Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pyromaniacs Potluck

It is a  sunny, warm lovely Wednesday.  The act of staying inside and working is a chore at this point.  What I really want to do is take a walk and find myself at the nail salon and have my ghetto toes redone.  However, I have actual deliverables that need to be completed. 

So I will put off having my toes professionally touched up (until Saturday) and chat with you fine people for a moment, then it is into the documents that I'm working on.  Dull.

Our 4th of July was great.  We like to stay at the Inn at discovery coast.  The rooms are nice but not overly pricy - well, they are for the 4th, but it was worth it.  We had a fabulous view of the beach and all the fireworks that the crazies were shooting off. 

We watched the fireworks at the Port of Ilwaco on Saturday and then Sunday when everyone headed to Long Beach we made our way to Chinook to spend time with the Pyro family.  It is a fabulous alternative to the chaos in "town."  It's fun that the kids are getting older because the length of time one or more parent is stuck inside calming a scared 3 year old is less when said 3 year old is 4.  I imagine at 5 they might be able to hang outside all night.

Jason gets a kick out of the Pyromaniacs Potluck festivities.  We avoided all the fireworks stands "in town" and bee lined for the one in Chinook as soon as we arrived.  We discussed a budget and then I stood aside and visited with ghosts of high school past while he studied the aisles and made his selection. 

The party is pretty great in that most people contribute both chow and explosives.  We talk, visit and keep the kids distracted until dusk when the little things start to burn.  Once the sun sets for good, the large fireworks come out and those of us without the need to set things on fire sit back and enjoy the show that is perfectly timed by the fire starters in the group.

Only once did Nana Sue have to scold a pre-teen about his proximity to the device spewing sparks across the driveway.  She was forced to let out just a sigh when not more than 30 minutes later one of her adult children did the same fire dance to a different firework.  When your baby is 41... I guess you let it go.   Me, I'm a total worry wart so I sit back and when the little ones get too close I focus on other things, making a mental note that my imaginary children don't get to stand close to the flame until they too are 40. 

The weather was mildly nice this year and the rain held out for the show on the 3rd and the 4th.  It was a bit misty during the day on the 4th, but since we had a lazy afternoon of lunch and a beach walk it wasn't a dreadful situation.

Our drive home Monday was pretty good.  After a holiday I adopt a zen state of mind and only feel the need to pass when it will actually do some good - i.e. if there is a motor home in front of me and no one in front of him and it is safe.   But if I'm 5th in line behind the motor home there's no need to get my knickers in a twist because there are only a few safe and legal places to pass in Pacific County.  Knowing that I would have to make 5 maneuvers to get to be first in line isn't worth the aggravation,, and the somewhat blind corner passing.  But, more power to you Mr. A-hole Camaro with your baby in the back seat.  It gave me great joy to have you pass me in a dangerous spot only to catch up with you in 8 miles at the next town.  The only thing that would have made me happier would be to see you being visited by one of our states finest - the WSP.

With that nice note, I'm off to Access Control Policies... woo woo.  Happy 7th of July!

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