Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

I can't tell you how much fun we're having running to the mailbox to get the daily batch of RSVPs! We're averaging about 4 a day and it is a hoot opening them.

Many folks have added small notes which makes them seem even more like mail. Some of them will be keepers for the scrap book.

My only complaint about this process is that I wasn't able to invite everyone. That whole compromise thing where Jason got to invite HIS friends and family too made us have to do some hard list editing. Mostly, it's the former Mu-ites that we weren't able to invite. I know they understand, but it sucks.

One person on the couldn't invite list emailed to ask where we're registered. He knows an invitation isn't winging it's way to his lovely home, but still wanted to say congratulations. (Or maybe just mock the items on our list? No, he's a classy guy.) I'm humbled.

However, I just had an evil thought. If you were a mean person you could go to someones (NOT MINE) registry and buy the most extravagant item out there and then NOT give it as a gift. ooh... for those brides that check the registry every day that would be cruel. **snicker**

I mailed out an update to my attendants (matrons of honor!?, attendants, 'beOtches') to give them the latest schedule of events and Becky gets a public shout out for this reply:

Oh my gosh!!! So embarrassed...I didn't realize your wedding was THIS September!!! Wow...hmmmm...I guess I could move some things around...

Har har (no gift for her!)

I'm so thankful for this outlet to post my silly joy over this wedding. I'm trying to keep the real life "wedding banter" to a dull roar, but as the days tick by and the wedding "to do's" get more frequent it's hard. I do NOT want it to take over our lives and we did have a chat last night about what we're going to do next year in the way of vacations and non-wedding activities.

But - for now, we're in full swing. Errands, crafts, planning, writing checks (boo hoo) and managing the guest list (fun) are taking up the evening hours. I completed the payment to the photographer and next on the list is to finish paying the caterer. I suppose it would be good to have the whole meal paid for. details details.

Some day I will go back to blogging about the important things. (I.E. shitty customer service and popular culture.)

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