Thursday, December 01, 2005

LOST! : Major continuity error

I'm hooked on LOST! I'm not sure if its the survivor aspect, or the I heart Charlie -oops I mean Jack or the fact that Alias (congrats on the new baby Jen) and West Wing suck so bad that I had no other choice but to dive in heads first.

Anyway last night, I was on my couch leaning toward the tv with my mouth agape watching the show. Poor Sawyer (with the WORST hair in the world) writhing in pain from the self performed surgery to remove a bullet and he wakes up or is possessed by a ghost from Kate's past. As he's choking the crap out of her you can see in the background the amenities of the 'hatch' - this underground computer time capsule is run down, the walls have a lovely patina of grime, sweat and dust from 15 years of the hatch dude's (Desmond) living experience, aka farting in a small airless space. Everything is old, the lights flicker all the books look ancient, we get it... everything is old old old. Everything has that uses look about it except the washer and dryer. Desmond has is a fancy front loading Maytag circa 2005. How in the heck does that happen? Say it with me people Product Placement. The idea is that you see this man who somehow got talked into living in a cave with nothing but Johnny Mathis albums using the XRD-5810 front loader with extra capacity and you're going to want it.

I can respect the idea of making money where you can, but when it conflicts with the story -- the answer has to be no. I mean, come on, we're supposed to believe that he gets this computer to save the world with, and they give him this washing machine that has probably 20 times the computing power to clean his Adidas running shorts?

It distracted me so much that I tried to call the only other person I know who cares about the show, but she was (HELLO!?) asleep. The world is ENDING, it's going dark.... So my point and message to the writers of LOST - get it together. If you're going to write a smart show where you expect people to solve clues to know what the heck is happening... don't mess up with something like this. Maybe product placement isn't a good idea if continuity matters.

And, before MWR or Y comments, I KNOW, I should be watching Veronica Mars instead of LOST!, but I'm not. VM is like Gilmore Girls, I like it, but I can never remember when it's on - and I'm not going to choose VM over LOST. Sorry.

My weather pixie doesn't show it, but we've got snow! How exciting.

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MWR said...

Yes you should, you stubborn silly goose. Let me help you with a little mnemonic device: IT'S ON AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS "LOST"!!

Maybe it's just me--now, be honest here--but isn't "Lost" just getting more and more boring by the episode? It's kind of turning into a snore-fest, with some of the appliances turning in more captivating performances than the actors, according to you. They hubristically thought they could escape the "Twin Peaks"/"X-Files" trap of having no idea what the answers to the mysteries are by focusing on character, only now we know what makes the castaways all tick and future revelations about their characters will be less interesting.