Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turning The BIG 0-3

at the dentist

Saturday marks three years that Miss Lucy has been with us.  Obviously we're still pretty happy with her performance and she's chugging along quite well in the manners department.  Although, we're experiencing a little bit of a glitch in the 'perfect child' department in that when she gets herself out of bed to go tinkie without assistance she's missing the 'go back to your own bed' step.  Like everything else, with determination and discipline (on the parents part) we will work this out.  I will get to sleep in past 5 am again ... oh yes I will!  Until then.. coffee.

Turning three is a big deal.  It's not Nobel Prize big or going potty without assistance big but it is worthy of a cupcake or two. I received some great advice that said don't make every birthday a holiday or you'll have a spoiled kid on your hands.  This seems smart and forward thinking, but completely ignores the fact that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS, and getting to throw a party for a little girl is fun.  Maybe after the newness of being a parent has worn off I can only make her favorite dinner and call it good but until then there will be balloons.

The neighborhood community center has a package called "Bouncy Birthday"  We get two hours to enjoy an indoor bouncy house and a room for pizza, cupcakes and treats.  The food & decor will be provided by us of course.  I had anxiety about how many kids we invited as the place only allows for 25 people (kids & adults) but we're holding steady with 8 of the 16 kids invited confirmed yes and 4 solid no's.  That means there will be enough kids there for it to be a real party and not so many that we're driven out of town for breaking rules at the community center.


We're having a Monster's Inc party theme.  The kids will get purple or green capes, I'm making green cupcakes and have decorated blue and purple lunch bags with monster eyes that will have party favors.   Balloons are on order and the whole thing will be over with by 2:15 Saturday.  I'm excited and hope that she has a great time.

The capes were my attempt to avoid giving out bags of junky junk.  Party favors, it appears is a requirement.  But... I saw the bag idea on Pinterest (oh damn you Pinterest) and thought they were a cute double duty item.  Kids like a take-away and they add to the decor.   The truth be told - I like an arts & crafts project.  

Lucy is excited to turn 3 and knows her birthday is March 1st.   She's starting to do visitations into the next class at school and will move up soon.  My baby.. not so much anymore.

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