Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Morning from Maui

It was a long day yesterday, getting up at 4:00 am and then finally giving up the dream of staying up until 10:00 pm Hawaii time (which would have been 1:00am home time.) Lucy who, like the family dog senses that something is up when the luggage is pulled out, was up at 4:00 am to visit with us before we left. I will share that it was rough leaving our Peanut. She is in excellent hands and was (mildly) happy when we zipped out the door. She's been on our minds and in our conversations, which only means that we're parents who like and miss their kid.

 Our flight was nice, and rather uneventful. That's a good thing for a flight where you need to pay attention to where the life rafts are. Our flight attendant, Donny, looks like he spends a LOT of time in the sun in the Hawaiian Islands. To suggest he was leathery would be going lightly.

We explored the tiny town near the airport, at lunch at "THE" sports bar. Then we did what all people do on a Saturday regardless of where they are. COSTCO! We picked up steak, cheese, chips, wine and Trader Vic's Mai Tai's. Then we started our drive across the island to our condo.

Maui is actually quite small, and in less than an hour (mostly because of a 35 mile per hour speed limit) we were pulling into our condo. It was fun to drive through the valley then around the south side of the island to see all the people at all the beaches. We got oriented and even found the grocery store nearest our home base. Our condo unit is the end unit closest to the ocean and the view is amazing. We have a large lanai off the living room, that all the condos have, but because we don't have a neighbor on the ocean side we also have mini-balconies along the west side of the condo. We slept with the windows open and were lulled to sleep by a)being extremely tired after our 20 hour day and the sounds of the waves.

 We awoke this morning at 4:00am local time and are now, at 6:00 am enjoying coffee, Love's Bakery donut holes and planning our day. I know there will be more time in the ocean, the bay that we're on is good for swimming and we will go explore Lahaina today. Our goal is to find a place to have dinner and stay up until 10:00pm tonight.

The condo is well appointed, the bed is comfortable, but the coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, sizzles and crackles as if there is a leak in the pot. It sounds a lot like cooking bacon. BACON! That is on our agenda at 7:30 when the breakfast place next door opens up.

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