are at eBay. I'm guessing there's no Christmas Party. Yesterday, I did meet my contact and we had a nice laugh over how she doesn't meet most of her sub's. (that's me, I'm a "sub")

She said that the managing partner for MSP would be in San Jose today and was "excited to meet me." I was confused and a bit worried because I left last night to return to Seattle and she explained that when she took him my check last month to sign he was confused as to who I was.

My contact: "Terri's the sub-contractor at eBay in the security team."
Managing Partner: "That's right, I love her, she never causes me any trouble. She'll be employee of the month this month. What's her name again?"

So, as you can see, it is a huge honor and I think most of you should be rightly in awe of me.

I am wonderful.

Near as I can tell, the only benefit of being "employee of the month" is having something besides the wedding to blog about.


PNB Dave said...

Weren't you Employee of the Month quite frequently at Daly's?

Jody said...

LOL!!! I love this. That is Awesome!!