Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleep and other traumas

Did I mention that I had a baby? I think I did. So far, things are going well. She's learning to eat with utensils or truth be told hold the spoon while feeding herself with the other hand. She's working on walking - she'll happily tootle through the house behind the mobile music 'thing' that is on wheels. She can't turn yet, so when walls happen she's simply stuck. This walking thing is a two person operation at this point. I think the more practice we get with the walker the sooner she'll let that thing go and just motor on her own. She doesn't get to move to the next class until she's walking, but she's READY to transition. She gets to visit that class during the day and doesn't seem to have the separation anxiety about leaving the infant room teachers that some of the other kids have shown.
Surprisingly, Miss Lucy was in a good mood after 'school' and played for quite a while. She hasn't been enjoying the bathtub lately, so Jason and I (foolishly) experimented with a mama & me shower. Not he and I, Lucy and I. It was a colossal FAILURE. Girlfriend screamed and cried the entire time. No amount of snuggles or reassurance worked and after a traumatic hair washing and body scrub I handed a drippy, screaming child to her dad who was waiting with a big fluffy towel. The screaming stopped immediately and all seemed right again in the world. Thankfully, by the time I finished up, and dried my hair (a necessary activity - I promise you.) she had disassociated the shower from me and was happy to see me.
> I don't really know why the bathtub is no longer fun, I thought it was related to a diaper rash, but that is nicely gone but she still doesn't want to sit and play like she use to. I'm sure it's simply a phase, and eventually she'll figure out that the longer she plays in the tub the later bedtime is. Last night she did get some post 'bath' playtime and in spite of the bad night sleep the night before made it until 6:30 pm before I spotted an eye rub and we zipped upstairs. It's cute how her sleepy cues are so subtle, and I almost question if we're putting her to bed too early. However, last night there was nary a peep from the nursery until 6:30 this morning. She's a terrible napper, but an excellent sleeper (most of the time.) Now, maybe she made sounds and I was too dead tired to hear it, but I don't think so. My mama hearing is pretty awesome.

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