Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Samsung has last rung...

It's been five days since I found my new cell phone in the washing machine. I'd like to blame the cat but he doesn't do a damn thing around the house so I'm pretty sure it was me. Each day the display looks more and more normal.

I want to plug the thing into the charger and see what happens but I am afraid of it shorting out and causing a regional blackout. I may wait until about 5 minutes before I leave on vacation and that way I can't be blamed for any damage.

As much as I feel naked without a lifeline, I think I will wait until after I get back from Mexico to purchase a replacement. I'm pretty sure it would be in bad taste to ask the kind people who pitched in to buy this one for me as a gift to pitch in again. Perhaps Emily Post might ask me to rethink that.

Purchasing the insurance would have been a good idea and it would have basically guaranteed that I would never need to use it. My track record with car insurance, extra maintenance guarantees, postal insurance generally and very unscientifically proves my theory.

SadRico, however did prove that the $14 insurance policy on the rental truck for moving day was worth it. It saved me between $300-400 when Rico hit my neighbors car with the big truck. Whew!

Well - I guess that's all I've got for now. Headed to bed early, as it's been a long week.

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