Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bouquet Toss

I am procrastinating on a task I don't want to do, so here's the wedding topic of the day.

Jason and I have been mulling some of the traditional wedding reception activities such as the garter and bouquet toss. I was 110% NO on the garter toss, but when my most sensible gal pal gave me the blue garter I had to give in.

But the bouquet toss - I'm torn. Here's the list of single people who will be at the wedding (names changed) who would be "eligible" for the bouquet toss

Missy - single, 30 , straight
H - 40, in a relationship, lesbian
Aunt G - 60 - widowed, doesn't date
Mrs. B - 80, widowed (this month)
Mrs. H - late 70's long time widowed (doesn't date)
Matty - 35, cute, single - gay man
Addison - age 3 months (doesn't date)
Jr. Bridesmaid - 12 years old (mum on the dating issue... maybe too mum)
Joanie - 60 florist/friend/widowed - dating desires unknown
Rach - 16, single
Jody - 34 (?) single, dating, harley rider!
Aunt S - 75, divorced -- er annulled. not dating
Aunt J - 75+, single (widowed. i think) not dating -spunky tho
Julia Goulia - 22, dating, but not a "joiner"

So, with this list it is likely that only Jody, Missy and Matty would actually come to the front for a bouquet toss and I have to be honest. Matty would crush Missy - which the older guests might find alarming. Oh, Missy would cut him in the parking lot later on, but he'd still end up with the bouquet. Jody might be a contender, she's Jason's work wife and isn't to be messed with.

ooh, this party is going to be so much fun!

Seriously - this bouquet toss just isn't practical. What do other "older" brides do????


Jody, Single, 34, Harley Rider said...

Jody, single, 34, Harley rider here...won't be catching no bouquet..I say scrap it.

CLD said...

After a certain age (early 30s?), tossing your bouquet just seems kind of silly. Like you point out, there are very few contenders for the "prize".

In lieu of an awkward bouquet toss, I would suggest that you just graciously present it to one of the younger girls in attendance. Since you already have a junior bridesmaid (who will presumably already have a bouquet), I personally think you should give it to Rach the 16 year old... I would bet she'd love to take home your pretty flowers and you'll spare her the embarrassment of having to dive for it. :)