Tuesday, May 29, 2012

whew, what a week

It never seems to fail that when I leave to go to San Jose for work and Jason is home with Lucy she decides to come up with some ailment that is more than a runny nose.  Friday, Jason took Lucy in to the pediatrician and she was  was diagnosed with an ear and eye infection.  We got the go ahead to share Lucy with others as long as she didn't have a fever.  Saturday and Sunday, she was fever free.

However, Monday, the day I left for California, it was back ON in the fever world.  She went to school but they promptly called Jason and told him to come and get her, they stayed home together Tuesday as well.  She was hovering around 101 and didn't want too much food.

A sick Lucy is a snuggly Lucy, so she and dad spent time together on the couch watching "Harry the Bunny".  I managed to work out an earlier flight home so I could relieve Jason.  I arrived home  around 11am and Lucy seemed good, she and I had a quick outing to Target, but when we got home she was tired and lethargic.  I checked her temperature of a fever of 104.  I know that 105 is the scary temp (aka emergency room) so I called Dr. Robin.  By the time we were in the office her temp had risen to 105 and they gave us some ice and juice to cool her down.  Lucy wanted nothing to do with the ice and would only take sips of the juice.

She was given Tylenol which she promptly threw up on my shoulder.  Her reward for that event was a version that is given up the bum.  Thankfully it worked like a charm and she slept well, and her fever dropped to the 99-100 region by morning.  She was a sweaty betty though, and still low on energy.  We spent a day at home Thursday and did everything to Lucy entertained and fed.  Crackers were the food of choice and I'm not too thrilled about a diet of simple grains but it's hard to make a 1 year old eat what she doesn't want to eat.

We took numerous 'walks' in the neighborhood.  Walks meaning, Lucy in the stroller with a blanket.  She loved it and each one used up about 30 minutes of time.  It was clear that Lucy had almost no interest in her own toys and was bored, so going for walks was a nice relief from following her around the house.

Lucy slept quite a bit and I was able to keep up with work - somewhat.  I feel quite safe in saying that I am not made to be a stay at home mommy.  When I'm home and not working I want to get a LOT more stuff done than what the reality of managing the entertainment and life safety of a 1 year old allows.

Thankfully, by Saturday Lucy was fever free and was happily eating real food.  This has lasted and she went back to 'school' today.  My only worry for her today is that her nap schedule shifted over the course of the last week back to the 'nap when you're being a turd' vs. the big afternoon nap.  She was doing the big afternoon nap too, but even yesterday she took a refresher at 8:00.  I feel strongly that letting the peanut nap when she wants to while sick is more important than keeping the school schedule.  Today will be a rough one for Miss Anjelica and team, especially since Lucy decided she was done sleeping at 4:30 am.  We endured the tough love and let her cry it out.  It was an hour of hell while Lucy screamed and wailed.  She did go back to sleep around 5:15 and we let her snooze to 6:30.  It is awful to let her cry it out, but the books say that within a week we should be back to a more acceptable sleep schedule.  4:30 am - NOT OK.

Jason and I decided late Saturday afternoon that since it was a three day weekend and we didn't have anything scheduled that we take a day trip to visit my parents.  After a quick call to check in we found out that my mom was off at some epic garage sale in Packwood, but dad was happy to have us come.

Lucy did well on the drive over (and back) and seemed to enjoy her afternoon with grandpa and the dog.  She loves the swing that my mom put up in the back yard.  We even got grandpa P to come out to lunch with us.

After an epic day Sunday, we spend Monday doing errands and playing at home.

It was nice to drop Lucy off at school this morning and she jumped right back in to the swing of it.  All the little people waved hello and she zipped right over to the breakfast table for her toast and cheerios.  It made me happy to see her in a joyful mood when I left.  When she wasn't feeling well she was clingy and whiny.

I expect she'll be pooped this evening, and don't anticipate much (or any) quality play time.

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