Sunday, January 27, 2013


We now live with a nudist. Tonight we had to resort to using reasonable sized slices of DUCT TAPE to secure that >^| damned diaper.

She didn't nap today so I knew bedtime would suck. Seems counterintuitive but the more tired she is the harder she fights the sweet sleepy slumber. We were right...she striped and was re-dressed for an hour and 15 minutes. The last round she was cold so we were able to get her back into PJ's (unzipped) and a sleep sack (zippable blanket) that was quickly and lovingly duct taped by weary parents.

She's silent now and we will check on her nudity factor before we head to bed. Don't hear me wrong, nudie sleepers are fine but if you are 100% assured to pee while you sleep you have not earned the right to sleep sans diaper. PERIOD. I'm the mommy - ergo it is my call. (That feels good to say no matter how delusional it is.)

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