Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A few weeks ago we had our one year warranty walk thru with our home builder.  Our house is in good shape but there's lots of nail pops and hairline cracks in corners, so today is the day that the dry wall repair person is here.  A tile grout dude is also showing up to redo the kitchen counters and make repairs in our shower.  I think they used the wrong products and considering the lack of argument the inspector made I think they know it.

A great thing about working at home is that I can be here without interrupting my work schedule.  However, I made Jason stay home (work from home as well) because I'm attending a charity lunch event that has been on the calendar for months.   We didn't want to abandon our house while the workers were here. This morning we finished prepping for the workers and I got dressed in my finest charity lunch get up (skirt) so as to be ready before the first worker arrived.  I felt a little silly for being so dolled up on a day when so much manual labor was going to take place in our house.  It sort of screams "I'm not helping with anything."

I took my decaf coffee to my desk and looked at the calendar.  Sigh.  The charity lunch is NEXT Wednesday.  I had about 6 seconds to change back into normal clothes before the first worker arrived.  Silly me. 

The good news (other than the fact that our builder cares enough to fix the little stuff in our lovely home) is that now I can use my previously busy lunch time to try to finish my excellent book club book.  The meeting is tonight and I have 230 pages to go.  I'm 415 pages in and the story is zipping by.  I think I can do it.

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