Thursday, February 03, 2011

reality vs. the internet

online pix

what was delivered

 Sigh... the above is what I requested and this is what was delivered.

It is pretty, but not the put together snug ensemble that I wanted.

I did ask them to not use the happy birthday box, but would trimming the stems have been difficult?

It's too bad the lady that did our wedding flowers isn't available to send flowers for me all over the state...

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PNB Dave said...

Was that an FTD production? After using FTD since...well, since sometime in the '80s when I was old enough to send flowers, they screwed me so royally last Mother's Day that I will NEVER use them again. Florists' Telegraph Delivery? More like "F*cking Totally Dishonest."

(Unlike TP Gal, I do not take the high road.)