Monday, July 27, 2009


It's damned hot outside. whine

With that out of the way here's the low down on what's up today.

1) Hot
2) new RSVP's (yeah!)
3) Spent the weekend in Denver with the man's family. It was fun, but he broke a tooth (poor guy)
4) headed to the dentist after work today
5) The Denver people threw us a wedding shower. It was very nice, the parents friends are a tad bit older than us so I felt like a kid at the grown up table. We played all day and then showed up to the party (because they wouldn't let us help with any of the prep.) I have to say that it's hard to see your people hustling and you have to just sit back. I'm a "lend a hand" kind of girl so it goes against my nature to let people break a sweat while I just "look pretty."
6) We got home last night and it was glorious to sleep in our own bed. Jason's parents have a nice cool basement space with a bed that is older than the sun. It has a significant dip in the middle which makes actual sleeping a challenge. I'm sure in the not wedding year there will be a replacement, but won't happen before our next visit. To be honest, I'd be happy with bunk beds vs. Bedzilla.
7) The last official "Martha Stewart Wedding" magazine has been purchased. I'm a fall bride so even though all the decisions are made for the wedding I brought home the fall edition. Jason wanted to know if I meant that I got to buy EVERY fall edition from now on, but I only mean the 2009 Fall Edition.
8) I paid the photographer but he called to say he didn't find the check. I was pissed that he lost my payment but wrote him another one today. THEN I found the original... in my checkbook. Apparently, writing the check and mailing it are two separate activities. Dummy
9) Mom is coming tomorrow for her first sleep over in the land of Jason & Terri. We're going shopping Wednesday for wedding outfits. FUN. I'd feel badly about the heat, but she lives near Yakima and while it is 90 here today it is a balmy 95 at her place. She'll enjoy the cool. (The thermometer on my deck says it is 100 out there. So much for reading outside...)
10) I completed ALL the thank you notes from the shower Saturday. I'm on FIRE. I really don't want to get behind.
11) CRAP - a real estate agent wants to show the condo today. IT's damned hot in here and we haven't completely unpacked from our weekend trip. GOTTA RUN

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