Friday, July 10, 2009

New Profile Pix

Yes, I should be working... but you're seeing how that is going.

I have taken the time to update my profile pix. It's my avatar from my Skype account.
If you can see "me" I've got my tiara, my latte, and my iPod. I'm set to take on the world!
In other more important news:
We're in Denver today for the funeral. I'm at the dining room table trying to finish up some stuff so that I can in good conscience end my work week. We leave for the cemetery at 1pm (our time) and I've been told to expect about 400 people. Can I just say... 400!!! I would be so overwhelmed (as the family) but what an amazing testament to how well liked and respected Mr. B was. After the service we will head home and the across the street to the post funeral hang out at the house. Thank heavens for sunscreen, it's bright and 80 here today.
I just wish my darned allergies would calm down. The medicine I'm taking makes me feel a bit spacey. (more so than normal.)

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