Friday, August 21, 2015

What a week

What a great week!  The roofing materials are being installed after a minor delay due to an inspection issue.  I hate the delay, but am thankful that the inspectors are following our progress closely.

There have been some exciting developments in our master bathroom suite as well.  The framing adjustments are done, and the closet we asked them to remove has been framed to our satisfaction.  We'll still have a very large closet for our hanging items, but now instead of an additional closet for hanging items we're going to have an open space to install or place dressers like this:

This is the idea

Once we have drywall we can measure the space and get to dreaming on what we'll do with that space. My original idea was to just have the builder not put in the bifold doors and keep their closet hardware, but Jason has been working to remove the header and the 6 inch bump outs on either side of where the doors would be. Since we're paying extra to remove the closet our builder has been accomodating.
From that to this!

It's funny the depth of a conversation you can get into over a 6" wall bump out, but it's the difference between being able to have something with drawers that is flush against the wall or having useless space on either side of the installed dressers.

When we had our design appointment we were disappointed to learn that the master shower was going to be a shower pan rather than a tiled surface, and even though the drawings we were shown had two shower heads in our upgraded bathroom selection we were assured that the shower only came with one shower head and if we wanted two it was extra.

It turns out that both pieces of information were wrong.  Our Seattle office has never had anyone opt for the alternate master until we came along, but ironically our neighbors two houses over opted for the same upgrade.  They are a couple days ahead of us in the build process so we were excited to see their rough in plumbing included dual shower heads.  We made a stop at the office to speak with the on site contact and she looked up their paperwork and saw that indeed they did not pay extra for a second shower head in the larger shower.  Two days later, what did we find but a shower plumbed for a party.  Additionally, all the other tub/shower pans have arrived, including the shower pan for the shower on the main floor and indeed, no shower pan was on site for the master.  We had an exchange with the designer yesterday and picked a 2x2 tile for the floor of our new spa shower.  Yippie!
Can you picture it?
a reminder of the scheme
The princess tub
Yes, you can see a house VERY close behind the windows of my tub where I intend to live for a few weeks once we move in, but we have already have shutters on order.  The large window will add light to the bathroom, but will be tilted in a way that the neighbors bedroom window won't have a view of any naked bodies.  We will likely set the shade and forget it.  If we need more light than the tilted window can provide there are films we can add to obscure a view without reducing light.   The builder offered that at a premium, but because money actually does matter to us we decided to wait and see, or rather wait and hope to not see.

At dinner last night I told Jason that I feel way more connected to this house than I did at the other one.  I loved that house, but this feels like our forever home.  He agreed on both points.   I only miss the comforts that the Hoquiam house provided, and really only because this apartment, while not dumpy or tiny just isn't home.  

Countdown to Christmas (aka move in time) 126 days.  

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