Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you’re sick of wedding talk then move on to another blog. We’re at the under 2 month mark – 59 days to be exact. ( I promise, I won’t be doing the countdown like I did for the end of the MegaBank job.)

Most things are done; we are counting the replies that come in the mail and monitoring the folks who have made reservations at the hotel (to make sure we have enough rooms.) The TO DO list has shrunk from 48 items to 28 items in the last 2 weeks.

What is stressing me out is that we have eight weeks left and I’m traveling to San Jose at least four of those weeks and five if I’m a dedicated employee …er consultant. I’ve made my ‘pre-wedding’ appointments so they do fit into the limited time I have at home.

The week before the wedding I’m doing a dry run on hair and makeup – that could be a scary thing for Jason to come home to. A “bride” from the shoulders up.I flipped out on my mom yesterday when she asked me for the 19th time when the bridal shower was. (ok.. 5th time) and I explained myself. I have 300 balls in the air and I need her to manage her own calendar. She will be exactly where she needs to be and when she needs to be there – of that I have no doubt. It is a toss up between who is more excited about this event– me or her. But I did lose it a little bit on the phone yesterday. (sorry Mom!)

The last week in August (my only week not in San Jose) I’ve got the final dress fitting, meeting with the day of wedding coordinator (or as she may be known as “the Law”), a facial, and a meeting with the florist. How wonderfully “wedding” that week will be. I don’t have any specific plans for Labor Day weekend – Jason and the boys (his dad, cousins, & groomsmen) will be in Las Vegas. I’ll be airport transportation Sunday night @ midnight so a long weekend away isn’t in the cards for me, but I’ll come up with something. Heck, maybe I’ll check into a local hotel with a pool and spa and order room service while I have my toes painted. (I don’t have the funds for such a thing, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?)

We are purposely keeping the weekend before the wedding open so we can be ourselves and maybe watch some tv or something normal. We aren’t doing anything like assigning tables for the wedding so we don’t have to spend time arguing about who has to sit with cranky cousin Betty. Please note I have made up the name Betty. If it turns out Jason has a cousin Betty I am unaware of it, and furthermore am not aware of Betty’s level of crankiness.

I shouldn’t be stressed – lots of folks are offering to help and I am thrilled that the ladies (my lovely bridesmaids) will be helping to assemble the favors. And I’ll be cruising the rest of the TO DO list to see if I can solicit more help. I have the “I’ll do it myself” disease and it gets me into trouble.


PNB Dave said...

Your comment about the hotel rooms made me realize I hadn't even paid any attention to where your wedding is taking place. " I need to buy a plane ticket?" I thought. (Note that I would have done so if it had turned out to be necessary, though I was pleased to find out it was not.)

Erika said...

My grad school friend Hal will be in town Labor Day weekend and we'll be playing tourist every day except Saturday when he has a wedding to go to -- so if you want to hang with us, just let me know. A sail up to the San Juans may be on the itinerary if Tor's schedule cooperates.