Friday, August 16, 2013

Crossing the lines

Sometimes the technology demands of others force you to change your ways.  

I admit that I'm the last person on earth that is still using the Blogger platform to share my witty and amazing view of the world.  I am on Facebook and use YouTube to house short videos of the kid doing kid-like things.

I have a Google+ account, but don't really see the value.
I "Twitter", but it feels a lot like standing on my back porch and yelling very short statements to the universe.
I do not rededit.  When I see screenshots of other people's discussions I wonder why...
I do not instagram.  I think the filtered pictures are nice, but if you want to see my pictures, come to the blog or facebook. order to post something on a blog I admire, I had to sign up for Tumbler.  I don't know if I'll be spending loads of time over there, but we'll see.  

I linked this blog to that account to "expand" my audience.  We'll see about that.

In reviewing past blog posts it's clear that I use to be funny.  However, mostly my humor was bitching about other stuff.  There's not too much time these days for bitching, so I have turned into the dreaded "Mommy Blogger."'

Soon all posts will be about potty training, cheerios and Elmo.


1 comment:

Mike Raven said...

Nooo! You're not the last on Blogger. I love Blogger because it integrates so well with all the other Google services I use (gmail, youtube, Google+, my pictures etc)

I do like your statement about Twitter though. I think if they described it as "yelling very short statements to the universe" it'd have a lot cooler reputation!