Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Sprong Sprung

It is starting to feel like spring again.

The yard is now a bright green and we've had to mow it twice already.  We use a lawn service for fertilizing and moss abatement and are probably shooting ourselves in the foot by having one of the healthiest lawns in the neighborhood.  Our next door neighbors have done nothing with their yard and they only mow every few weeks in the summer.  By "they" I mean, Albert's father in law pulls out the push mower and deals with the yard when the kids want to play.  They should invest in an electric or gas mower to make life easier, but it's not my place to mention how hot Grandpa looks as he mows the yard of his 30 year old son-in-law.

At least Albert's father-in-law doesn't let the yard get so long that he can't just run a mower over it.  This is is a picture of our other neighbor and his super safe "once a year" mowing technique.  I'm not sure what they are thinking - I saw the Scott's Lawn Service people servicing their yard last week.  Don't they know a fertilized yard grows FASTER than one you ignore?

Oh well, the onset of spring brings up some anxiety.  We have to stain the fence this year.  Staining can only come after a good power wash.  Thankfully, we picked up a pressure washer from (where else) Costco.  We know we couldn't rent a washer for the price we paid and we will use it for a few things (the fence and moss removal on our driveway.)

The other stresser is the flower beds.  Oh how I wish they would magically dig themselves up, lay down fabric, cover themselves in a non-rocky soil and plant themselves with easy but pretty blooms.  My dad always said - wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full first.  Perhaps now that Lucy can play outside while we work in the yard we won't be limited to 2 hour working sessions on the weekends. Now all I have to do is muster the desire to get it done.

We're expecting a storm tonight and tomorrow, but 50's this weekend.  We have no weekend plans (other than seeing Rico in Jesus Christ Super Star this Friday) so perhaps we'll get moving on doing something with the yard.  Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

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