Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello friend

I'm sorry it's been so long. I do miss the "externalizations of my internal dialog". Lately I have been happy, busy, busy, and...busy. The sarcastic life observations are still in my brain, but I'm editing the content and there's a significant time differential.

Blogging about my colorful and, to me unique, husband is off limits. It's not fair to make witty statements about things he says or does to the "public" (3 people who <emphasis> may <end emphasis> still read this crap) but not bring it into the regular and healthy dialog we have about our marriage.

Blogging about thus kid seems obvious... She is funny, bright, a vortex of energy, a huge inspiration of frustration... But mommy blogs... No thank you.

Blogging about work is very not smart. I have lots to say ... Jerks and people who are 125 times smarter than me, you are funny, but not worth my salary.

That leaves me with current events - Ebola scares me, what does it matter if our gay friends marry and football is harmful to the players. I can blog about daily life - but outside the previous limitations that leaves me with Rita at the grocery store and the crazies at Costco.

I'm still VERY funny ( in my head) but...parenting a 3 year old takes a lot of time (even with an awesome co-parent ) I'll be back in due time

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