Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm in Washington DC this week, but really for the most part I'm in the basement of a hotel that could be in any city in the world. When I arrived Sunday I was able to do a walking tour around the capital - that was pretty great.

The meetings started Monday morning and have been going all day for three days. I'm in the last two hours of of the event and honestly...I'm bored. The sessions are good, but skewed into domains that aren't overly relevant to my daily work life, or that of my team.

Rather than reviewing an abstract attack model of a cyber attack I'm more interested in the legal and business response recommendations. Either way, I know you just grabbed the nearest sharp object and stabbed it into your eye. Sorry.

There have been a couple opportunities to leave the hotel. Monday there was a reception at the International Spy Museum. That was really fun. There was a great mix of artifacts from real and imaginary spies. James Bond's Austin Martin was there and I'm sure they wanted us to get into it for a photo op, but I couldn't be bothered to climb over the velvet rope. Next time.

They also went into counter intelligence and detailed the efforts of the German military man who was feeding false information to the Nazi's regarding the movement of troops in preparation of the invasion of Normandy. The US gave him enough credible information so that he informed 'his' people that the invasion was coming, but only after he had convinced them to move their key response troops to an alternate area - thus leaving the coast compromised.

The museum had plenty of nifty little things that spies would use, from cameras to lock picking tools, poison, communication devices and secret hiding places. I think I'll be getting shoes with storage location in the heels. Sure, TSA will see my stuff, but if it's not anything illegal who cares.

Last night, I ventured out with a group of other attendees and we walked over to the Georgetown area for dinner at a former fire station.

If I'm unable to switch to an earlier flight tomorrow I'll be spending part of my day at one of the Smithsonian museums. I'm ready to come home and will be delighted if I can move to the early flight. I do want to see the sights, but would rather do it with my people.

I should meet up with other folks for dinner tonight but I'm tired of talking about work... lame.


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