Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Signs of Change

It use to be that at Emmy awards season I would get excited, select my picks for winners and maybe even get dressed up. I certainly would do it for the Academy Awards show, and the Grammy's - oh how they were so exciting.

Something has happened along the road of my life and I kind of don't care any more. The nominations for the 2009 Emmy's came out and there's only one show that I actually watch, and I watch it on DVD so I'm a season behind.

It's not that I haven't heard of Mad Men or 30 Rock but I just don't care. Oh, I'm still getting my required amount of television input, but it comes in different forms now. There are some reality shows in my lineup that I would never admit to in the past... ICE ROAD TRUCKERS!? Oh golly, it is a great show. I am also (now) a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance? - which is also pretty entertaining. We watch Survivor as a group and pick our favorites so it too is fun.

Big Brother...well - it's on at the Love Shack but I take the opportunity to exit the room and read. Frankly -- ICK. I'm sure when it gets down to just a few people I'll be knowledgeable enough to be a companion watcher for my Big Brother addict. One of my issues with this show is that it's on like three days a week. The UK version was on 24/7 - which was so cool - admittedly I had a raging case of jet lag and watching those kooky Brits sleep was mesmerizing. The hokey US version just doesn't do it for me. This cast is all kids with huge boobs, overly developed muscles, and underdeveloped personalities.

So, I guess my point is, good for you Emmy nominated people - whomever you might be. I hope you don't miss me.

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