Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are you my friend?

I've mentioned before that I like Facebook.  It has been fun reconnecting with people from my high school and from the beach where I grew up.  I like being able to hear about what's going on in these folk's lives. 

For me, facebook is a fun place to share small, funny tidbits about my life and or a forum to launch a complaint or two about the things that are irksome.  You can get validation pretty quickly or be put in your place when whining about something silly.  I got both types of feedback when I bitched about my neighbors and their "sheet" window treatments.  Yes, it really doesn't matter to me, but it also looks like sh*t.  If you need inexpensive window coverings use sheets, but take the time to turn them into something that looks like a curtain - it's not that hard - an iron and $2 worth of adhesive would do the trick nicely.   (You bought an expensive house - invest the $2 and class up the joint will ya!?)

Anyway, I'm off topic.  It is a bit of a conundrum on facebook when I get connection requests from people  don't remember.    I feel kind of bad when that happens - I mean, shouldn't I remember everyone I've ever experienced a portion of my life with?  (I don't mean people who may have been at the same Def Leppard concert in 1987, but high school?)  I'd like to think that all people are worth remembering.

I've noticed that I'm getting requests from some of my classmates moms.  For the most part, this is fine - I remember these women as being good people who were involved and cared not only about their kids but our community as a whole.  (Hi Darlene!)  I do feel bad when I get a request from someone I don't remember at all - one such mom (and family) moved away from the beach when I was in the 7th grade.  I think I met this gals mom once at a slumber party when I was 11.  This seems like an odd connection if you ask me.  (I reached out to my gal pal and told her the story and she sent back a message that her mom was "friend requesting" all of her friends and that it was ok to ignore it.)  Since the only thing and people we have in common is her daughter I declined the connection. 

Moms are one thing, they likely won't be shocked to find out that I, the mouthy little kid, grew up to have strong opinions and isn't afraid to share.  They also might enjoy my sometimes twisted view of the world and my sense of humor.  If they don't like it, they can "silence" me by tuning out.  (I had to do that with a high school "friend" whose political and religious posts were so far away from what I consider to be compassionate and kind that it was making me mad. )   

Yesterday I noticed a friend request from the daughter of a peer of mine.  She's a good kid, but is 13.  I was conflicted because I tend to be solidly in my adult on facebook and I'm not sure that all my comments, posts, sarcasm and humor is ok for someone of that age.   I decided this morning to run it by her mom at church.  I was honest that sometimes my posts are very adult (not in the porn way) and that I wouldn't be 'toning down' the true TPgal just because of her daughter's age.  My friend knows that we sit on different sides of the fence when it comes to certain topics - the huge one being homosexuality.  In their house, they firmly believe that homosexuality is a sin prohibited explicitly in the Bible and by God.  I think that they are dead wrong, and we have had lengthy discussions about it and have come to the understanding that we will disagree, but still respect each other.   As a "churchy" girl it's hard for me to argue with someone who chooses to use the Bible as life's moral road map that they are wrong in their thinking, but I know what I know.  I can only hope that as they move through life that they get the opportunity to meet people similar to my wonderful, smart, loyal, moral, faithful and loving friends who simply happen to also be gay and that they are able to recognize that these folks have the same life's goals (be happy, be healthy, be loved) as the rest of us.    With that being one example of where our worlds are different, I wanted to give this mom a chance to opt out of my "online world" for her kid.  She surprised me with her response.  "It's up to you, I think she may learn a thing or two from you and that's ok."  So I"m going to accept the online connection with this young person and see how it goes.   If there is too much (or any) Justin Beiber adoration she will be blocked.  I will not stand for such a horrific thing.

So, off to facebook I go to accept the friend request of an impressionable girl and to rock her world with posts like the one I'm about to share:

Embarrassment is stepping out of church during the service to tinkle (because there's a baby sitting on it) and breaking a toilet. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

A very important question

There are certain events in our lives (as women) that are deserving of a tiara.  These include being crowned Miss Loyalty Day (happened to a very nice friend of mine, not me),  your birthday, your wedding day (if that floats your boat), and your quincea├▒era that's your 15th birthday when you are of Latin American heritage (not all these may apply to every woman.)  Other acceptable times to don a tiara include the annual Academy Awards party, and when you're doing an activity that has any reference to a crown.  The photo at the left is me with my tiara when receiving my new crown from Dr. Otto, DDS.    

I have also been known to put the crown on to elevate my mood while house cleaning or simply to let Mr. Wonderful know that I AM the princess. 

The true question on the table for today is that since the impending birth of our favorite child will involve something called "crowning" is it an event that calls for the tiara?  Do I put it in the hospital bag or not?

Part of me says keep the tradition alive and do it and part of me says "you're going to be focused on other things" so leave it at home.

I just don't know.  Perhaps I'll drop it in my bag just in case the mood arises.  

BTW, the quincea├▒era also generally involves a huge, fluffy, almost wedding dress, cake and a ceremony.  It is quite the event, if you ever get invited to one you should go.  Yes, it is a party for a 15 year old girl, but the food would be yummy and the spectacle would be worthy of your time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For Dave: YOWZA


This will curl your toes.  My urge to re-post this facebook comment with the grammar and spelling corrected was really strong.  But I'm not that much of an asshole.  I am asshole enough to mock it on my blog...

"Don't mean to but in, but have to say, there is no manual to raising kids. when there younger following through repeatadly upteen million times, getting aggrivated, counting to yourself, getting aggrivated so forth, teens being thier friend... to certain level is very helpfull. (understanting thier world), and putting them responsible for their actions. you can help but never enable for such behavoir, it does seem hopeless at times, but in the end, all these trial and tribulations is a the best reward for being a parent, your child learned and will move forward. (LOL LOL LOL, then I woke up LOL LOL LOL) just kidding, its tough being a parent, but wouldnt change a thing, even the bad stuff."

It hurts my eyes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

free day

Happy Presidents day! This is an official work holiday so, in grand tradition I'm hanging out. There aren't too many President's Day traditions.

I lounged in bed, watching the Criminal Minds that I slept to last night. Then shed buckets to tears while I watched an Adoption Story on Discovery. (I can only imagine the pain of handing over your 6 month old baby.). Heck, even the adopted dad was overcome.

I decided that wasting my day in bed in front of the tv was a bad idea (especially since I was feeling like sh*t yesterday and spent the day on the couch.). Today is about doing the girlie things that are hard to do when spending quality time with my guy.

I've made myself purdy and spent an hour at Starbucks with my tea and book club book. We're reading War and Peace. I likely won't finish it today. (I'm on page 75.). So far it's all social drama. One complaint, it has been translated from Russian to English, but they left the French untranslated. The translation is footnoted at the bottom of each page, but it's irritating.

Now, I'm waiting at the nail salon for my turn to get my toes painted. A nice painfully before the baby arrives.

I do plan on making dinner tonight, so my next stop will be the store. Pretty exciting eg?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday and I'm in love!

With what or whom you ask?  The happy bright sky and the sun beaming in my office window.  Thank you Mother Nature for a pretty morning.

In addition to being a pretty day it is housekeeper day so my stairs are going to get a sponsored vacuuming, and the cookie crumbs from yesterdays baking that I couldn't get up off the floor due to my current condition will be zipped away by a tiny woman with amazing skills. 

Turns out, this is Friday of a three day weekend (for me).  I'm already planning on what to do with my free day Monday.  I believe I will make my way to the salon and have my toes professionally painted.  That should be a nice treat for me AND my OB, who is about to spend some time in that area.

I'll also be 'Suzie Homemaker' that day and whip up a yummy meal for whatshisface and me.  I can't use the "I've been hard at work all day" excuse when he knows I had the day off.  Next year, when our vacation plans are more in alignment he'll probably take the day off too and the THREE of us will hang out for the long weekend.  Maybe even visit the eastside family. 

I am looking forward to building up some vacation time.  It is hard being the "new" employee in a situation where your leave accumulates per pay check.  Yes, I get 3 weeks a year but only in 4.92 hour increments.  I have finally built up a little bit of a nest egg in that I actually have over 40 hours in my bank.  The "problem" is that whatshisface has been with his current employer for 10 years now and earns an amazing 4 weeks of leave (in addition to sick leave) and it all pops into his bank on his anniversary date in March.  So, while my little accrual is nice, we're still really out of sync with how much time we can take off together.

I keep trying to get him to take a week off and sort through my closet or detail my car, but he doesn't seem hip to that idea.  Don't me wrong, I'm thankful for a job with any kind of paid vacation, but the accrual factor is tough when you're new.

Also (and this is a bit of a complaint) my 3 weeks includes sick time, so while my vacation time is the same as it was with my previous employer, the former also allowed us to accrue separate hours of sick leave which were used independently of vacation.  In this world, if you need to use leave because you're sick it comes at the expense of a fun day off.  Granted, when you have poop shooting out of your bum, you don't much care.  Additionally, I think folks are less likely to use their sick leave for "mental health days" aka "it's the end of the year and if I don't use it I lose it, so *cough* I'm sick today."  I know that happens, but not at my current employer. 

In my current employers defense, they do have a nice maternity policy - 6 weeks paid.  MegaBank had a policy of if you have VACATION time you can use it.  (You couldn't use your sick leave.)  Most of the banker ladies took unpaid leaves of absence to tend to their new bundles.  That sucked for them. 

The time off accrual for me does increase each year I'm with the company.  This year on my anniversary I'll start to accrue a whole extra day... so instead of getting 4.92 hours added to my bank each pay period I'll get 5.23.  WOO HOO.  Again, not complaining because the other way to look at it is that at five years I'll get 4 weeks a year, but it since it increases each year rather than holding steady and then a big jump in year five.  Doing it this way means that each year is a bit of an incentive and in year five we don't have to wait the whole year to accumulate that extra week.

However at year five, I'll get a 4 week sabbatical in addition to the vacation in my bank.  That year, we will take a fabulous family vacation.  I think taking a 4 year old to Europe for 3 weeks sounds delightful, don't you?  I'm putting money in savings right NOW for such an adventure.  Who knows, maybe you'll be invited, but if you are know that to be included in such an adventure may come at the expense of having to provide some Lucy-care services, while whatshisface and I wander around Roma hand in hand - ALONE (with forty thousand other tourists). 

I am getting a little ahead of myself.  Let's get through year one of Lucy before we start planning an epic vacation.  Maybe she'll be a shit-head and we wont take her on vacation - EVER.  (not likely)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Gaga

I'm a fan of her dance music - it is certainly catchy and I want to p-p-p-oke her face when I hear it.  She is in charge of her image at all time and her outfits are unique and it is pretty obvious that she is control. 

I like that she seems to have embraced the "fame" as a body of work and that she appears to have a plan.   I also appreciate that while she is producing dance club music she isn't part of the "hot mess" crowd.  (ala Lindsay L., Brittney, Paris...)  I'm sure she gets her party on, but we don't have to watch it.  Being a (or the) party girl isn't her image.

I was impressed last year at the Grammy Award show because she showed that in addition to being 'famous' the girl can actually sing and has musical skills.  I like the sound of auto-tune music for dance stuff, but appreciate that she doesn't require it to sound good.  (Hey Kanye... take a lesson.)   I'm sure her real fans were aware that she was a real musician, but I didn't know that.

In spite of my Gagadmiration, I do think her new song "Born this way" is a bit contrived.  She might as well have named it "Born this way, your gay anthem."  You know I'm a supporter of the gay community and don't feel it is anyone's business to get up in their business, but this particular song seems to me like it was written as the "theme" to the Gay Olympics.  It feels a bit manipulative and convenient. 

I'm sure I'm not going to be very popular for my opinion because the message of the song is one that is reasonable -i.e.  be happy, be who you are, God didn't make a mistake when he made you, even if you are *gasp* gay.  But I think it is condescending to a population of people that I respect.

I guess I just feel like she would be tarred and feathered if she came out with a song along the lines of "black people are just as smart as us whities" or "people who like Justin Bieber are worthy of our pity."  This song falls along those same lines and I'm wondering who elected her spokesperson for the gay community?  Maybe if I was gay (and treated like a lesser person - which happens) I might feel differently.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This holiday use to seriously depress me.  I hated all the cards, flowers and candy - and for good reason, I was jealous and felt sorry for myself.

While I am happy to report that I finally have a valentine, I still haven't fully embraced the holiday.  I don't expect flowers or candy (although a $1 box of Nerds will never be turned away) and this year I don't really even want to go out to a fancy dinner.   Dinner must be had, and I think I'll be cooking (it is the least I can do for my fella) but I haven't ventured to the store yet.

Jason did double and triple check to make sure I wasn't secretly hoping for a fancy Valentine gift.  Nope, tonight we will have dinner, open our cards and then watch a romantic comedy movie.  This plan makes me happy.  Heck we're making our own little valentine and there will be times in our future where I will want to go out, have wine and a real date like we use to "back in the day" but for this year, I'm happy to put on squishy pants (pj's) and tuck onto the couch.  Lucky me!  

For those of you who have yet to locate your Mr. or Ms. Wonderful I say to you, don't give up.  If you're in my world I know you to be a quality, worthy person and while the wait stinks, it will happen.  (You are welcome to punch me in my nose for my convenient, after the fact, optimism.)  Dating blows and you have to have a fair bit of determination and willingness to spend an evening with creepo-magoo but I think if you're paying attention when your person comes along you will see them.  When that time comes I will celebrate with you and shed tears of happiness for your person's good fortune at finding you (finally!)  Heck, I'll even be nice about how damn long it took them to show up.

So, to my own fella, happy subdued valentine's day and to my single friends, I love ya and want you to blow off this made up holiday and remember how damned awesome you are. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes I forget...

You would think that after all the time that has passed after my weight loss surgery that I would remember that I have to be careful what I eat.  That is not the case.

Today I made myself ill by consuming a banana nut muffin.  It tasted really good, but the gummy nature of the muffin and (I'm guessing) the compromised tummy due to the baby caused me to feel immediately sick. 

Throwing up isn't a desired action, but the muffin wasn't going "down" so it had to come up.  Its moments like this that I'm thankful I work at home.  I was able to lay down for 20 minutes and recover.

With a newly cleared tummy I'll be focusing on my water intake. I'm still puffy in the legs - and believe it or not, the cure for water retention is MORE WATER.  Seems counterproductive, but I'll take a full bladder over these stumps.

I don't see myself as Big TP anymore, but I can not eat the way I use to, no matter how much time has passed.  Most of my eating habits are just that, habitual and don't feel strange anymore.  Last night I ate half of my chicken sandwich and a few of the super yummy fries and brought the remainder of my dinner home.  Two hours later when I was hungry again I ate most of the second half of the sandwich.  When I first had my surgery I felt sheepish about dining in public and the amount of food I was either taking home or leaving behind.  Now, I realize that most restaurant portions are enormous and the fact that I make a dent is enough.  Smart ordering also helps take focus off my plate.   It has been ages since I've been asked if my food was acceptable or since the server has offered to not charge me for the food I'm not eating.  (I only let that happen once, and my meal WAS very much undercooked.)

Thankfully, my issues with food digestion don't happen too often.  Usually it is related to sugar intake (I had to break up with ice cream) which may have contributed to the "return of the muffin" and I will remember the sugar issue for a while.   Some treats have to be consumed.  The cake that Jen left behind had to be sampled.  I did make an effort to have a tiny portion, but alas...even the wafer thin slice was too much for me.   The beautiful and tasty cake has been removed from the house and I'm better for it.

So, there is new item to the list of foods to avoid:  Costco banana muffins.  They are tasty, but not kind to me. 

For the record, even after all this time and these issues that pop up I'm still very happy I chose this route.  Being reminded from time to time that what I put in my face still really matters isn't a bad thing.  I know I'm going to have some work to do after Lucy comes, but I'm up for the challenge.  I will get my body back!  Heck, if you believe the pro-breastfeeding hype, I should be back into my pre-pregnancy shape within months.  (I actually think it will take more than a few months, but I'm willing to work at it.)

Slight topic change:  I'm listening to the big iPod, but must be on some strange music play list because I just went from a Rush song to a Christmas carol.  I must do something about that. I can't handle the musical diversity.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More about me...

As if this entire blog isn't TP central...

It appears as if our discussions in early 2010 have resulted in the undeniable fact that there's a baby coming into our world VERY VERY soon. 

I have been trying to enjoy our last nights of uninterrupted sleep and quiet.  Of course, the actual pregnancy does get in the way of that somewhat, but last night I only had to get up twice.  That's probably more of a sign that I needed to drink more water yesterday, but only having to visit the loo at 12:45 and again at 5am was delightful. 

I've been having adventure dreams of late and seldom am I pregnant or a mother in these dreams.  In my dreams the world needs to be saved and I'm right there in the middle.  I'm sure that's my sub-conscience telling me that soon the life of a small being will be in my hands. 

Too late, I'm already feeling very protective of the belly.  Someone pulled out in front of us in the Target parking lot and Jason's excellent braking skills enabled us to avoid hitting the jerk in the blue beater it almost brought me to tears. Emotionally, I am right on the edge.

Sunday the church sermon was about 'God's will" and letting things be the way they are meant to be.  That doesn't mean that because you're a churchy person that bad things won't happen to you, but when the bad things happen God will be at your side.  A reasonable argument when you consider that kind of support generally comes in the form of family and friends.    To make his point, Pastor Kirby told a story of a family who was a few days away from having their first child and without explanation the baby died.  For anyone this is a terribly sad story but in my current emotional state it threw me into the teary place that was hard to recover from.  I don't know how anyone would be expected to deal with that.  My heart breaks for that family.

In happier news, I think maybe the house is ready to welcome a small person.  I'm as ready as I'm going to be, Jason seems ready so it's just a matter of Lucy being ready.  Tomorrow we have another appointment and hopefully the OB will give us some news that we're on our way.

First babies are notoriously late, but maybe Lucy will be a punctual child.  Jason's dad's birthday is Thursday and I know he's holding out some hope that they will share a birthday.  That would be fine by me, as long as she waits until AFTER my hair appointment tomorrow.  (selfish mommy wants to have her "stripe" removed.)

Other folks are angling for a Valentine's day baby, but I don't really want that.  There's too much pressure for kid's birthdays to make it a darned holiday.  

We'll see, and as we learned on Sunday... whatever will be will be.  If I'm still pregnant in March, what will be will be a cranky bitchy TP... so let's just hope for Jason's sake that that isn't that case. 

'Nuff Said

When invited to an event... RSVP.  It is polite to let the hosts know if you'll be attending.  It's far better to say no, without an explanation rather than ignore the invitation.

(For the record, I DID let this slide without mention the first time around, but the second occurrence feels like a trend and I doubt further invitations will be extended.)

Friday, February 04, 2011

tp comments on current events

Don't expect great insight... my last journey down this path resulted in the anonymous scolding from a bright scholarly dude, so I preface this with a caveat I'm not a journalist or pretending to be one of our worlds best thinkers, this is just me with my own opinions (and some I'm agreeing with others on).

1) “Who the fuck is Kim Kardashian? Some stupid old tart from somewhere or other."
- Elton John

 TP Responds:  Bwahahahahaha.  Couldn't agree more Mr. Dwight!

2) The Egyption protesters tell Mubarak that tonight is the night that he must go. 

TP Responds:  It's a brave, amazing thing to stand up to 30 years of the same old same old (it maybe even fair to call it a dictatorship) and demand change.  However, a change in power literally overnight is likely a bad idea.  September is only seven months away, fair elections with multiple parties running will allow the voice of ALL the people to count, not just those of you on the streets.  Just because you're yelling the loudest right now doesn't mean you represent every Egyptian citizen. Thank you, good night.

3) Global Warming is a joke.  (Generalized comments from multiple parties.)

TP Responds:  Oh My Word, are you serious!?  Take a peak at the polar caps and see that they are getting smaller.  Take a driving trip to the Canadian Rockies where they are tracking the shrinking glaciers.   Just because you're buried under 8 feet of snow right now doesn't mean that global warming isn't happening.   I'm not a meteorlogist, but I saw the movie "Day After Tomorrow" like 8 times and I learned a few things:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is a cutie.
  • Apparently you can snow shoe from DC to New York in just a couple days, as long as you have a Wendy's kitchen to camp out in.
  • Even minor changes in the gulf stream can result in catastrophic weather phenomenon.  

4) Gifford's Husband to command the shuttle.

TP responds:  Good for him!  A month ago the decision probably would have been different, but she's stable and from my expansive knowledge (of what I've seen watching TLC Life in the ER) the recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a very long journey, taking years.  I would want my astronaut commander husband to go.  She's in great hands and will continue her recovery regardless of if he's in the room for the next two weeks or not.  Plus, imagine the sweet gifts he'll be bringing back from the airport.  I bet it will be better than some crappy San Jose t-shirt purchased at Hudson News.

5) Prisoners in Monroe facility identifed as dangerous.

TP Responds:   Too often in movies we see the snuffing of prison staff as a split second action by the bad guy who 90 minutes later after lots of things blow up and our hero(es) save the day gets hauled back to jail triumphantly.  We cheer and go home happy that our $12.75 ticket price was worth it.  In reality, prisons are a complicated and ugly ecosystem, where the people running the show are trying to identify the right balance between cruel treatment and relative freedoms that can result in the loss of life.  The death of even fellow prisoners is unacceptable and I hope each and every facility in our country makes an honest assessment of the privileges granted to folks behind bars and that that effort results in the prevention of future loss of life to the employees and inmates.

6) Meredeth Kercher's family unhappy about US film that centers on Amanda Knox. 

TP Responds:  Well, no sh*t.  It is neither shocking nor unexpected that this grieving family would bristle at the idea that their loss is being turned to entertainment.  It is an admittedly ugly side of US entertainment that this little reenactment of a sensational story was made and will be viewed by many folks in the US.  (NOT IN MY HOUSEHOLD.)  Believe what you will about evidence and Ms. Knox's guilt or innocence the fact remains that Ms. Kercher WAS murdered and it isn't entertainment.  Yes, we are free to make such 'movies' and the choice is ours to see it or not, but I'm disgusted by the fascination.  If it helps at all Mr. Kercher, I'm sorry for your loss and the further violation that this "movie" is inflicting on your family.

7) Anderson Cooper a "little bit scared" and moves to an undisclosed location in Egypt.

TP Responds:  Does anyone else think that just *maybe* CNN is sensationalizing this story for the ratings?  I'm cynical, but I can't help but think that CNN wants to be part of the reporters getting beat up story.    My Jim Foreman spidey senses are tingling.

8) Jesse Jones retruns to King 5.

TP Responds:  After taking time off to deal with a serious health issue I'm happy to see this silly reporter person return.  He's such a character and I think his niche in our local news market is funny.  Welcome back..(yell it with me) JesseJones!

9) Charlie Sheen

TP Responds:  Parroting and paraphrasing something someone else said - "Dude, you're a parent.  Your time to party like a porn star is over.  Grow up, put your big boy pants on and go to rehab." 

Your tv show makes me sad.  I wonder are you acting or is it easier for the writers to let you portray yourself as the drunken lowlife you are in real life????   Get help.  If Lyndsay can do it, so can you. 

10) The length of a mother's employment is associated with an increase in her child's body mass index, according to a study in the journal Child Development.

TP Responds:  oh great, another reason to feel guilty about being a working mom.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

reality vs. the internet

online pix

what was delivered

 Sigh... the above is what I requested and this is what was delivered.

It is pretty, but not the put together snug ensemble that I wanted.

I did ask them to not use the happy birthday box, but would trimming the stems have been difficult?

It's too bad the lady that did our wedding flowers isn't available to send flowers for me all over the state...

Taking the high road

Damn it...

I was in the middle of drafting a petty, nasty blog about how my darling brother who never EVER EVER acknowledges gifts or sends anything but a Christmas card with just my last name on the envelope sent a very thoughtful and sweet baby gift for Lucy.   The nasty part wasn't about the sweet and super adorable blanket embroidered with her name that I 110% love, but about my conflict of sending a thank you note.

I was all down the moral high road of suggesting sending him the Emily Post Etiquette book or pre-printed thank you notes:

Dear __________________,
Thank you for the gift / money / thing.
I thought it was:
___  Thoughtful.
___  Cheap.
___  Strange, I don't really know what it is.
___  Um, nice.

Love, ___________________

I was even bitching about how the lack of acknowledgment of gifts has been magically transcended to his lovely children and that a whole new generation of people think nothing of accepting gifts without any kind of "hey thanks".

Having received a wonderful gift for Miss Lucy and being genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness I struggled for about 10.2 seconds before drafting my thank you note.  I was feeling superior about the fact that even though the trend has been set that you 'can' send a gift without expecting a 'thanks!' or an "I got it", I sent a note anyway.  Not only that it was written without malice or tone, just a true "I LOVE IT, thank you!".

In the middle of all this superiority bullshit I got a text from a dear friend who has not been well and it turns out she's been in the hospital since Tuesday.  She wanted to let me know that she wouldn't make it to the baby shower on Saturday and her gift would be late.   I feel like a selfish bitch for a) not checking in on her sooner and b) thinking only of my silly little world when she's struggling with a frustrating illness that wants to knock her off her feet.   Just because location and schedules don't make it easy to get together it doesn't mean she's not deep in my heart and I hope she knows I would trade my favorite shoes and fabulous purse for her health issue to magically go away.  (You may think shoes and a purse are silly, but SHE understands the value of which I write.)    As for the shower and the gift... I told her that that stuff doesn't matter. 

Knowing that the plague has been going around my house I wouldn't have popped up to visit,  because a person already in the hospital doesn't need to be exposed to the lingering effects of the poop/vomit bug.  I'm also sure the nursing staff would have beaten my head with a broom had I dropped in and they heard about the virus.  But had I known earlier I could have dropped her into my nightly discussions with the big man upstairs or at least sent her a dirty text everyday to brighten her day.   (yes, I know those things kind of conflict, but she has a good sense of humor.)

Anyway, I'm feeling like a tool and wishing I could do something for her. 

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Security Message of the Day

Passwords are like pants.

You shouldn't leave them out where people can see them.
You should change them regularly.
You shouldn't loan them out to strangers.


In classic TP fashion I'm multi-tasking.

Work on one computer and taxes on the other.