Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 months

February 1, marks Lucy's 11th month on earth with us.   I looked back on the baby blog and last year at this time I was sleeping every other night, enjoying that "super pregnant" look and hoping to make it for the baby shower.  Not only did I make it, but as you'll recall Dr. Kristen had to reach in and force Lucy to come out.

With everything we have planned this month I'm betting this February flies by a heck of a lot faster than last February did.  With Lucy seriously sleeping through the night we (Jason and I) are getting a lot more sleep and are far more rested than we thought we would be.

Lucy has her days.  Sometimes she comes home from school and is ready to play for an hour before we start the bedtime routine (dinner, bath, 2 pages of a book, a bottle then bed).  Sometimes, like last night she hardly has the patience for dinner.  We managed to linger in the bath and between the bath and bottle long enough to get bedtime in a hair under 6pm.  Our goal is 6:30 - 7:00 but 7:00 is RARE.

It didn't surprise me that she was awake at 5:00 this morning.  Since it is still the dead of winter it is DARK outside and I popped in gave her a pacifier and laid her back down.  That worked until 5:38.  Those 38 minutes were critical for me and I'm thankful for them.

I still can't get pictures of Lucy's top teeth - it is hard to get the kid to flash her upper gums, but trust me, when she bites on my finger I can feel teeth.  The books say that it is time to schedule her first dentist appointment.  Don't call me a naysayer, but I have a feeling that Lucy will not love Dr. Otto the way I love Dr. Otto.  Thankfully, this first appointment is simply about an initial assessment of her mouthal (yeah, I made that up) situation.

You can't tell by the picture above, but Lucy's curls have returned.  She will need another haircut before her birthday party.  I'm torn between keeping her in this adorable pixie cut or enduring a crazy grow out so she can have lovely little girl hair.  I can't stand it in her eyes (holy crap, I'm channeling my grandmother Elsie) but I do love the wave that her hair has.  Jason is no help - he said he would like it either way.   We have an appointment. scheduled for two weeks before her birthday; whatever damage we do there will soften up before the family arrives.  I'm not worried, she's super cute.

By the way, and totally off topic - I'm drinking a V8 V-fusion today.  It is vegetable and fruit and green tea, and I can totally taste the carrots and tomatoes.  I likely won't be buying it again.  I'd rather eat carrots & tomatoes.

Ok, gotta run.  

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