Wednesday, March 14, 2012

flight delay

How sad, I was able to jump on the noon flight home from San Jose today and was even upgraded to first class. I made arrangements to pick up the peanut from day care early and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the inbound plane. I sent a text to Jason about the 6 minute delay and then the announcement came...the defroster on the pilot side is not working and the replacement part has to be flown in from Seattle. It's on the inbound plane, that is due to arrive at 3:00. They swear its and easy fix once they have the part. We'll see. So much for picking Lucy up at day care, but i should be home before she goes to bed. Fingers crossed on that front. Either way, its still better than being on the 6:50 flight that arrives at 9:30pm.

I've already eaten lunch, so now here I sit in the squishy Southwest Airlines recliners mooching power from an airline I choose not to use. There is no flight out of this gate for a couple hours so I feel safe that I'm not taking a recliner from an actual customer.

The shopping options here at San Jose Mineta International Airport are sad. There are 9 Hudson stores (for overpriced water, nuts and San Jose t-shirts) and one "Life is Good" store. I did manage to find a cute summer sleeper for whatsherface, but that's about it. The food options here are far better than in San Francisco, but again... I already ate so it doesn't matter. There is a wine bar, but it's only 1:00 and I'm trying to keep up with my work mail, so boozing it up isn't an option.

I think I can share that we (Lucy's wonderful father and I) are headed to Maui next month and I'm very excited. Leaving Lucy with Grandma & Grandpa is a blessing but I do know we will miss the heck out of her. We certainly don't plan on dumping her at G&G's every year, but it's a nice option every now and then.

I spent some time online looking at adventures in Maui for the baby free set and found a luau that looks amazing. I found some spas that offer outdoor side by side massages for couples, but honestly if I was going to spend $500 in an afternoon I want it to last more than an hour. Snorkling sounds great and reasonably priced, but I want to wait to book it until we get there. I don't want to snorkle if there's tsunami debris in the water. I'm not worried about radiation or anything like that, but it is expected and they can't say how much or what type of stuff there will be. Better to risk the 10% early booking discount than forfeit the fee for opting not to go. Plus, it's not garbage, it's the remainder of peoples lives, their houses and their stuff...that feels personal.

well, I guess that's about it. If you need me< I'm at gate 22.


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