Friday, December 02, 2005

Boy, that sucks!

Those who know me well know I am somewhat susceptible to marketing ploys. I'm not one to wear Prada and I don't have to have the latest trinket - but some things catch my eye and I'm hooked.

The iPod is a good example of marketing that got me hooked. It's lucky for me that the product is actually amazing. I have deep emotional love for my iPod. It is everything the walkman was supposed to be and more. My mini has a place in my house, in my car, on the bus and at my desk. It allows me to shut out funny but loud Sportboy next door.

I have been noticing the commercials for the Dyson vacuum for the last year. Sportboy bought one and swears by it, my friend Sissy loves hers as well. What's not to love, it's sporty like a VW Beetle, it's got hoses galore that lock into place and disappear when not needed, and there aren't any bags to mess around with.

I was 90% sure a Dyson was going to replace my fading "dirt devil" from Target once the year end bonus is paid (on January 30th.... tick tock tick tock) but I decided to look at the ratings on Consumer Reports. It seemed like a prudent step before plunking down $300to $500 on an item. Well, sorry Dyson people... your vacuum doesn't even make the top 10 list.

The number one vacuum looked amazing, the reports were good with only one complaint: noise. It was priced at about $300 which, if you're prepared to plunk down $500, is a decent savings. But, I read the report for the second rated product, Boss SmartVac, which was equally rated in every category except for suction strength of the accessories. However, it was tested as noticeably quieter than the #1 vacuum. Quiet is good... but the thing that tipped the scale is that the #2 vacuum price was only $150.

I broke down and bought it two weeks ago. I've been running home every night hoping to have a big package on my doorstep. Yesterday I was sure was the day, as the online UPS tracker said it finally arrived in Renton and was ready for delivery. Imagine my disappointment when I arrived home to find nothing but the last of the fall leaves fluttering by my door. Where's the ice cream when you need it?

Around 8, I was watching anything but Joey on tv (sorry Friend, your show S-U-C-K-S!) when I heard a quick rap on the front door. After looking through the peep hole seeing no one, I was about to go back to my life when I spotted a something in the lower section of the peep hole. Mr. UPS had delivered the SmartVac! Thanks for the late delivery.

Around 8:15 SmartVac was assembled and my floors were being vacuumed. It is very quiet, and the tools seem pretty fantastic to me. The nasty condo carpet actually looked soft after a brush with SuperBoss.

Wow, I can't wait to run home and vacuum again tonight - my life is complete.

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