Thursday, July 02, 2009

er... can I get some wranglers with that baby?

I was (avoiding work) and zipping through the critical updates to Facebook and found pictures of someones new baby. (Cute, pink, tiny - flat out adorable.)

However, her name left me wondering if it was a joke? Ava Montgomery Ward.

Maybe the Montgomery Ward company has been out of business so long that only us old (40!?) folks remember it. The one I remember in Olympia had an actual soda counter. We would go and get ice cream before buying our cheap crap.

Actually, in reviewing this strangers page I see a lot of M. middle names in the people lists so I'm assuming it is a family name and she just happened to marry a "Ward".

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PNB Dave said...

The beer fridge in the garage at our beach house was an ancient Montgomery Ward unit that had to date to the 1940s; it had a rounded top. Worked great; a testament to how things used to be built.

Although, now that I think about it, the fridge in my mom's basement that I remember our buying is as old today as that Monkey Ward fridge was when I was a kid.

Now I feel really, really old.