Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darned Seahawks

It's a dangerous thing to despise a professional athletic team in the town in which you live, especially when they were the almost winners at the "super" season ending event the previous year - but I do.

Football itself is a crazy sport -- they play like what, 13 games a year? What other profession has only 13 days of official work a year? Sheesh even shitty drugged out rock musicians are on the road night after drunken night performing to as big a crowd as they can muster.

I'm aware that to compete in those 13 games the football player has to practice day after day and pump iron to be the huge hulking muscular monsters that they are - but I don't care.

Even I have to respect the fitness part of football players, and I do think the sport is great at the high school and college level - but the industry of football as a professional sport is something I find useless. It's all the tackling that gets on my nerves.

The age old tradition of college ball on Saturday and prof games on Sunday was blown to hell tonight when the Seahawks played an "exhibition" game tonight -- THURSDAY. Really, what I'm pissed about is that I left work at 5:00 for the first time in like 3 weeks to get home early -- and traffic was jacked up! I didn't get home until 7:30! Grrr.

I've been home an hour, had dinner, watched my DVR'd version of Project Runway -- Bye Angela! (Get new glasses, yours aren't pretty) and am now camped out in front of the Internet. I could have been here hours ago.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, that was close

For the second time in my life I have been missed by a fast moving car by just milliseconds. The first was a harrowing encounter with a massive white truck that failed to see me when pulling out of a parking lot. Had it not been for my quick reflexes he would have hit the driver side door about TPgal face high with his massive front right bumper and that would have been the end of TPgal!

Today, Thomas, Leanne and I (aka - please give us light) left the building for an outdoor lunch as Porch del Taco or something around the corner from our office that is connected to the Seattle Art Museum. We stepped outside and started walking south towards the corner of 2nd and University. There's still a lot of construction taking place due to the enhancement of the museum and the finishing of our building and the sidewalk is tore up for about 20 feet or so before it clears out to full sized walkway. We were about 1 or 2 feet from the end of the caged walkway when a white SUV careened onto the sidewalk from the street. He was going approximately 20-30 miles per hour and he managed to swerve onto the sidewalk and missed a huge light pole, three newspaper boxes and then swiped the museum (crushing and breaking but not bursting a massive window) before swerving back across the sidewalk and was headed towards three very fast and very lucky people who scattered into the street before the parking barrier (you know those big concrete things that stop your wheels) that was lodged under his car locked up the front right wheel and stopped the SUV from jumping into a crosswalk full of people who were at a dead stop watching the action.

Thankfully no one was on the sidewalk walking away from the car or they would surely be dead, and that the man on crutches in front of us (one leg!) was not 2 more feet ahead of us as his "run" factor is pretty low.

Thomas, who is always in charge, yelled to us "careful he may come out shooting!" and then moved toward the vehicle anyway. It's good that he didn't hesitate as the driver was starting to want to go. Thomas helped the passenger (a white female about 25) out of the car and then moved over to the driver. Joe-Bob, also white/25ish could NOT STAND. He appeared and smelled to be DRUHHNK - like "whoherethingsI'mpretty?" drunk. He too was helped to the curb as the police were called.

The lucky and spry jumping pedestrians moved to the curb as well and lit up cigarettes to calm their nerves. I hate smoking, but I think in that situation - "I've just cheated death so now I'm going to taunt him" smoking is acceptable.

The police arrived very quickly and spent more than an hour with Joe-Bob, the Seattle Art Museum people and us witnesses. Joe-Bob got a ride with Officer Chen and his white SUV got a tow.

This is the Google maps version of the street - the buildings have changed, but the street is the same:

Just so you know, they never did come fix the light in our space, but for the rest of the afternoon, we didn't care.

it's so dark....

It is very dark on my floor where I work. The building has the super great (and by super great I mean sucky) lights that dim when it is “bright” outside to save on energy costs. I’m not sure who defined “bright” but they clearly don’t work near my cube. The lights are so dim that we have all brought in desktop lighting – which I’m sure uses more electricity than the darned overhead lights.

Thomas, my next cube neighbor to the left (1.3 arm lengths away) said that he tried to adjust the lights but couldn’t. Leanne, my next-next cube neighbor on the other side of Thomas (so 5.3 arm lengths away) said she was going to call in a “trouble ticket” about the lights and Minon who sits kitty corner (and 1.3 arm lengths away) suggested we try the adjust the lights again before calling. So, as Leanne, Minon and I walked toward the light panel I heard Thomas grumbling. “oh yeah…don’t take my word for it…”

After an unsuccessful attempt to adjust the lights we returned to our cells and Thomas was still mumbling. I tried to placate him by reminding him that sometimes, people need to see for themselves. It’s not a matter of distrust or disbelief but self discovery. Like a child who foolishly touches the stove, our little hands had to try the light switch.

I don’t know if building maintenance will come and adjust the lights, but at least now we know it is out of our control. We are hunkered together in a confined space with no light and no food (the vending machines are 100 yards away) – we’re like moles. They’ve even put shutters on the exterior of the windows – like bars on a large prison cell.

Oh my… happy Monday.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Nerdy Nerdson at your service

I'm clearly a follower, my friend of Don't Trust Snakes fame has the coolest blog and everything he does, I want to do... so here is my map of where I've been in the US.

create your own visited states map

Judge me if you want... but I always was, and always will be a little nerdy. You have to love me for it or I'll sit you down for a 2 hour lecture on credit card security and encrpytion complete with picutres! Yikes... don't piss her off she's drawing pictures of asymetric key exchange - ick!

The world traveler part of me is a little sad.. I've only visited 4% of the countries. I count Denmark and the Netherlands because I spend HOURS AND HOURS at the airports - and dropped some serious coinage in both. My rule is if you've spent over a $100 and 3 hours in an airport you can claim a visit to the state or country. We all should know by now that I rule (my) world.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reunion Recap

Whew...the class of 1986 reunion was a hit! Lots of former Fighting Fishermen showed up, and I think I got to talk to everyone. Based on how sore my jaw was... I'm pretty sure I did.

Our foreign exchange student from Sweden came for the event. AnnaMaria was possibly the most anticipated F-E student in IHS history. All the sport-boys immediately joined the AFS (association of foreign students?) Club upon learning that our new class member was an 18 year old from Stockholm. They were envisioning a Swedish Heidi Klum. When AnnaMaria arrived it was clear that the boys wouldn't stay active in AFS. She was a Swedish, but her family has emigrated from Poland a few years earlier. She was robust with crazy wiry hair, she smoked and drank- we loved her!

Other classmates who made a lot of effort to attend came from Virginia, Louisiana, and Alaska.

People looked totally different and yet exactly the same. Chris, the basketball jock who wrote that his goal was to be BillyRay "dunk" from the Chicago Bulls showed up and was a cowboy! He was sporting boots and everything. He whipped out a picture of his boys and they both had on the cutest cowboys hats.

Cheri hadn't changed at all, but it was as if they guys we're seeing her for the first time. I kept hearing them comment on how "hot" she is. Funny! She always was the nicest, most genuine person and now she's teaching second grade.

June emailed on Friday that she didn't think she was coming and we had to invoke a little ass kicking. She came, she had fun, and she has further proof that I am always right. (Some of the time.)

The topic of conversation with almost everybody (as I feared) started out with are you married, have kids? Since I'm a no to both and in this crowd you have to be careful about talking about your work (first of all, I am more than what I do, and secondly being successful can come across like bragging to someone who gets up at 2am to fish all day for $40k a year) So, I was short and sweet "I've got a great job where I get to travel some, a great home and I'm happy. How about you?" It seemed to work. Some of the folks were doing rounds with specific questions "what's the greatest thing you've accomplished?" Uh... I'm a world famous blogger? (nope)

Let's see what else was notable.... Paul, the "not-gay" guy took advantage of the karaoke stage to belt out a few songs... his choice of a Ricky Martin tune had the room buzzing. I missed his rendition of "Feelings" but I'm sure it was "not gay" either. MWR asked... "Are those flames on his shirt?"

This is PM and Tracy doing a duet of some sort.

Speaking of MWR and MC (Yaz's hubby) these guys are great! They endured 4+ hours of bad music and people talking about themselves all for a less than superb dinner. They bugged out around 11 and were gracious when we asked to stay. MC's comment was... why didn't you figure out you could catch a ride 3 hours ago? (funny!)

Here's Janie and Flea with their post HS headgear:

The reunion dinner (this is "stuffed pork") wasn't the only event - there was a picnic and a night our at "the" bar which we skipped in favor of a decent nights sleep.

Saturday day we hit Chico's pizza and went to the beach with June, and family... It was a great weekend and I think I'm finally recovered (last night I was in bed again by 9)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome Back Pointers!

The IHS Class of 1986 will be meeting this weekend to revisit the horrors of high school, our terrible hair (it's not a MULLET, it's a bi-level!) and our grey members only jackets.

There will be a recap after the weekend, but until then here's some photos to hold you over:

Freshman homecoming (I'm on the right)

(Every class paints the patio outside the lobby and these fun folks spent the night!)

Oooh, high school boys! (Can I tell you that I know for a fact that these four fellas still have it.

Crap, I'm going to miss my bus... later!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Trust Metro

Tonight after work I mosied up to 3rd & Pike to wait for the last bus home. I always worry a bit when I'm catching the 6:06 because it's the last bus to my park n' ride and if it doesn't come the alternate route is about 2 hours long.

Luckily there were still 111-people milling around so I knew I hadn't missed it. When the bus did arrive it was clear from the surge of folks that the 5:38 hadn't arrived. As folks pushed and shoved to get on the bus the second 111 arrived and about 8 of us got on it. (isn't this story exciting?)

So, we miss the light and the first 111 is now a full light cycle in front of us, and as we get to the next stop it is pulling away, so the driver - Miss I wait for no one doesn't even slow down. We can see about 15 people yelling for the bus to stop.

Now, we the lucky, tell her to stop, but does she? No! She tells us that they "should have gotten on the other bus or catch the next one." HELLO!? You're the last bus we yell back.

"No, I"m not the last bus, I'm the 5:38, the 6:06 is the last bus."
"The 6:06 is IN FRONT OF YOU." we plead! "They don't have a way to get home, please stop."

She finally stops at the next stop - 3 city blocks away from the group of stranded people and we continue to argue with her. We tell her she HAS to go back and get them. The driver is telling us that she can't and wont.

As we argue a small (and damned speedy) man runs up and it's obvious he was at the missed stop. He's yelling "You didn't stop, you have to wait! Why didn't you stop?" He's pissed, which doesn't sit well with Miss IWFNO, but he delays her long enough for the second best healthy people to run towards the bus and get on. We look back and can see the trail of folks (ranging in age and health) running (not walking or hurrying but RUNNING) to make the light. She moves like she wants to pull away and and the whole bus errupts with cries of "NO -- YOU HAVE TO WAIT!"

Thankfully she does, but she calls her supervisor and threatens to kick the speedy man off the bus for yelling at her.

We don't think she'll be driving the bus tomorrow. People were calling the complaint line before they even got home. So, miss I don't stop because the other bus just pulled away... you're outta here.

World Peace?

Who cares! The real story these days is where's baby Suri? Forget CNN and World News Tonight, I found a news source that gets to the bottom of the stories we all want to hear about... Tom Cruise, Lindsay's boobies, and those crazy Olson twins who seem to be taking their fashion cues from Ruth Buzzy


Check it out!

Monday, August 14, 2006

A test for size

So, here's the same image uploaded three times wth the "Image Size" selected differently for each photo. It seems to make a difference...




Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Eclectic Sports & Food Birthday

For those of you who failed to call me... ahhem... it WAS my birthday. Thanks a lot! Just kidding, I know you adore me I don't need you to shower me with gifts, or even call for that matter. Your love transends my empty dull life.

I was so bored yesterday that I left work at noon, had a "light" lunch....

Watched some baseball (we won, Go M's!)

After the game, had drinks and sushi with friends. This is Yaz in a real laugh after I've made a disparaging remark about ... nope, can't tell you, you might think ill of me.

Walked back to the OTHER sports stadium and got the full on "anti-terrorist" pat down to see a futbol game. Oh hey, they have this player... David Breckham or something... he's totally cute. I think if he's got talent he might be famous one day.

Thanks Yaz & MWR for a great day!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

These are the people in my neighborhood

I was noticing this morning that I live in a colorful world and that I interact with some unique folks on a daily basis.

At the bus stop in the morning there are generally the same folks day after day. There’s the bicycle lady who cuts the line to get her bike on the bus rack – she is VERY Reflective. I think of her as the “safety lady.”

There’s “Sue” who always wears ankle length skirts or dresses with the U_G_L_I_E_S_T shoes that are matronly and at least a size an a half too big. She also needs to update her eye wear as the turquoise binoculars are a tad out of date. (I searched the web for a site that has pictures of folks with ugly eyeglasses and didn’t find one – someone better get busy!)

“Mark & Mindy” are an urban couple who look a little mismatched. He’s super fit, with an earring, a little techno goatee, and all the current gadgets – trios, iPods, and Razors oh my. Mindy has unruly hair, dresses way wrong (her winter coat, gloves and hat get action into late spring when the rest of us are braving the chill knowing that we don’t want to carry that crap home.) She’s also unapproachable and doesn’t seem to have any ability to remember who we the “bus people” are. I’ve tried to strike up a convo – but get the confused “crazy lady” stare which is a good way to make me shut up.

Once on the bus, our world is even more colorful. “Josenna” is a 40-is black lady who has poor volume control. She doesn’t like to sit with anyone, but likes to talk. She’s very nice, but the conversations are limited to the bus, the driver’s skill, and the commute. After 3 years, I’m thankful for my headphones.

Ted is a backseat rider. He’s been in a methadone program since before I started riding the bus in 2003. (I’m not sure the program is very effective.) On the days that I think Josenna talks too loud I just have to remember Ted and his horrifically booming, slurring, descriptions of everything from his need to masturbate, to how to get the “Good” drugs from your doctor. Today, they must have changed his dosage because he went from loud loud talking about his girlfriend – whose name must be “Honey” or “Booty” near as I can tell, to a slouched deep sleep complete with intermittent snoring and sleep talking. “Get the Intercom” he yelled out when we hit a bump.

“Booty” doesn’t ride the bus very often, but she is very concerned with her appearance and how “we” the people see her. She is generally donning makeup and trying to get Ted to SHUT UP. Her dosage was off today as well because in the middle of painting her fingernails (not something I would attempt on a bus traveling on the freeway at 60 miles an hour) she too fell asleep. I didn’t see the pool of purple nail polish that collected on the seat until after she got off the bus.

We woke Ted and Booty up at their stop and they shook themselves awake and started to leave. I noticed that Ted left his phone on the seat and pointed it out to him. Man oh man was he grateful… “Thanks Ma’am” he shouted at me, “if I had some change I’d give you some money. Look Honey, Ialmos’leftmycellphoneontheseat. (one word) Damn, thank you Ma’am!” he rhymed toward me as he hit the street.

Dang, he Ma’amed me twice! Asshole

Finally, the last folks who round out my morning are the “Make-out couple.” These two are late 40’s and are hot and heavy for each other. I use to see them in their morning embrace in front of my other building and thought that when we moved to the new building that I would be leaving them behind. Now I frequently see them at the intersection in front of my new building. They will be at the light waiting for it go green like good Seattleites and I swear to the lord above they are making out. It is sweet that they are so in love – but damn people… GET A ROOM. Nobody wants to see your 48 year old tongue jetting in and out of your old man’s ear. I’m not even sure how these people get out of the house in the morning…they must separate to get dressed, but I’m sure it causes them stress. This is the couple that would sneak upstairs at a party and get it on in your kids’ bedroom – um, rude!

When I finally enter the office in the morning I’m pretty tired from all the judging and critiquing and need to take a nap. I ask my minion to wake me up and tuck under my cube until the first meeting. “Get the Intercom”

Friday, August 04, 2006

Flavor Fanatic

I know it's a little wrong to blog about food - but I"m going to anyway.

These potato chips are *&%% fantastic! The Buffalo Bleu are so good that I would brave a Saturday afternoon trip to Costco to get them!! They are spicy and cheesy and have that Kettle signature crunch. I licked my fingers and had to stop myself from chomping on the bowl that the chips touched.

Run don't walk to Costco and get these chips! My eyes are rolling back in my head just thinkng about them.

If you care about such things, Kettle is a 'local' company (Oregon) and they make every effort to care for our little earth, they reuse their cooking oil as bio diesel, use wind and solar energy to power their faciliites, and they only use organic foods. So -- while technically they are making junk food - you are HELPING THE EARTH with every bag. Personally, I don't care about any of that - Earth Shmirth, I just love the chips.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now I've done it...

Well friends and family I may have made a terrible mistake.

Yesterday I posted my break up with Mel Gibson. I do believe he is sorry for what he said, and like most who error I believe that he too will be forgiven. I however think that he doesn't deserve any more of my money so he will join the ranks of Tom Cruise (whom I use to love so much until he kidnapped poor Katie and took on women with clinical depression) in the less loved entertainmenters list.

So, tonight I log on to my statcounter to see if ANYONE besides my mother and my 3 friends are reading my blog and I find that "anonymous" has posted a comment to my Mel Gibson posting. Basically it says "who gives a shit..." Hmmm, I thought that is interesting, I wonder WHO does give a shit?

It took about 1 mintue to filter through the MASSIVE LOGS of everybody that has viewed that post since it hit the web (all 5 of them) and I was able to weed out the regulars and found two "new" viewers. One dude had one of those sites that looks like it was written by a script and as nothing in the site was in english I moved on to " Yellow Blue Red" who has an articulate, well written site and hit immediately upon my guy. His last post is basically about how the media (and world) should leave Mel alone. He goes on to explain in detail the truthiness of "Passion of the Christ" and on and on.

Clearly "Yellow" is a little bit "Fox News" and I'm a little bit "Colbert Report" and our online dating profiles would NEVER be matched by eHarmony.

Lacking the ability to leave well enough alone I posted this comment on his latest blog:

RE: Your nasty comment on my blog.

Apparently you are the one who cares about the silly little things on my stupid blog that mostly only my family reads.

You are completely entitled to your opinion, as am I. Even though I am not trying to start a war or a great debate with you. I am brave enough to leave my name.

I don't think that Mr. Gibson is sitting around his house plotting against any sect of persons or religion and I am sure he regrets his comments but I am breaking up with him as a fan. It's not a Jewish thing, or a Catholic thing - it's a human thing.

(sorry MWR for borrowing the memo format)

I'm sure that Yellow will retort with something that will be unkind - maybe he'll attack my unwillingness to use spell checker or the pedestrian nature of my posts. Do I care? Not really.

I'm sure that the media will probably roast Mr. Gibson well beyond the relevence of this "story" Just look how long it's taken them to leave poor Michael Jackson alone? I shouldn't wrap up by comparing hate speach to child molestation but I do want to say that our world is in trouble and if we can't find a way to respect each other we're going to go down in bad bad way. I choose to do my part by not contributing financially to a person who doesn't share my respect for others.

For the record, I am not now, nor ever have been Jewish. (Not that there's anything wrong with it....)

So Mr. Yellow... post what you will, I am done.

Thanks Mel, you're swell...

Why am I thanking Mel Gibson? Well, after his arrest for "alleged" drunk driving and statements to the arresting officer that Jews were responsible for every war I don't have to spend any more money on Mel Gibson movies.

I'm voting with my feet and my feet seem to be saying "Step Off Mel - you suck!"