Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Loving the new swing at Grammys.
I love a long weekend!  We ventured over to Eastern Washington to visit with the grandparents.  Grammy Georgia hung a swing in the back yard and while tentative at fist, Lucy quickly decided it was a good thing. 
Hanging in the hammock

My loves
 We spent a good amount of time outside, which Lucy loves.  She wasn't too sure about the hammock, but we managed a cute photo, so for all anyone knows she thought it was great.

Lucy cemented her "un-invitation" to Maui by not sleeping well in our shared hotel room.  At one point, Jason forgot where he was and asked me if I turned her monitor up to full blast.  "No I didn't, she's in the same room with us."  Whoops.  She was up from 1:30 to 4:00 am.  The upside was that she slept the entire car ride home.  It was the ugly sleep too, her mouth was slack and she actually snored.   Thankfully, she perked up for some playtime, dinner and a bath, then slept like a champion that night.  Still, she made me feel even better about leaving her at home while we head to the tropics for a week.

Speaking of, the Denver grandparents arrive tomorrow evening, so we are in house cleaning mode.  Yes, we just had a house full of company, but that was a long weekend, it wasn't people living in our house and searching for things they need.  There's a different level of clean required for that.

I think Jason is worried because I have a large pile at the top of the stairs and it seems to be getting worse, but my strategy is to stage stuff in a common location and then dispose of it all at once.   The house looks horrible and then all at once, it looks put together.  That's my hope anyway.

Right now, the guest bed is covered in my Maui gear, shorts, tops, swim suits, dresses, and shoes... lots and lots of shoes.  Since our guests arrive tomorrow, tonight is "Pack Night".


"hunting" for Easter eggs

She isn't looking, therefore it is mine!

This is a great day!!!

Opening Easter gifts.  The paper is amazing

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