Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What's the dealio?

Im headed out tomorrow morning for a fabulous vacation, but I am covered in a thick ooze of gloom.  Im not sure if it is because Im tired and yet still have a ton of work stuff to do, or if it’s the lack of exposure to the new boss prior to my departure or that Im just cranky.  I do know it isnt biological so all you who immediately jump to that conclusion need to pop off with another theory.

One thing that is bothering me is that I approached the new manager (NM) on something I needed a decision on, and even after two follow ups Im still without an answer.  I will now move forward with the assumption that the answer is no, but I have to say Im cranky about the lack of follow through.  Yes, I am being a little bit of a victim, but I think I was crystal clear about what I wanted, why it was important and when I needed an answer.  I dont feel that yet another follow up is in my best interest at this point, but I doubt that I have the maturity to just let it go.

I have a bitter little scene running through my head:

Scene MegaBank cubicle farm near future

Coworker:  blah blah blah Zigfield Conference.blah blah

New Manager: Oh hey TPgal, didnt you talk to me about that once?

TPgal: (with attitude) Yup, I needed your permission to arrange travel to attend and speak.

New Manager: So are you going?

TPgal:  Um, no you didnt get back to me.

New Manager:  (defensively) well, why didnt you follow up?

TPgal:  Well, after we talked three times about it I assumed that you would actually respond with an answer.

New Manager:  Clearly, if it had been important to you, you would have not only met with me three times, but sent multiple e-mails, posted billboards outside my office AND put flyers on my car.  Frankly, I think youre just being a big baby!

TPgal: yes, yes I am wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Really, I could follow up again with an e-mail or a walk-by but its his second damn week in the job and I really wanted him to be the kind of person who actually followed through.    Honestly, the loss of the trip is beside the point.

Anyway Im about to eat some lunch that should even me out a little.  Im also touring the new Seattle Art Museum today, that will lift my mood somewhat.

Ill try to post a positive message prior to my departure so you arent left with a week and a half of TPgal pissing and moaning.


Peter the Cat said...

That does it! Megabank are (yes, I am British . . . you didn't realize that?) a bunch of incompetents. I am moving all of my bearer bonds, gems and gold buillon out of the safe deposit box and going back to storing them strewn around the condo.

MWR said...

I have the sense—perhaps unfair, in which case I have no idea where it came from— that your company is in a constant state of semi-turmoil. If this is so, then perhaps this episode says more about the organization than it does about your new manager, including, dare I suggest, the way the institutional culture discourages skilled employees from taking control of their career advancement while promoting behind-the-scenes passive-aggressive seething. Not from you, of course.

Since your potential trip is, by a conservative estimate, a thousand times more important to you than it is to a new manager in his first fortnight on the job, I don't think anyone would blame you for an excess (which is only a sufficiency, really) of persistence and follow-up.

Finally, what are the minions for? Haven't you ever heard the phrase "minion your own business"? (I suppose not, since I just coined it.) Can't you task one of them with shepherding through your travel approval while you are on vacation. It's not like this speaking trip is some kind of work-unrelated junket, right? (That anyone can prove, I mean.) It's not like you are asking the minion to feed your cat.

Although you should be sure to get someone to feed your cat.

Have a great trip!!!

tp_gal said...

See- I thought about standing outside the new managers door with a sign, but since we're relationship building right now I'm opting for appearing to be a grown up.

I'm not at all a mature person, but I will put forth the effort.

As for the minions - they are busy doing all the things I use to do so I can play tetris all day. I'm not STUPID.