Friday, May 25, 2007

Stupid thing to do before a road trip

Last night I tried to figure out why some of my newest music isnt on my iPod and now Im regretting it.

The reason and solution are technically very simple.  The iPod was originally formatted on a PC meaning it was configured to synch with my crappy dell laptop.  Now that my life is on a Mac the iPod needed to be reformatted to talk to the Mac. 

The reconfiguration took about 2 minutes but to complete the process the iPod needed to be plugged into the original charger for about 20 seconds.  Unfortunately for me, the charger is at work.  So I brought the iPod to the office, plugged it in a voila it is reconfigured.  Theres no music on it, but when I get back to my Mac (on MONDAY) I can load my tunes.

In hind site, the old music would have been preferable on my 4+ hour car ride tonight than NO music.  I could drive home after work, load music and THEN head over the mountains, but is it really worth the extra 90 minutes?  I have radio and 4 cassette tapes (I have a seriously old school radio in my car). The tapes are awesome:

Footloose Soundtrack
s Greatest Hits
Supplys Greatest Hits
Jim Croche
s Greatest Hit 

Maybe Ill hit a Fred Meyer or borders on the way out and see if anyone has any cassette tapes. 

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Robin Daly said...

I'm suprised you don't have any Duran Duran!