Sunday, April 01, 2007


Step back, I've been thinking...

I'm talking with another company about a job. It's confusing because I am not unhappy where I am, and it's pretty stable at MegaBank which is nice. I'm finally feeling financially solid after years (since forever) of being in debt and behind the curve on the debt to income ratio and I would hate to get myself in a situation where I could go backwards. It's not that the proposed job wouldn't match or more than likely pay more, but stability in that they fired the last guy. He wasn't a good fit, and I would hate that to happen to me. Obviously, they aren't going to take a "chance" on the replacement but there is always a chance of a job not working out. Leaving a completely stable place and taking a risk is new territory for me.

I'm making lists of pro's and con's and trying to be realistic, and yet embrace my adventureness. One thing that's bothering me, is that we've had a LOT of turn over at MegaBank in my group and while a certain amount of change is good, the idea of telling my manager that I'm thinking about leaving makes me want to puke. I don't have any delusions that I'm holding the team together, and I'm not on the "high talent" list which means that if I say I'm leaving they're supposed to try and retain my services. But the timing would suck for the team.

Since I'm only one interview into a three interview process (and I'm not sure how many other people they are talking too) I don't want to spend too many cycles on this topic, but its swirling around in my head.

The one good thing for MegaBank is that in light of the remote possibility that I'm leaving I am trying to catch up on all the crap I've been ignoring for ages. I'm working harder than ever these days - I don't want to be the one people blame after they are gone. "Oh, yeah... tpGal was supposed to do that... she didn't do anything around here." Some of that can't be avoided, but I know which areas I don't want smack talked about me.

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