Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We can afford pants, she just doesn't like them.

Why she won't wear pants at home is a mystery.  She's so busy you would think pants would be helpful.

We now have rules like "everyone wears pants to dinner". This is not a statement I thought I'd ever have to utter.  "Keep your pants on please."  That is something I think every wife says from time to time, but setting a rule about wearing pants at the table is not what I expected from parenting.

We use the super exciting Elmo underwear to keep her from stripping out of the diaper too.  I thought I would explain why there are underpants over a diaper.  Don't judge try to manage an almost 2 year old.

And yes, she is calling herself "Lucia".  That's what the teachers and kids at daycare call her.  I don't really mind, because she knows how to say Lucy and she responds to Lucy.  I have made it clear that they can call her Lucia, but when writing her name it will be L-u-c-y.   Hopefully this is only a phase, but when I drop her off in the morning the other kids call out in excitement "Lucia is here! Lucia is here!"  I wonder if they are a bit envious that names like Lily, Connor, Zoe and Mason don't have Spanish equivalents.

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