Friday, February 10, 2012

Sick Kid

I was in San Jose earlier this week and the trip, while good for work was unremarkable and there's little to report.

The city of San Jose has banned plastic bags and now most stores are charging 10 cents for paper bags. This would be the incentive needed for me to remember to bring my own bags into the store.  However, when traveling and in a rental car you have to buy the bag.   I did get into a small altercation with the kid at Target who simply set my 15 items aside after ringing me up and moved on to the next customer.  "Er... can I get a bag?"  "Sure, but it'll cost 10 cents."  "um, ok, you could have asked me."  "Oh, some people hate the charge."  At that point I was contemplating pay for my 10 cent bag with credit card, but opted to hand the kid a dime instead.  Grrrr.  I kept my fancy 10 cent Target bag and it now lives with my luggage that I leave under my desk at the office.  Should I need to go to the store again, I'll have a bag with my travel stuff that I can forget to take with me.  From now on it will feel just like home.  I respect the movement away from the plastic bags, but for non-locals it isn't practical.

The San Jose portion of my trip was fine, the hard part was what was going on at home while I was away.  Miss Lucy was sick.  She had a significant throw-up event on Dad in the middle of the night, and then got sent home from 'school' with a suspected case of Pink Eye.

Jason quickly obtained an appointment with the Pediatrician and not only was the Pink Eye confirmed (apparently it was obvious) but she also had the onset of an ear infection.  No wonder she has been cranky and not sleeping well.  We're now on a round of oral antibiotics for the ears and eye drops for the pink eye.  You have to know that she really HATES the eye drops.  Thankfully, we only have to torture her with those for 1 week.  The antibiotic is a 10 day event but she doesn't hate it.

She stayed home yesterday as the rule is kids must be 24 hours without fever (and one other symptom) before they can come back.  Lucy and I played on the floor all day yesterday.  She took good naps and was a happy camper this morning.  She was excited about school which was nice to see.  Apparently, Dad was solo parenting a cranky, lethargic kid who was not interested in food.

The first night I was home she was up in the night multiple times, stuffy and wanting to snuggle.  I was thankful for naps yesterday as it allowed me the 45 minute rejuvenation nap needed to function for the day.  Last night, she went to bed and with the exception of one moment at 12:30 where she put herself back to sleep needed no parental interventions.  HURRAH!

Jason is, as everyone suspects, a great dad. He's a good doctor to our little girl, but he was also VERY ready for me to come home.  Handling the sick kid is fine, but the cranky kid and a mess and medicine that you have to hold her down to administer - not fun on your own.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that Lucy will be in good health when I'm on my back to back trips in March.

We also established that Lucy will transition to the big kid room soon and that it will not be around the same time that Jason and I leave her to go to Maui.  I'm sure she'll be fine with grandma & grandpa but changing rooms at the same time seemed like too much going on.

I can't believe it has been a year.  More on that mind blowing concept later.

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