Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot weather management

Can I chat about the weather? Yes, I can - but as according to KING 5 television it is the only news story of the last few days I think I'll skip it. I will report it was over 90 degrees in our living room last night when we skipped out and went to Cascade Garden for Kung Pao Chicken. So much for the lovely steak purchased at Fischers.

We have had a casualty due to the heat. It's 100% my fault too. I didn't get a good seal on the freezer door while getting a Healthy Choice Fudge Bar out on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we awoke to find the remnants of an orange Otter Pop on the floor. I wasn't sure if I should just mop it up, or draw a chalk line around the remains. The truly unfortunate thing is that it's been so hot that the freezer couldn't keep up and we are now stuck with some questionable items. We think the first layer of food things are probably compost material but that we'll wait until there isn't a 459 degree temperature difference between the kitchen and the freezer.

Mom was here for a scheduled visitation. We spent the day at Bellevue Square yesterday in search of a replacement Mother of the Bride outfit. The little suit purchased in November is still cute... but also still "little" and I think it's important that Mom feels comfortable. We found a nice dress and hooked her up with some Spanx. Heck, we even found shoes.

Funny thing about the mall, at 1pm on a Wednesday it is crawling with moms and kids. At 1 pm on a Wednesday on a 102 degree day it is teeming with hot moms, hot kids, hot older people and (I'm not making this up) hot older Asian men sleeping on the comfy chairs and couches. We counted 9 in one quadrent of the mall. I was good and didn't photograph the cute sleeping grampa's but I really wanted to.

So, here it is Thursday morning. I have a lunch date today with the lovely Misty and a date with a paint brush tonight after work. I KNOW... you aren't supposed to paint when the surface temperature is over 70 degrees (PNB Dave will provide a comment that clarifies the exact temperature where painting should stop) but our people are moving in, there is a small window of time to get it done and they need help. I won't be walking in to their hot hot nightmare and spewing my paint knowledge about the architectual coatings industry from my 8 year "career" like 15 years ago. That would be a wonderful way to either get socked in the eye or never invited back.

Ok... off I go to take a cool shower. Stay cool people!


Doug said...

Painting was done on Monday and Tuesday, so we were only 20 degrees above the reccomended temp. We might have to go for drinks tonight instead of working!!

PNB Dave said...

When it's 6 bajillion degrees out, like now, it's too hot to paint.