Monday, October 22, 2012


I think I've been clear on the fact that we love this kid.  She's super cute, she's really starting to show affection, she's a good sleeper, she's a good napper and by 3:45 on Sunday afternoon I'm ready for her to go to bed.

Does that make me a bad mom? I don't think so.  I think it makes me a bit more honest than the average super mom, or mombies (zombie+Mom) as they are known on my new favorite web site.  STFU Parents.  (it's devoted to eye rolls at people who talk too much about their kid in EVERY situation - I look there everyday for my picture, so far I'm flying under the radar.)  Ok, back to my kid.

This weekend we didn't have much going on which was a good thing considering I had been gone the previous week and Lucy was due for some serious mommy and me time.  We played, colored, and went for walks when it wasn't raining.  We kept the errands short and didn't attempt any activity directly after church. Sunday, Lucy woke at 5:00 am and was AWAKE.  Not, lay in the crib talking to the animals awake but "HEY DAMN IT  I'M AWAKE IN HERE, WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE!!!!"  awake.  So, sadly, we were up at 5:00 am on Sunday.  Four hours later, she was ready for a nap but it was time for church.  A nap at nine in the morning is not a good idea when that will leave you another seven hours of toddler entertainment before bedtime.  Lucy doesn't have seven hours of continuous awake in her yet and she also doesn't take a second nap anymore.  So, off to church we went.  She likes church.  Well, to be clear, she likes the live music and getting to play with Rico and Mrs. Rico.  She also likes to flirt with the people around us as the sermon is going on.  We try to keep her attention "down low" meaning, on the floor with books or on the chair with the coloring supplies that are provided.   She is generally very quiet during church, and when she's tired she's especially cuddly.

Lucy wasn't a champion at transitions yesterday and it was challenging.  She cried when going in for a nap, cried when she woke up, cried during lunch, cried when lunch was over, wanted to go for a walk, cried when it turned into a car trip (our fault) and then cried when it was time to get out of the car. She cried going into Costco (then calmed down about 3 minutes before we were done), cried when having to get back in the car, cried when pulled out of the car to go in the house...

RAAAARRR... go with the flow kid.  We ended up splitting up the remainder of our Sunday activities and Jason ran our shopping errands while Lucy and I stayed home and played.  She did really well until about four minutes before Jason got home and then she lost it again over something trivial, like my unwillingness to let her color on the couch.  I know, sheesh lighten up mom.

In the scope of things, Lucy is happy and easy to be around, but WOW when she is off her game it wears an old lady down.

We had a good bedtime routine, and even snuggled on the bed for a while before sleepies (that's our word for going to bed.)  She slept until about 5:30 today which gives me hope that tomorrow we'll be back to the more humane 6:00 wake up.  And no, the owl isn't working.  She loves it but will not wait for the green face to get up.  When her internal clock is back to 6:00 and we're talking about a 10 minute window for crying then we'll wait it out. Until then we have to make an assessment based on the wailing that is occurring to determine when the rescue has to occur.

I know I'm supposed to keep any frustration that happens as a normal part of parenting to ourselves, but since we are not beating this child, yelling at her, locking her into her room I feel safe that it is ok to acknowledge that this parenting thing isn't all baking cupcakes and building tent forts in the living room   People who say it is either aren't doing the less than glamorous activities themselves or are flat out lying.

The thing that keeps us sane is perspective, sleep and those little moments where she does something amazing.  She's starting to hug and when she needs some contact she will snuggle right up and if my hands are busy she takes my hand and puts it where she needs them.  You can't help but hug a kid who moves in, and tugs your hands around her.

She also seems to defuse a situation by popping off with a new word, or a flirt.  New words are Hi, Bye, More Please (she had both, but they are now a married pair).  She's also pointing to the pictures on the music screensaver and identifying the people.  She laughs like crazy at a picture of Grandpa John (Jason's dad) in a fake Vicar's hat.  She thinks it's a riot.  It is... for sure.  I'd post it, but I'm sure the Pope reads this and I don't want to offend anyone.

Are you done laughing yet?  Good - because it is great to end on a high note.  I have no other comments or information to add.  

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