Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Gaga

I'm a fan of her dance music - it is certainly catchy and I want to p-p-p-oke her face when I hear it.  She is in charge of her image at all time and her outfits are unique and it is pretty obvious that she is control. 

I like that she seems to have embraced the "fame" as a body of work and that she appears to have a plan.   I also appreciate that while she is producing dance club music she isn't part of the "hot mess" crowd.  (ala Lindsay L., Brittney, Paris...)  I'm sure she gets her party on, but we don't have to watch it.  Being a (or the) party girl isn't her image.

I was impressed last year at the Grammy Award show because she showed that in addition to being 'famous' the girl can actually sing and has musical skills.  I like the sound of auto-tune music for dance stuff, but appreciate that she doesn't require it to sound good.  (Hey Kanye... take a lesson.)   I'm sure her real fans were aware that she was a real musician, but I didn't know that.

In spite of my Gagadmiration, I do think her new song "Born this way" is a bit contrived.  She might as well have named it "Born this way, your gay anthem."  You know I'm a supporter of the gay community and don't feel it is anyone's business to get up in their business, but this particular song seems to me like it was written as the "theme" to the Gay Olympics.  It feels a bit manipulative and convenient. 

I'm sure I'm not going to be very popular for my opinion because the message of the song is one that is reasonable -i.e.  be happy, be who you are, God didn't make a mistake when he made you, even if you are *gasp* gay.  But I think it is condescending to a population of people that I respect.

I guess I just feel like she would be tarred and feathered if she came out with a song along the lines of "black people are just as smart as us whities" or "people who like Justin Bieber are worthy of our pity."  This song falls along those same lines and I'm wondering who elected her spokesperson for the gay community?  Maybe if I was gay (and treated like a lesser person - which happens) I might feel differently.

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