Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Duo

Jason, Lucy and I went for a walk yesterday and we stopped for a mildly cute picture along the way.  We bought this silly blue snow suit for Lucy before we went to Denver for Christmas and didn't get a chance to wear it.  Lucky for us, the snow gods in Seattle have blessed us with a winter blast.

We're enjoying the snow, the cute suit and of course as always the camera.  Dragging the tripod on our walk seemed silly, but if we go out again I'll insist that we take it, as the only thing that would have made this picture more perfect (more perfecter?) would be to have Jason in the shot.  However, Lucy is flirting with dad in this picture and if she were simply looking at a camera on a tripod she wouldn't be so happy.

The weather people say we're in for a whopper tomorrow, so I'm trying to get as much done at work today as possible (minus the time to blog) so that if I'm home with a kid who has no "school" that I'm not horribly behind.

We cut short our trip to Long Beach due to the snow and it was a good decision.  Sadly we had to cancel dinner with a friend, but having a whole day at home was great.  We made an amazing stew, Lucy took two very long naps and had fun not being in the car all day.

Last night, our power went out at 2:30 am, which is reason to have to get out of bed and power the computers down (they have a back up battery to save us from hard unexpected power outages) and to reset the house alarm.  It only takes a few minutes (as a team) to do all that, but neither of us could get back to sleep.  Maybe the house without the hum of fans, heaters, or the glow of all the electrical lights is too dark and quiet to sleep in.

Power was restored before 4:00 am and we were able to get a couple hours of sleep in before we had to start our day.  Everything seems back to normal, but our satellite TV is out.  The big blob of snow that was on the satellite has sloughed off, so I'm wondering if Mr. Fix-It needs to reset the main box.  (Or if there is a main box to reset...)  I tell you this, if Jason should ever leave me the tvs, phones and computers will never work again.  Everything is magically connected and I don't really understand it all.  Seriously, if he were to go get cigarettes and never come back I'd be like the 40's housewife who didn't know how to drive or that there was a mortgage payment to pay.  You'll come over and I'll be sitting in the dark with a candle and a paper book feeling really sorry for myself.

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