Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can't we just wax off our Bush?

I know... it's a terrible title, but I'm not changing it.

I heard on NPR today that Bush vetoed the Iraq exit bill and his comments were something along the lines of 'I'll not accept any bill that proposes an arbitrary deadline for failure in Iraq.'

I guess it's pretty apparent that he's not using Oprah's secret (thinking positive thoughts to get what you want out of life) regarding the outcome.

a deadline for failure... what a MORON!!

As for the waxing thing... the little salon down the road does Bush waxing for $35 - should we start a walk-a-thon to raise money?


CLD said...

LOL!! YOu crack me up, TPGal! Count me in for the walk-a-thon!

MWR said...

Hey, thanks for leaving this lovely image for us at the top of your blog for the duration of your trip! While you're down there having agave treatments and reading those fine books I recommended, we get to reflect again and again on your earthy rhetorical question.