Wednesday, April 11, 2007

gob smacking

According to the BBC News (which I like because of the accent) women civil service employees are outraged about some new questions on their annual required physical check up.

The new questions ask them to detail their last menstrual period and if they've ever been "confined" which is an interesting way of describing maternity leave.

I've had boyfriends ask "are you on your period?" in the middle of a disagreement and barely live to tell about it, but I don't think withholding sex would work with my employer. I'm doing that today and it's not getting me anywhere.

It's not really clear to me how a period affects anyone's ability to 'ride a desk' but perhaps the Indian Government knows more than I do about this, as my grandma described, "wonderful gift." Yes, you guessed it, Christmas gifts from grandma sucked.

Just so you don't get the impression that the US media is the only one who will print the most wacky things because it's funny... to describe the anger felt by the women this is the quote they chose to run:

"It's gob smacking."

Uh ok, I guess that means that they're pissed?

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